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Jayden Lockwood wasn’t in for a relationship with Michelle from the beginning. He was a divorced man. He had the fame and money and that was the only thing that mattered to him. He decided to lure her into his clutches after he realized that she was just one of those crazy fans of his who would gladly flaunt themselves at him for his attention because of his popularity and wealth. Michelle was too trusting and vulnerable when it came to Jayden because she thought he loved her, but instead he saw her as a charity case, used her and wanted to dump her whenever he felt the need to. To his dismay, Michelle broke up with him first and that didn’t sit well with him. Jayden wasn’t ready to spend so much on her and allow her to walk all over him. It should have been the other way round. Maybe he did love her, but he turned out to be a control freak. Jayden was a man with a clean record. He always had a gun in his possession, but had never used it until now.

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When she walked through the door with her black blazer hanging over her left arm and her black Hermès Burkin bag in the other hand, I stood to my feet to welcome her with a hug and a kiss. When she saw her mom, a surprised look marred her face. She sent me a quick nod and walked past me to embrace her mom with a warm smile. There we go. Marissa just knew how to make me feel awkward.

Marrisa Carter, my wife is a lawyer who works at one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles. She has dedicated her life and toiled so hard to become one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the world. That’s right and I’m proud of her.

Her mom sent me a hand signal and I took that as my cue to leave. I ascended the stairs and went into my office to watch football. I had an office at home. Honestly speaking, I barely worked at home since I needed to spend quality time with my wife after work. We’re quite the busy couple, but we couldn't use our job as an excuse. Family came first.

With my undivided attention to the football match, I hadn’t notice someone walk in to sit beside me. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I startled then relaxed when I realized it was her. She tucked her black wavy hair behind her ear. She still had her work clothes on and let me say, she looked breathtaking even after having a stressful day at work. She looked like a model right out of a 'VOGUE' magazine.

She wore a white shirt with a pair of black trousers that fitted her perfectly, accentuating her curves and accompanied by a pair of black stiletto heels. Marissa is neither too thick nor thin. She’s 5’5, has brown eyes, olive skinned and one important feature I love on her is her dimple. Can’t hate. I’m a sucker for women with dimples.

We finally talked about what happened that morning. Marissa wasn’t apologetic for what she did to my car. Yes. Marissa crashed my car after I accidentally mistook her for a lady I used to sleep with. She hasn't spoken to me for almost two weeks so I invited her mom to our home to help me resolve this issue. At least, Marissa will listen to her.

Interestingly, Marissa wasn’t pleased to see her mom either. To my surprise, Marissa revealed that she hasn’t been on speaking terms with her mom for some time.When I asked what it was, she said she didn’t want to talk about it. She had also told her mom to leave the house even though it was 9 in the evening. Who the hell does that? Her mom wasn’t going to get a cab in this part of our neighborhood and she knew it.

I stood up from the couch, rushed out of the door and slammed it loudly. I heard her call out to me, but I didn’t look back. When I stepped out of the house, I cursed under my breath when I saw the rain pouring down heavily. Without wasting much time, I ran towards the gate to find her and bring her back into the house, but when I got there, she was gone.

I started to walk down the street and when I saw her, I sighed with relief. I called out to her, but she couldn’t hear me over the rain. When I got closer to her, I touched her shoulder. When she turned, I took a step back and apologized. That wasn’t her. When I whipped around, I saw the lady staring at me. Her long black hair was sticking to her face giving her a gloomy look. Her knee-length black dress was soaking wet with her silver strapless heels in one hand. I could barely see who she was. I turned away and went looking for Evelyn, my wife’s mom.

I began to wonder if she got a ride from one of our neighbors since she suffers from arthritis. Evelyn was also myopic. I couldn’t believe Marissa would send her mom out of our home because they have a family problem. If something bad happens to her mom, I wouldn't forgive her. As I took the next curve, I felt a tap on my back. I jumped and looked behind me. I was kind of surprised to see her. Did she follow me? I told her to go back to the house because she could get sick. I didn’t want her here anyway.

When I looked down at her white soaked shirt, I could see her red lace bra which I loved so much. She looked hot. Damn. I groaned inwardly and averted my gaze. Marissa makes me go insane sometimes, but she was still my drop-dead gorgeous wife. I’m such a lucky man. My dick began to throb in my pants. This rain wasn’t helping either. Why did she have to send her mom out of our home at this ungodly hour?

When I lifted my eyes, I saw the lady from earlier. She was staring right back at me. Her eyes looked dead.We silently watched her walk by us. Marissa cleared her throat drawing my attention back to her. She didn’t like the fact that, I had looked at another woman while she stood before me, but I knew she was jealous for no reason. I told her not to start with her unnecessary bickering.

This street wasn’t safe at night. I wondered where this lady was heading to or where she was even coming from? The rain kept pouring down heavily. The thunders rumbled; the lightning struck and Marissa continued bickering. I rolled my eyes and walked away from her. I wasn’t in the mood to entertain her. I had to find Evelyn before something bad happens to her.

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