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The sexy adventures of 2B and the last surviving human on earth. This 5 part short story has a version for those who enjoy heterosexual relations between a man and a woman as well as a lesbian version, just in case two women kissing is a turn on for the reader. Hope you enjoy 😉

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The Best View (Male)

It was the daytime when the YorHa model 2 Type B android, who I like to call '2B', was sent on a mission to Earth's surface to eliminate machine lifeforms. Upon landing, 2B realized that the situation was much more complicated when I, a lone human male, had survived the devastation of the rest of my race. Finding me in a broken down and overgrown apartment building deep within the city ruin, She and I have traveled the land on foot for days in other possible survivors. There were no others.

As we made our way to a radio tower somewhere in the ruins of the overgrown city, 2B and I debated on who should go up the ladder first. I didn't know it at the time, but she was really insistent on my going up it first.

"I much rather you go up the ladder first, sir." The female android told me in her beautiful but plain sounding voice.

"It will make me feel more comfortable."

"Nonsense, 2B!" I said to her with reassurance in my tone before approaching and patting her right shoulder with my left hand.

"Ladies always go first. Even the beautiful fabricated ones..."

"Thanks..." 2B replied with obvious awkwardness before walking up to the ladder on her left side.

"I'll go first and scan the area from above. Just do me a favor, though. Don't look up."

"Yes ma'am!" I shouted before hearing the female Android violently stomp her right heel-clad foot down onto the dirt ground below.

"DON'T CALL ME MA'AM!" She sternly demanded of my, actually giving me goosebumps all over my body.

Upon watching her begin to climb up the rusted looking ladder, I couldn't help but find 2B extraordinarily gorgeous. Her white skin and hair were magnificent, the black dress and high heeled boots made the android look so sexy that I felt myself start to get aroused! But I had to focus. I couldn't afford to get distracted by my rescuer's wonderful appearance.

Following behind her, I had begun carefully climbing up the radio tower with 2B at the lead. As we went further up, I found myself accidentally looking up instinct as I felt a single droplet of water hit my forehead. And when I did, my face went bright red.

I got to see the gorgeously round and perfectly shaped white backside of female android from underneath her black dress! My heart began to race as I also got to see her beautiful white panties as well, making her already large butt look astonishingly bigger.

As for myself, I was incredibly aroused from seeing what I saw above me. My cock had gotten fully erection to the point of having to stop in place periodically to avoid hitting the ladder bars. I wanted nothing more than to relieve myself right then and there, but I would fall to my death. As I continued to look up under 2B's dress, though, she came to an abrupt stop about halfway to the top of the tower before tilting her head down to look at me.

"What are you doing?" She asked me in a seemingly frustrated tone.

"Why are you watching me from below?"

"I wasn't trying to, 2B." I replied with a nervous smile, not being able to read the android's eyes due the blindfold.

"I felt a drip on my head and I looked up, I wasn't staring up your dress..."

"Okay." 2B responded plainly before she tilted her head back upward and resumed climbing slowly.

As I shook my head side to side disappointed in myself, I promised myself that I would look up the female android's black dress again. Just as I said to myself in mind, though, I felt a second droplet hit me. Not only did it land on the left cheek of my face, I immediately knew that it wasn't water. It was warmer. Gooey in texture. And when I looked up, my jaw dropped.

I saw from underneath 2B's dress that she had several streams of white liquid that looked like the icing that goes on top cinnamon rolls, leaking out of the sides of her white panties and began running down her inner thighs! My arousal was so off the charts that I felt lightheaded. And that wasn't the best part, either.

As we continued to climb and almost reached the top, I saw a a large glob of her fluid began to form as a droplet at the crotch of her panties. Knowing it was going to drip at anytime, I was so emboldened that I instinctively stuck me tongue out of my mouth and waited for it. And when it finally fell from 2B's moist crotch and hit my tongue, I felt like I was in heaven.

The female android's creamy juice was even better than I imagined it would be! Her fluid really did taste like cinnamon roll icing. And what made the dick hardening experience even better was that I got more and more opportunities to enjoy it as several droplets saturated my face and made my cock hard as a rock.

Upon making it at the top of the radio tower, 2B had sent out her pod to scan the area from above. I, however, stood at her left side while waiting patiently for her to turn left and see the mess that she unintentionally made all over my face. And when she finally did, the female android's mouth fell open in pure disbelief.

"Took you long enough, B." I said as I used my index to wipe a small amount of her creamy white goodness into my mouth.

Even though she had a black blindfold over her eyes, I knew that they had to have been wide after doing what I just did. I did take enjoyment out of seeing her cheeks turn rosy red, though. And funny enough, the warrior android started to nervously take steps back away from me when I began to slowly walk forward towards her.

"Please... Stay where you are, sir..." 2B attempted to order to me, which I completely ignored.

"I don't want to have to incapacitate you..."

"Empty threats." I said confidently as I used my tongue to lick up the remaining juices from around the corners of my lips.

"The fact that you cream yourself when a guy looks under your dress is the real issue here, B. And, if you let me, I can offer up a solution..."

"And what might that be, sir?" She asked me with genuine curiosity in her voice as I stood right in front of her, our bodies being mere inches apart from the other's.

Without warning or hesitation, I used my hand to reach under her beautiful black dress and slapped my palm onto her panty clad crotch! The gasp 2B made in response to my act sounded almost angelic. I then immediately tugged the crotch of her soaked white panties to the side and gently shoved my index and middle fingers up into her womanhood. And the female android let out the most elegant and soft moan I've ever heard.

"Oh my..." she said to me as I slowly slid my fingers up and down.

I didn't say a word to 2B as my free hand found itself under her dress as well, reaching around and squeezing at her backside. I then dropped down onto my knees and stuck my head up her black dress, wanting to see the effect I was having on her womanhood in real time.

"OH!" The female android shouted out pleasure as she leaned her upper body forward, resting her hands on my back.

My index and middle fingers immediately picked up the pace, the ring and pinky eventually slipping their way into 2B's hot and gooey woman soon afterward. As for myself, My cock was so hard that I pulled down my pants to let it breathe and began to stroke it as I ate her. What was happening right now was so hot, It could've burned a hole in my chest.

"F-Faster... F-Faster..." The female android commanded in a trembling, almost breathless sounding voice.

I obliged, speeding up the pleasure that my four soggy fingers were giving her. But after some time, I ended up shocking 2B with something she'd never expected me to do to her: Oral.

After my hand grew tired, I pulled it out of her drenched womanhood and immediately dove in face first with my lips and tongue. The gasp that the female had android made sounded as if she couldn't breathe anymore. It was amazing to hear, given the situation unfolding before us.

"OH MY GOD!" I heard her shout from underneath her black dress as my tongue wriggled around inside of her.

The fact that 2B wasn't a real woman was baffling, to say the least. Her body trembled from pleasure. She was secreting fluid from her womanly parts. Her moans were authentic. If I hadn't seen her battle they way she does against machine lifeforms, I would have assumed that the female android was a normal woman.

As I aggressively sucked on her womanhood, I heard 2B's moans become increasingly high-pitched. She was close to climax, and I wanted to taste it every drop of it.

"NO..." She groaned out before letting out a lengthy moan of pleasure, motivating me to work my tongue faster and harder.

"I'm going to come. And I'm going to do it in your mouth..."

Even though my mouth was full of her womanhood, I made sure to let the female android know of my approval by repeating moaning 'MMM HMM' down from under her dress. I needed her to come. All over my face. That way, I could come, too. And we both got we wanted.

"I'M COMING!" I heard 2B shout down at me as her lower half trembled from the climax.

Shortly after hearing her say that, my mouth and tongue felt it. Her creamy white juice flooded them, filling my cheeks and forcing me to gulp it down. At the same time, my orgasm finally arrived. I shot streams of semen out from my cock as my entire body trembled in jolting pleasure. After that, I finally got out from under 2B's beautiful black dress and pulled up my pants. That was the greatest moment in my life.

"Well." I started to say as I tilted my head down, watching the female android adjust the crotch of her now drenched white panties.

"That was... Something. Huh, B?"

"It indeed was." She replied plainly before unexpectedly leaning in and licking her own creamy goodness off of my face.

"And I hope to experience more of these 'Somethings'."

I then felt my heart pounding in my chest, now realizing the relationship that I now created between 2B and I. And I was going to love every moment of it to come. Preferably in my face...

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