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On an unnamed planet, a plastic toy world named after the lone woman who created the sentient porcelain doll race known as the 'Lodl', all by hand alongside her living toy pal, Arabella. Upon finishing their project of making a toy replica of her old world, the two friends would be going on to have fun for the rest of their lives. That was until the day that Zoe mysteriously grew ill and died, leaving Arabella alone all with their toy creations. Or so she thought. Upon her death, all the porcelain dolls that they had created together had come alive and begin to live and learn just like humans do! At the same time, however, Arabella gains new knowledge and begins the shift from her soft optimistic personality to more pessimistic one. Witness the of story Arabella Zoe as she struggles to come to terms with her new reality without her best friend around to soothe the now invasive negative feelings... Cover was created by 'ThatWrathYokai' over on Deviant Art. This story is part of the SARTAM universe. Please follow and give it a 'Like' on the site. Thanks in advance!

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14 Days Without Clarity

I hate it now. My life. The one that I now must live with every day is not the one I had envisioned for myself. Not without her. Not without Zoe. My best friend.

She and I were all that was on this once blank and empty planet before we built more porcelain dolls together to avoid the ever increasing loneliness that Zoe and I had both felt. I didn't even know why those feelings existed within me, but it didn't matter at the time. All I cared about was being best friends with her as we made each new doll and then made automated ones to help us create an entire planet's worth! And we were beyond successful in our goal.

Soon, the entire nameless world that Zoe and I stood upon had porcelain dolls of many shapes and sizes as far as our eyes could see while we rejoiced in our accomplishment. However, it would be a short-lived celebration when my best friend had fallen ill and later died from natural causes and devastating the hell out of me. But that wasn't just it.

After her untimely death, every porcelain doll that my deceased best friend had ever made had begun to move, walk, and talk just like me! Soon, the entire planet seemed to have come alive, and each sentient toy had made their way to where I was when she passed away. And I couldn't leave Zoe's bedside ever since she stopped breathing, myself having to shut her still open eyes closed after wallowing in sorrow for days at a time.

Upon the completion of the first day without my best friend, I couldn't care less about all of the porcelain dolls that we made together achieving sentience. She was still gone, completely unable to bask in the beautiful miracle that this was without me. As the first doll to become sentient long before any of them, I found it only right that I anointed myself as leader of the living dolls that I had come to name the 'Lodl' race.

It would be on the second day of our lives without Zoe that the Lodl and I sought to put her to rest based on what she had told me about the customs of her home world. It would prove to be a grueling process as most of us damaging our fragile bodies just trying to lift my best friend's casket to place within a doll house we had made to honor her old life. And even with my now cracked arms and missing right eye, I managed to make a porcelain copy of Zoe to stand alongside exact copies of her father, mother, and older sister's appearance based on how she had described them to me before her death. It would be the last thing I did before leaving, shutting, and locking the doll house replica of her old home on the planet she was born on.

Yeah. My best friend was not native to the now plastic planet inhabited by us porcelain dolls. She had been taken from her family, away from her father, mother, and older sister, only to be dropped off here by faceless men wearing all black clothes that had glowing red eyes when she was 8 years old.

Zoe had no idea why it happened or even if her home world was even still there after having been gone for 20+ years. All my best friend did know for sure was that she would be alone for a long time. That was before me, her porcelain doll with chalk white skin, long & wavy hair, a beautiful black dress, white gloves, and black Mary Jane shoes who she had come to name me as 'Arabella', had came to life and ended her loneliness.

Now, though, I was lonely. My best friend was gone, and even though she was given a proper resting place, I still couldn't shake these pessimistic feelings away. And when I had suffered emotional breakdown in front of Zoe's shine, something strange happened to me. First, a beautiful red rose blossomed from within the hole that used to be my right eye. As for the second, well, I fell to my knees onto the plastic ground, holding my porcelain head in my gloved hands while screaming like mad. And for good reason, too.

For some unknown reason, my mind was bombarded with immense knowledge, many things that Zoe and I were never taught ourselves. Human Anatomy, relationships, religion, patriarchal structures, social hierarchy, you name it. It was all beamed into my porcelain noggin. And to this very day, I don't know how or even why that happened to me. All I did know was that with this newfound knowledge, I was able to create a society to keep the Lodl Race busy for a time. That was until after nearly two weeks of peace from when we had put Zoe in her proper resting place when a decent amount of porcelain dolls suddenly became hostile and began destroying their own.

Upon receiving word of the terrible situation from in on the fake queen sized bed my dollhouse, I was ticked off to the point of enragement. I became so angry that I was told by one of my male security dolls that he saw my purple left eye glow before we both witnessed something truly surprising together. Upon bursting through the plastic door of my bedroom, a rogue porcelain doll attempted to rush me before being tackled by my male security guard. However, this rabid Lodl was ferocious and destroyed him with ease using a sharp kitchen knife. But I wasn't scared. I was ticked off.

Soon, the psychotic looking male doll turned his demented face and plastic body over and pointed the blade of the knife directly at me, implying that it was my time to be dismantled like a 'Take Apart, Put Back Together' toy. Well, the unidentified man was in for the shock of his sentient life. It would turn out that the glow in my purple left eye wasn't for aesthetic but as an indication of my growing power as what I now come to know as one of the 'F.L.A.W.S. Of Nature'. I found this out when the murderous doll charged at me as I sat up in my bed as green prickly vines sprouted out from underneath the rose that took the place of my right eye and violently whipped him to pieces! I had no idea I managed to do that at the time, but it would lead to me leaping out of my bed, swiping the kitchen knife off the bedroom floor, and running out of my home to fight against the rogue members of the Lodl Race.

The battles that I and the more sane dolls around me had waged against the rogue ones were very emotional, to say the very least. I couldn't comprehend how or why various male and female dolls suddenly acted psychotic, but as I used the kitchen knife to slice apart porcelain head after porcelain head, I found myself caring less about the those questions. All I knew was that I didn't want to lose the life that had been bestowed upon me by an unknown force. This sentience of mine was what prevented Zoe from ending it all and gave every one of our creations life as well. Mine existence could not stop.

I had to win...

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Kathryn Barker Kathryn Barker
I am absolutely enamored with your story! Your writing is excellent! I cannot wait to read more! Thank you for sharing your immense gift with the world! ❤️
December 05, 2023, 20:29

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October 22, 2023, 20:15


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