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The Power Within

Things were going well until they weren't. Feeling rebellious with low confidence, truly the worst. If I was a superhero my power would be not to hurt. If I become the superhero, it just might work. Adults cut grass but in apartments we only cut class. Poverty guides my steps, trying my best to avoid broken glass. I have to wrap my head around the path and stop revisiting the past.
Some friends make pacts, some parents pack other kids a lunch. We all need a morsel more than a nibble when it's time to crunch. My stomach is doing Morse code by the time I sit for lunch. Hunger pains not as bad on rainy days. The power within will set me free. The power within helps me eat. When I master my craft, the feeling forever lasts.

I'd rather be fat then go through another fast. Life is confusing, the same way we ace the test but fail to pass the class. The way my day drags on is worse than a crash. The way friends become close almost never lasts. There are always one or two moments we wish we could have back. The people close to us may not have our back. As long as we have our front there's no falling back.

Some people want dialogue but who's a quiet kid to chat with? I'd rather sit in silence then be pushed to violence. Life changes us, but the power within may empower all of us.

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Preston Olson Author of Badge in the Shadows, Three Down, Discontent (a poem), Charged Mind, Dumbstruck, and my latest short tale Final Bounty.

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