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Cindy runs away from her hometown, hoping for a better life. To her surprise, she ends up in New York as a servant, working for Felix, a human rights lawyer. Felix does not know what to do when his friend buys him a slave for his birthday, so he hires Cindy gives her a job, and changes her identity. But what happens when the line between an employee and employer becomes blurred? Can this truly be love brewing between the two? Note: feel free to follow me @_author_eugenia_

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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I remembered the conversation clearly; about a week ago, my uncle had called me into his quarters, making me aware that I had no choice in the matter. My faith was sealed, and I could not save myself. This was a marriage not out of love but for my uncle’s convenience.

"I have said my piece, Cindy, you either marry Nyemi, or else I would put your family out of this house.” The shock on my face was evident. I knew that my uncle was wicked, and he would go to any length to prove his dominance, even if it meant hurting his own family members. My happiness was clearly not his priority; the money that he would gain was.

“But uncle—” The raising of his hand meant that the conversation was over. Nothing at this point in time could have changed my uncle’s mind. I kept my mouth shut when an elder spoke, something I was raised to do even as a child. Even if it meant that I was subjecting myself to a life of sadness,

I listened to my uncle rant about what this union would mean for the family. He spoke about the dowry set on my head and the cows we would receive from my prospective husband. As he spoke about the riches that he would gain, I realized that in none of his sentences was there any benefit to me. People like my uncle were greedy, and money determined their actions and how they treated people in their lives. Family meant nothing, and once again, money has won.

I did not want to marry Nyemi. I for one was twenty-two, whereas Nyemi was seventy and if I were to marry him, I would become his seventh wife. Nyemi was known amongst the villagers to be a powerful man, who ran the village with his wealth and controlled the elders to favor him at any cost. He had a short temper, which was evident from the bruises on each of his wives’ bodies, if they ever defied him, they knew what they would be facing.

All of his wives were terrified of him, they would hardly leave their homes and if they did it was for a quick errand and then they went back to the house. None of his wives would dare utter the truths about his abusive ways, why would they? His anger was one that no one would want to bring upon herself.

No one could stop Nyemi, he had the money and he was not afraid to waste it on childish shenanigans. He loved young girls, they were easier to control, he loved the power he held over them. I was unfortunate enough to be his next wife, like a sacrificial lamb they offered me to him in marriage.

My mother walked out of the house, clearly looking for me until she found me, sitting under a mango tree. I needed to be by myself and her walking towards me proved that she had not understood that. My mother’s smile was simply for show. Ever since my uncle had announced the wedding, she said nothing. She simply nodded her head and agreed with him, like the good African woman that she was to be. Around the house, my uncle’s word was law and we all had to abide by them.

That is my mother; she always saw the light at the end of the tunnel ...even if this time there was none.

“Good afternoon my daughter, you look so beautiful. I never thought I’d see this day “. My mother told me, trying so hard to pull a brave face, but this time it was less convincing.

I felt my mother’s hand move over my braids; she touched the multicolored beads on my head and touched my glistening dark skin.

“Mother I do not love him”. I spoke softly as tears stung my eyes. I was never the one to cry about things like these, I was brave and everyone saw that in me. This was the time where I could not be brave, not even to keep my mother happy.

“My daughter don’t you worry, because love will grow between the two of you ” I knew my mother was lying. My mother was the perfect woman who never lied and her lying meant that she was at her wit’s end.

I had to voice my opinion on this arranged marriage, this was not what I wanted for myself and it will never be what I want.

“Yes just like it grew with the other six wives, who still get beaten by him whenever he is displeased with something, someone or them!” I raised my voice at my mother for the first time.

“My daughter you don’t even know if that’s true, they are only rumors that jealous villagers create “. My mother told me, holding my hand in hers, rubbing it to calm me down but it did not work. I was smarter than this. I did not need the rumors from the villagers, for the scars on Nyemi’s wives were evident.

“Yes, says their bruised eyes and bodies. I don’t care if he’s a nice mother, I just want to go back to school again “. I begged my mother. School was the one thing that I wanted more than anything in the world but now I was being deprived of having it.

“Look my daughter, Nyemi is a rich man and he’ll probably let you go back to school” My mother tried to explain, my eyes widened in shock because I knew that she was smarter than this.

“He won’t, he won’t! We all know that that old man just wants a young wife to warm his bed and my education is the last thing on his mind”. Cindy knew exactly what men like Nyemi were all about; her education meant nothing to him. Nyemi was from a time and a group of men who believed that women should not be in school.

I cried out to my mother, begging her not to let me marry him, for a moment it seemed possible but my mother’s face changed.

“Enough! That is enough, you are marrying him whether you like it or not. Cindy, stop being selfish, it’s either that or your uncle puts us out of his house!” My mother yelled at me, she looked drained, as though she had not had enough sleep.

“But it’s father’s house! ” I bravely told my mother. My uncle was and will always be a wicked man and he dared take my father’s house from us, his way of having control of me, my sibling, and my mother.

“But he’s dead and it all belongs to your uncle now; don’t you get it? Get ready, because tomorrow is your traditional wedding and I don’t want your childish antics ruining everything” My mother told me, this time not holding back the tears in her eyes.

I watched as tears raced down my mother’s face before she walked away. I remembered it now; since the 4 years that my father had died, the last time she cried was at his funeral.

It was last night, and I could hear my friend whistling. I quickly packed the small bag of clothes I had, not knowing where I was going, but as long as I was far away from marrying Nyemi then that was good enough for me. I sneaked out of the house and met my friend Lori, who stood behind the mango tree waiting for me.

“Lori, how are you, my friend?” I greeted her, excited that she had kept her promise to help me escape.

“Shhh, this is not the time for greetings; let us hurry up before the truck leaving for the city leaves you here,” Lori whispered to me, and I quickly placed my hand over my mouth. I followed her into the night, and luckily for me, the truck was there. Hugging my friend one last time, I jumped onto the back of the rusty old truck. To my surprise, there were other women and children onboard. One last look at my friend, and I blew her a kiss.

“I promise, Lori, I’ll come to visit you”. I promised my friend, and I waved at her.

“But I don’t think you’ll keep that promise, Cindy”. Lori responded. Tears fell from Lori’s eyes, and I could not understand why it was that she said that.

“But why would you say that? I pro-“. I tried asking her, but the truck’s engine came to life, and most of my words drowned in the sound of the engine. As the truck drove further down the road, I watched my friend’s tiny figure disappear. I was excited. A new world awaits me.

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