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This was a communication article that I exposed in my university. It defines loneliness and isolation and it describes how people can become stronger while being lonely. However, the article reminds people that loneliness can also become dangerous.

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Loneliness: a madness or a wealth?

Loneliness is an eminently human subject which is dreadfully rejected, because we associate with loneliness mostly isolation, separation, sadness, abandonment, and thus different kinds of difficult notions. Loneliness can be considered as a monstrous trap, which must be avoided. Many are therefore afraid of this problem and do not dare to face it rationally. Hence, we have to understand the difference between loneliness and isolation.

Social isolation means you don't have enough people to interact with while you are in a situation of loneliness. However, someone who feels lonely may have family and friends nearby, but still feels lonely. Loneliness can be temporary in relation to life events, but it can also last if we don't have the physical and cognitive skills to exploit opportunities for social exchange.

Loneliness can also have health consequences since it represents a risk factor for premature death just like smoking, overweight or the lack of movement. Other effects of loneliness on mental health can be a low self-esteem and negative thoughts.

In our society it is not “normal” to accept to be alone and it is very suspicious not to want children, for example. According to the majority of psychologists, people must have a relationship with other people. If you decide to remain completely cut off from all relationships,this can theoretically be considered as a madness. As long as people are not crazy, they have to get into social relationships, especially since the Internet and other means of communication easily protect from isolation.

Our relationships have different natures. For example, a person can during his life stand in a symbiotic relationship, namely by subordinating himself to someone or taking power over someone. However, in a relationship of love or friendship with another, a person can stand under conditions that respect their separation and their common integrity. Being in a relationship, theoretically makes the difference between mental health and mental illness. And thus, a person must be in one way or another necessarily in one relationship.

In general, Health and Social Services, Friends, Family and Neighbours can help reduce social isolation by identifying isolated people. They can also help to break the cycle of loneliness by trying to understand the circumstances of a person and knowing why he might feel lonely. Also, for people who are isolated, joining groups in the community and volunteering can help to expand their environment and provide opportunities for social commitment.

However, one might wonder: how would loneliness be a wealth?

Many do not realize that the choice of the lonely path sometimes does not mean living like a lost being that is left by all. Sometimes loneliness transforms us from the status of a simple person into the status of a developed person because it brings us into direct contact with ourselves and offers us privileged access to our inner wealth of wisdom. It gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves, to make each of us unique.

Loneliness can lead us to maturity, as it gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves and to objectively evaluate ourselves, far from social customs.

During the period of hygienic limitations of Coronavirus, I personally changed when I experienced these phases of loneliness. Thanks to loneliness, I had the opportunity to develop interesting ideas that differ from what people are used to. I had the daring to judge many of the principles I had learnt from my surroundings and from my school books. I have become free and authentic.

At the end of my meditation, however, I had to discuss my personal conclusions with others, as people can make interesting comments and share their wisdom and life experiences with me. However, I am always aware of a danger that can arise from isolation.

In fact, if a person thinks alone, he could develop illogical ideas due to his suspicion and anxiety and also due to the false theories that are irresponsibly published on the internet often in the form of videos which are sometimes falsified by the computer. In this case, the comments and reactions of others about the strange and illogical ideas that we formed in our loneliness are the only solution which can get us out of this madness and comfort us in such psychological crises.

The example of delusions that many of us experienced during the loneliness of the period of sanitary limitations of Coronavirus is the illusion of the signs of the Apocalypse. Computer-worked videos convinced weak and isolated people that the terrifying religious thesis, often referred to as “revelations” and present in many religions, takes place. The victims of this false idea fell into panic and fear, which became worse during that isolation. The victims got sometimes even into a serious and irreversible psychological crisis which lead to dangerous reactions.

And thus, a long time of loneliness can be helpful but also dangerous if we leave our lonely conclusions to ourselves without asking for the opinions and reactions of the people who we love and trust.

During this period of sanitary limitation, I was able to think about many aspects of my life and my environment. Hence, I wrote a poetic collection (titled "Trente Fleurs") to reveal my conclusions and to express my emotions. I also wrote a science fiction novel (titled "The Enfranchisement") in which I imagined a psychologically persecuted world. The events of my novel are imaginary and may be a strange fruit of my loneliness. I have, however, exposed my imagination to the world to discuss it with others and encourage the shy people to talk about their own loneliness imaginations that are similar to mine. This will perhaps allow them to expand their scope and at least once give rise to the same suspicions I had. It is the suspicion that our brain is not always safe. It is the suspicion that our freedom of decision and our intellectual privacy are sometimes at risk.

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Akram Louiz Born in September 1990 in Morocco, Akram Louiz is a first class engineer lieutenant in the merchant navy. He is also a novelist, a poet and a scientific researcher. Akram Louiz is a great lover of contemporary philosophy and psychology.

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