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Who knew helping my favorite movie reviewer in her house would lead to such sexiness... This is an Erotic Fan Fiction story based on, 'Mint Salad' of the YouTube channel "ASE Presents". Please follow the channel and support the channel's hard work as you would mine 😌

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Tongue Tossin' It

It was a dream come true for me when the movie reviewer of the 'ASE Presents' YouTube channel, who goes by the name of 'Mint Salad', invited me over to her home to watch her one of her movie reviews live. It was fun to set up the props for this video, but unsurprisingly, I wasn't going to be in it with Mint.

As she started the review, though, my jaw would fall open upon seeing Mint, who was dressed in what basically was cowgirl lingerie, strut her body around like truly was a western gal! I couldn't even recall what movie she told me that was being reviewed as my eyes would be glued to not only that perfectly round backside of hers but also those large, bouncy, and milky breasts of hers.

"Damn..." I thought to myself as I watched those beautiful boobs jiggle and shake around as she spoke to the camera.

"I'm an ass guy, and yet, I want nothing more than to suck on and play with her nipples!"

Maybe it's the autism speaking, but damn those breasts were amazing to look at. I had a knack to enjoy sexy things, and Mint did as well. She has an 'Only Fans' and Fansly, the places where lewd and nude content could be found. Hell, the woman's Twitter username is '@autisticboobs'! The fact that Mint was loud and proud was beyond sexy, with the sexiness only to increase once the movie review was finished.

"PHEW!" Mint yelled out as she wiped a bead of sweat from her brow after walking to the video camera and ending the recording.

"All that jumping around sure made me tired! Hope you got the eyeful you want wanted, hehe!"

"Well... Um... I almost got what I wanted." I replied to Mint as her facial expression shifted from excitable to curious.

"Hmm? What did you want?" She asked me with a disarming smile, making my heart race for her something fierce.

"The cowgirl lingerie you're wearing is hot and all, but I was hoping you'd wear a dress or skirt. That way, I could... You know..."

"Sneak a peek or something?" Mint said with a coyness in her tone, flashing me a knowing smile as well.

"Well, aren't you a little pervert fan of mine. You're the first guy I've ever met with a fetish like yours, but wait right here. I gotta go change out of these clothes, my guy."

"Yes, ma'am..."

I don't know why, but after seeing Mint smile upon saying that to her, I felt a sense of accomplishment as I watched her strut away from the camera and out of the room. Though waiting for her return wasn't long, it sure felt like centuries to me. My eyes couldn't get enough of her glistening white skin, large and succulent looking breasts, and round, shapey backside of hers. It was etched into my mind and refused to allow any other thoughts in.

"I'm back!" I would hear Mint yell out in an excitable tone as she returned into the recording room.

I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Mint was wearing a gorgeous knee-high blue dress! The fact that she had picked my favorite color without even knowing it made me so happy in both my heart and inside my pants.

"Ooo! Looks like someone's happy to see me down there!" Mint said in a very seductive way, her eyes glued to my crotch as she smiled deviously.

"And speaking of 'Down', I need you on your knees, fanboy. NOW..."

Without hesitation, I complied with my lady's command and got down onto my knees. Shortly after doing so, though, she would slowly walk up to me in a very seductive manner before stopping in place. Mint could tell right away that I was undressing her with my eyes, smiling happily down at me as my mind desperately wanted to know what was underneath that beautiful blue dress.

"Just so you know, I'm naked as f**k under here..." Mint teased to me, taking joy in seeing me begin to breathe heavily from my overactive imagination, showing me exactly what I wanted to see.

"And being the big boobie autistic lady that I am, I enjoy sexy things, too! In this case, you and I are gonna play a game of 'Would You Rather', my sexy body being part of said game. And with every question that I ask you, you must refer to me as 'Mistress'. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." I answered with an enthusiastic head nod as I looked up at Mistress Mint Salad, making her smile.

"Good boy!" She cooed before patting my head like a pet, which somewhat aroused me.

"First question. Would you rather look up my dress or feel up my dress?"

This was it! I had my opportunity to peek into Mint's dress and see her womanly glory, but then again, I had a whole other option that I didn't even consider until this question was asked. I had the opportunity to put my hands up her dress, and while looking up her beautiful dress and getting an eyeful of her womanhood was hot enough, touching it was a whole other experience!

"Feeling up your dress, Mistress." I answered her with trembling breath, excited for whatever she was about to say next.

"Go on." My Mistress said with a stern tone of voice as she motioned me closer to her.

"Put both your hands up my dress and feel my hips first, then thighs, and finally, my butt. Follow instructions, and maybe you'll get to do more with my body..."

"Yes, Mistress..." I responded to Mint as I scooted closer to her and slowly slid my hands up into her blue dress from down below.

I began to feel lightheaded as both of my hands instinctively followed my Mistress' orders perfectly: Feel on her hips first, then thighs, then her butt last. When I got to her backside, however, she would gasp down at me with an open mouth smile as my hands tightly squeezed on each of her round and soft cheeks, all while we maintained eye contact. The sight of Mint's face alone made my already racing heart want to explode from arousal.

"Your hands feel so soft on my ass, fanboy..." My Mistress moaned out, myself feeling the pain of my hard on for her pushing against the crotch of my pants.

"Next question. Would you rather finger my pussy or suck my boobies?"

This question was rather challenging to answer, at least for me. On the one hand, I wanted to shove my fingers up her womanhood to see how hot and wet it was inside of Mistress Mint Salad. As for the other hand, the thought of sucking on her large breasts and playing with each nipple sent waves of ecstasy through my entire body. And I'm an ass guy! I knew in both my heart and cock that I wanted more to do underneath Mint's dress, but that wouldn't be what I chose.

"Suck on your boobies, Mistress Mint Salad." I answered with surprising confidence, thoroughly surprising her as well.

"Okay then. Get out from underneath my dress and work you magic on my chest, fanboy. Chop chop!"

After getting my hands out from under my Mistress' blue dress, I stood up onto my feet and gently took out each of her large breasts from within her front part of it. Aside from the smooth silky touch of them, my god were the mouth watering. The fact that I preferred to squeeze a woman's backside over her boobs made this immense feeling of arousal tingling all over my body even more confusing to me. But none of that mattered as my tongue reflexively escaped my mouth and began licking Mistress Mint Salad's nipple.

"Oh yes, fanboy!" She moaned out as my free hand went on to grope her other breast, lightly pitching and twisting the twin nipple.

"Would you rather make me cum or make yourself cum?"

There would only be one answer for me.

"Make you cum, Mistress." I answered immediately after hearing her speak, pushing down on my head with her right hand.

"Then get back down there, fanboy. You can't make me cum just by fondling my boobs, you gotta work me up..."

I felt like I could pass out from my horniness alone. As one of my arms was extended upward and still pleasing the nipples one of my Mistress' large breasts, she would shuffle forward and drape the bottom part of her blue dress over my head. As for myself, my breathing began to labor as the sight of my Mistress's most intimate parts were plain as day and lit up in a blue tint of light.

"Would you rather make my cum with your fingers or tongue, fanboy?" Mistress Mint Salad asked me coyly as my mind raced one hundred miles a minute.

This was it, an impossible situation. Pleasure my Mistress to climax with either my fingers or my tongue. Both would possibly make a mess, but only one of the two options gives me immense gratitude. After taking a deep breath by breathing in with my choice made, however, the sweet smell of Mistress Mint Salad's arousal hit my nostrils and caused me to immediately change my decision.

Without answering like I was supposed to, my tongue stuck itself out of my hungering my and inserted itself into her yearning womanhood! Mistress Mint Salad's orgasmic yelp sent a shockwave of ecstasy throughout my body, her groans of approval motivating me to continue the oral assault.

"Y-You... D-Didn't... Answer me, you pervert!" My Mistress struggled to say, the hand fondling her breast removing itself from her bare chest.

"I'm sorry, Mistress..." I replied immediately, my mouth full of her womanhood.

"Please let me continue pleasing you, Mistress Mint Salad. I want to make you cum in my mouth..."

"Y-You may..." She responded to me, letting out a high-pitched moan shortly thereafter.

Now, with both of my hands available to hold onto her backside as support, I would proceed to provide my Mistress with enthusiastic oral simulation that would result in the wettest orgasm I've never thought could be possible for a woman. Her moans sounded like screams, her womanly juices flooding my cheeks, and forced me to audibly gulp it down. But I didn't care. Mistress Mint Salad's juices were delicious to my taste buds.

"Such a good boy!" My Mistress cooed as I planted one more slow kiss onto her drenched womanhood before getting out from underneath her beautiful blue dress.

"I just might have to keep you around. You know, to service me whenever I want. I'm sure you wouldn't mind that, huh?"

"No." I said to her, still horny from having made Mint Salad cum all over of my face.

"I wouldn't mind at all."

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