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This is only part 1 of when autum blooms! I really hope this becomes a tv show!!! This a a story of a girl that keeps to herself, but that all changes when she moves to california to stay with her granparent...until the heat dies down with her actual parents....on her first day of school a new friend tries to help and make her try new things. Will she stay or leave? Read to find out.

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Moving in with granparents

Autum wake's up to yelling and things being trown to the floor.

this is mainly why she doesn't like to get up in the morning's....

you see....

Autum has parent problems, so she hate's to get up and hear the sound of fighting and yelling, mainly it used to happen weekly but now it was every day, for the littlest thing would be yelling, crying, or screaming. i just hated it.... thats why i hate having friends over, thats even if i have any friends at all.

A time i had a friend over when i was 12, about..... 3 years ago, and it didn't end well.

and now i'm just the quiet girl.

back to the story....

Autum "groan's" into the pilow.

Autum get's of bed, and drags herself to the kitchen.

make's some egg and bacon, and hurry's to the bathroom. after her quick shower she puts her hair into a messy bun. and puts on a grey plain jumper, with some plain white t's. and truds down the stairs.

yes autum is a mess but she wasn't always like this.

autum pov

i trud down the stair and hope into the car, not saying a single word to my dad,

after school....

i enter the house, how was school honey? my mom asks.

just the normal, autum says honestly.

i have some thing to tell you, my dad says as we all sit at the table.

we know you hate to see us fighting, and yelling, and were sorry...we just need to work on ourselves first, then you will move back in, ok? were sending you off to your grandparents, my mom says.

ok! really? i have to pack my thing! wait what school am i going to? will it be better than my other schools? omg! omg! omg!

i run upstairs ready to pack.

narrarator pov

It isn't that autum doesn't like her parent's, in fact she loves them, but she hasn't seen her grandparents in a wild, and this is the first time going to a new state.

and she wants to have more friends in this school.

so autum...




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