corbins-crows Lynn Rowe

A gory description of a plague that takes the life of many. A short tail of a nameless woman's death.

Horreur Horreur gothique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The Party

My weak body lay over the toilet, puking out the remains of my organs. As I coughed up my organs the party continued, the loud music making the house tremble. I pushed away from the toilet, collapsing on the bathroom floor. The party was to celebrate life, while we still had it. Both the poor and middle class citizens gathered to celebrate. For soon, as they knew, they too would be infected by this nameless disease. Although it lacks a name everyone knows of it, for it has taken the life of half the population. It turns your organs to mush, then you slowly vomit up the remains. I've only been vomiting for about a week, but I've had the signs for months. Most only live a couple weeks after the puking starts so I know I don't have much longer. Each time I vomit more and more blood follows. No one has yet to notice my sudden disappearance from the gathering. But soon enough they will, they'll see me laying dead on the floor. With my last shaky breath blood pours from my mouth, pooling on the floor beneath me.

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La fin

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Lynn Rowe A young writer looking for a way to express themselves.

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