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The Doctor kicks you out because he doesn't want to admit you saved him and you both get into a big fight. He says something hurtful before kicking you out. Missy then takes you in hopes to get the Doctor's attention but then she discovers what the Doctor did and for your sake decides to change because she knows what it's like to be thrown to the side. TW's Depression Mention of suicide attempt Trauma Flashbacks Nightmares SH

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We just got back from another adventure and the Doctor is being boastful like his usual self. He wasn't the one who saved the planet though I was but he always seemed to say we did even though his plan went to hell. I had to make a new plan otherwise we would have been nearly killed again. The amount of times this happened is too many to count.

"We saved another planet and deserve a break, get some rest Y/n," he advised me and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"What was that for, I saved your life so you should be grateful if it wasn't for me you would be a pile of ash," he wrongly stated in his scottish accent which was more pronounced than usual meaning he was angry.

I couldn't believe him, were we in different places when this was going on because I'm pretty sure that was him that would be a pile of ash and part of me wished he was but part of me didn't because I cared about him as stupid as it is. He pretended to care but then expected me to be grateful about something that never happened.

"Are you actually kidding me right now!" I raised my voice once again slowly getting tired of this, I was being used so he could feel better about himself.

"Ok like was I in f***ing dreamland while you were saving the planet!" I was so done with this, he really can't admit the fact that he was saved by a human something so much less than him.

He looked angry and upset but he had no right to be because I was the one that saved him. He didn't like being saved by something that wasn't superior and is always like “oh I have two hearts and I'm better than everyone else because I have the ability to regenerate and I'm so much smarter than everything in the entire universe”. He was about to speak but I wouldn't let him, I was hurt and above all angry by the way he was acting.

"No you don't get to speak, I'm sorry that you have to feel better than everyone else just so you feel better about yourself, like seriously you're always like "hey look at me I'm a timelord with two hearts and have much more intelligence than humans, oh yeah well guess what a computer is likely smarter than you and is better at planning plus an octopus has three hearts but it isn't like oh look how amazing I am and I'm pretty sure you would know that since you speak everything which in fact you don't you're just telepathic!" I ranted not giving him a chance to speak or have a say.

"Are you kidding me you humans are so sensitive and fragile, I don't even know why I even bothered to save you in the beginning you're just as pathetic as the rest of them, just leave and I never wanna see you again!" the words that came out of his mouth hurt a lot.

I felt tears in my eyes but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeming sensitive and fragile. I just couldn't stop myself as I slapped him hard across the face for his words. How could he even say that, I was in a bad place then and he wished he never saved me at all just because I'm pointing out facts when he is just lying to himself about what happened. We landed and I'm guessing it was Earth since he told me to leave.

"Are you serious right now, kicking me out over the fact you can't handle that I saved you?" I had tears in my eyes now.

"Yes because you are being pathetic and weak, I should have just let you die in your own apartment not like it would have done any good, you're just as bad as the rest of them have a good life Y/n L/n," I couldn't stop the tears at that, he really just said that.

"Ok goodbye, I'm sorry that your ego can't take that you were saved by a weak, sensitive pathetic human and don't worry you get your wish, goodbye Doctor have a nice life ruining someone else's, f**k you," with that I left the Tardis and never said another word.

I went to a bench and collapsed in tears as I heard the Tardis leave. He didn't really mean that right, what he said. He was just angry and upset because I was shouting and he wasn't sure how to react…who am I kidding, anger is no excuse to say something like that. Making out I should be grateful for him saving me and taking me on adventures. I never knew the real him but now I know he is cold, heartless and empty. He doesn't care about anything but himself and his own big ego.

The fact that I thought he really cared about me is stupid of course he didn't, he just took me away to get an ever bigger ego than he has. He lost every single one of his people and his companions, now I see why he did because he was too busy trying to act like he is better than everyone else instead of focusing on saving other people. I couldn't stop crying but I had to so I could get into the store. I managed to stop for a bit, I went into the nearest store I could.

I got a bottle of pills and got out my ID so I could get them, I was 18 so I knew I could. It was a bit of a quick decision right now but who f***ing cares anyways? As soon as I got out of the shop a woman came up to me who I had never seen before.

"Are you a pet of the Doctor, I saw you come from the Tardis?" she asked.

"Yeah I travelled with him, why do you care?" I asked.

"Wow his pets are getting stupider and stupider, he didn't even tell you about me, now maybe I get his attention," before I knew it I was taken with her to some strange place.

What did this b***h even want and how did she know the Doctor. I guess I can stay alive for longer to find out.

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