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I'm the star Quarterback for the Chicago Wolves. I get what I want, when I want it. I never have to ask twice, and I certainly have never had to beg. But then Phoenix Quinn stumbles into my life like a hurricane on heels, and I will do whatever I have to do to have her. I will beg for her. Get down on my knees for her. But Phoenix has put up a defense so tight that even I can't get past them. Make no mistakes though, I always win. Even if that means I have to call an audible to do it.

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Chapter One - Phoenix

My calves are burning with every step up the stairs and my fingers are starting to cramp. When I first toured this place three months ago, I knew moving in was going to suck. But stepping into the air-conditioned townhome with the last box, I also knew that it didn't matter.

Bending over, I gently set the box holding all my books down. It's the heaviest one, but the most prized one too. If any of them are slightly damaged, I will be gutted. I'm a snob when it comes to my books. Plans of where to display them are already swirling in my brain.

Standing straight, I stretch my back muscles, the soreness setting in from the move. I rest my hands on my hips and let out a deep breath, swiping a bead of sweat from my forehead.

Peering around the empty space, my heart swells. This space is mine. Well, mine and Serenity's. But it's the first place that has my name on the lease. If I want to decorate this house with as many plants and goofy art pieces as possible, I will. Nobody can tell me what I can or can't do. No shitty boyfriend or overbearing parents, just me and my best friend.

Tucking a strand of my brown hair behind my ears, I watch Serenity bring in the final box. She sets it down beside the front door before she puffs out a breath, pushing a piece of her blonde hair from her face. "At least it's not hot as fuck out." She says breathlessly. "I could not have done that in July."

The September air in Chicago is warm, but the breeze definitely helps. Nothing like the hot humid weather in San Diego. It makes for perfect moving weather. Not too hot, but not too cold either. We didn't intentionally move in September for this reason, it was the earliest we could get into our new place. If there was a possibility for us to have moved a couple of months ago, I would've taken it. Getting out of San Diego and away from my ex-boyfriend Shawn was of the upmost importance.

"True." I agree as I shut the front door. "What should we tackle first?" Unpacking is worse than packing in my opinion. I stare at the sea of boxes before us knowing it's going to be a long couple of days.

Boxes cover the floor of our dining room, and to the left of us, they cover the entirety of the living room too. Thankfully, our couch is already situated where we want it, and our television is sitting on the stand. I only let the movers leave once all of the big stuff was brought in.

Through the doorway ahead of us is our open kitchen. The main reason I bought this place. It's equipped with a large, beautiful island, the granite countertops sleek and new, and a beautiful bay window that faces the large pond and walking trail behind the townhomes. As soon as I saw the kitchen, I could envision myself sitting at the island in the early morning, drinking coffee and scrolling through my phone while Serenity cooked her little heart away. for me, it wasn't the brand-new stainless-steel appliances or the dark wood flooring that covered the entire place. It was that bay window.

I'm devising a plan of attack when Serenity says, "Food. We need food."

My stomach growls, and I know she's right. Nothing wrong with ordering in and eating while we start unpacking. I grab my phone from my back pocket, pulling up one of the food delivery apps when Serenity snatches my phone from my hands.

"No, Phoenix." She says, giving me her phone. "We're not ordering in. We're going out."

On my best friend's phone is a review of Saphir, a French restaurant in downtown Chicago. It has five-stars and is one of the top-rated places to eat in the metro area. I'm interested, but not for tonight. There's so much to do here, and the last thing I want is to get dressed up and go out. We have plenty of time to do that later.

"No, we need to stay in tonight and get as much done as possible." I tell her, handing her phone back. "Besides, a place like that has to be booked months in advance."

"That's why I made a reservation the day after we signed for this place two months ago."

If there is one thing Serenity loves more than me, it's food. She's always been a culinary genius ever since we were kids. I remember being forced to be her taste tester for all the weird things she would make. Never have I tasted something she made that wasn't phenomenal. Serenity's palate is refined, her skills in the kitchen unmatched. With a degree in culinary arts behind her, she no doubt has a bright future ahead of her.

I know that her choosing Saphir wasn't out of coincidence, but rather to scope out a potential place she can work. I want to be upset that she made this reservation for our first night in town, but I can't. She moved all the way here for me and I want to support her in any way I can. If that means going to an expensive restaurant that we can't afford after moving all day, then so be it.

"You're insane."

"I know." She points toward the box that's labeled with my clothes and continues, "You better get dressed, because our reservations are in an hour."

Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, I smooth my hands down the short black dress. It hugs every curve just the way I like it. The neckline swoops low, showing enough of my cleavage to make me feel sexy, but not too much that I need to worry about a nip-slip. The thick straps are snug against my slender shoulders, showing off the only tattoo I've ever been brave enough to get. A single lily, the size of my hand. I avoid looking at it for too long, it hurts too much when I do that.

I assess the make-up I've applied, making sure that all of the eyeshadow fallout is gone. I'm happy with how it turned out. It's modest, yet seductive. A smoky cat-eye that does wonders in bringing out the blue in my eyes. Some minor blush on the apples of my cheeks and nose with some minor highlight has given me a flushed look. Unfortunately, there wasn't much I could do about my hair. Given the time constraints and how much I was sweating earlier, all that was manageable was a slick ponytail. With some anti-frizz cream and a little hairspray, it looks pretty damn good.

Feeling ready, I head into my room and open the box with all of my shoes in it. I pull out my only pair of heels. I've had them for years, but since they are rarely used, they're still in good condition. I slip them on, fastening the strap around my ankle.

I stand straight, letting my feet adjust to them. Before heading downstairs, I decide to do some test walking in them. Back and forth, I pace in my room, letting my body get accustomed to the way my feet feel in these shoes. No matter how often I've worn them, it always feels as if I'm a toddler learning how to walk for the first time. Once my feet feel accustomed and I'm sure I don't look ridiculous, I make my way downstairs.

My hand grips the railing for dear life, taking one step at a time. When my feet hit the floor, I let out a sigh of relief. Although tripping in these heels wouldn't be the worst thing, it's still not on the top of my to-do list.

Serenity is sitting on the couch waiting for me. She stands when she sees me, and I am at a loss for words.

My best friend is the stereotypical Californian girl. Her hair is a platinum blonde, the color even lighter from all the sun she had before we moved to Illinois. Her bronze skin peeks out from underneath her deep red dress. The neckline drops dangerously low, showing off her perky breasts and thin waist. If Serenity wasn't already dedicated to becoming a well-known chef, I would say she has a pretty good shot at being a model.

"I see we had the same idea for the hair." I point toward her ponytail.

"Not enough time." She grabs her clutch from the couch, moving past me and toward the front door. "We better hurry so we're not late."

I regret complaining about all the boxes I carried up the concrete stairs, because walking down them in these heels is even worse. Serenity makes snarky comments about how slow I'm going, and I give her the finger in return. There's no railing for me to hold on to, so she's going to have to suck it up and wait.

When I'm finally on the sidewalk, we make our way to Serenity's car. The drive to Saphir isn't long. According to our GPS, we only live roughly ten minutes away. But during that short time, Serenity fills me in on all the things to know about this place. From their massive list of wine selections to their famous crab pasta. She's quite obviously done her research and she's animated as she talks about it, despite being interrupted every so often by our GPS guiding us through an unknown city.

Once we arrive, we pull up to the line for valet. A man dressed in a button-down suede vest approaches the driver's side window. His white name tag is pinned on his upper right breast pocket, the name Jack in big bold letters. His eyes asses us and there's a look of disgust on his face when he takes in Serenity's beaten up 2004 Buick.

"Do you have a reservation?" He asks, his face pinched.

"Yes. Under Quinn. Phoenix Quinn."

He holds out a tablet, tapping away on it before scrolling. He stops, taps again, and then a receipt is printing out of the top. "Go ahead and leave your keys in the ignition. This is your valet receipt. When you are ready to leave, hand this to the hostess and your car will be pulled around for you."

"Thanks." We both say in unison.

As I step out of the car, I focus on my feet. Right, left, right left. Maybe I should've went with something more practical, but there was nothing I have that would match my dress. Making my way around the car, I link arms with Serenity if only to have some added support as we head for the front entrance to Saphir.

The restaurant is housed in one of the high-rise buildings downtown. Glass encases the tall building, dim lights flickering from each floor. Upon entering through the revolving doors, Saphir is located to the left of the large lobby. Dozens of people mill about, some waiting in front of the restaurant. Everyone is dressed nicely, designer clothes and suits hugging the bodies of the people around me. My dress was thrifted for ten dollars, yet nobody would know by looking at it.

We weave through the people, opening the front door and stepping in. The sweet aroma of thyme, rosemary, and garlic invade my nostrils. It's mouthwatering, and my stomach grumbles loudly. Although I'd like to be unpacking right now, there is no takeout food that could rival this. Sure, the delivery apps are convenient, but nothing beats eating at the restaurant.

The hostess podium is situated in front of a solid black wall, soft music filtering to us from the dining room behind it. The hostess looks at us as we approach, a bland smile on her face that doesn't reach her eyes. "Do you have a reservation?"

Serenity gives her my name and then the hostess is grabbing two menus, some silverware, and leading us behind that black wall.

This is not my first time in a five-star restaurant. My best friend has all but dragged me to pretty much every one of them in San Diego. But Saphir is unlike any we've ever been to before.

A large chandelier hangs in the center of the dining room, right above an oval shaped bar. The light is dimmed, giving it a calm and romantic atmosphere. Each table has a black cloth draped over it, with a singular candle lit in the center, adding to the aesthetic. Marble flooring matches with that of the bar tops, and all of the waiters and waitresses are dressed in black pants and a long white button up. It feels like I stepped into a scene from a movie.

Trailing behind the hostess, I lean over to Serenity. "People are going to think we're a couple." I giggle.

So consumed with my joke and the feel of this place, I lose focus of my feet and my ankle gives out on me. These god foresaken shoes. I'll never wear them again.

This is my absolute worst nightmare. Tripping in front of dozens of people. The ground is coming fast, and I put my hands out to brace myself before I'm hanging midair. At first, I think Serenity was able to catch me, but then I register the hands that are gripping my waist. They are too strong and large to be hers.

Those big warm hands pull me upright and I stumble back a step before looking toward the person who decided to save me from eternal embarrassment.

All the words die on my tongue.

Standing before me is a man who's at least six foot three. Even with my heels, I have to look up and up just to make eye contact with him. His dark unruly black hair curls at the ends, the sides shaved but the top left long. The darkness of his hair contrasts with eyes as bright and blue as the sky. A sharp nose meets a pair of lush kissable lips and a strong jawline. His beard is trimmed and shaped to near perfection. My eyes trail down to his broad shoulders and muscular arms. They strain against his suit in the best way possible. His black jacket hangs open, and the top button on his white dress shirt is undone, showing the smooth tan skin beneath.

My heart beats loudly in my chest, and warmth pools between my thighs. Images of his hands running down my body, toward the ache that's now throbbing surfaces. I've never wanted a man as bad and quick as I do right now. But then I remember where I am, and I stumble back into reality.

"Thank you."

His eyes darken a fraction, the bright blue turning stormy. My body burns under his stare. "It's not a problem." His voice is as sexy as he is, but I didn't expect anything less. A man who looks like sex personified would obviously sound like it too.

The hostess clears her throat, effectively breaking whatever spell this man has me under and I turn from him, once again trailing her and Serenity. Once we're seated, I busy myself with looking over the menu. I'm only doing it so Serenity won't say anything.

But to no avail, my best friend is relentless. "You were totally eye-fucking that guy." She giggles.

Setting my menu down, I groan. "I know. Was it that obvious?"

Now she laughs. "Yeah. To me and everyone else."

I don't know what is more embarrassing, tripping in front of everyone or everyone watching you practically salivate over a man. Right now, I would've rather tripped.

"Let's pretend like it never happened."

She clears her throat, her hazel eyes jumping toward the bar. "I don't think Mr. Dark and Mysterious wants to pretend like it didn't happen."

My gaze follows her, right to Mr. Dark and Mysterious. He's looking directly at me as he swirls some amber liquid in his glass. My heart thunders in my chest loud enough that I'm sure Serenity can hear it.

"Go give him your number." Serenity urges me, pulling my attention from the man.

I would like to do exactly that, but I'm not going to. There is so much baggage I'm still dealing with from my last relationship that I'm not ready to jump into anything yet. Even if it's only one night with a dangerously sexy man who no doubt knows his way around the female body.

Shawn was supposed to be my endgame. He was who I planned on marrying, having kids with, buying a house, the whole nine yards. I loved him more than anything, and there was nothing I wouldn't have done for him. But only four months ago, I caught him in bed with our neighbor.

The images of him with her are still fresh in my mind, like a bad movie you can never forget. The pain and betrayal still feel as fresh as it did the day it happened.

"No. I'm not ready for that yet."

"The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else." She wiggles her eyebrows.

Serenity has told me this before. She's a firm believer that I won't move on until I've had it fucked out of me, but I have a different way of getting over it. I'm going to throw everything I have into my new job.

When I was with Shawn, I wasn't as focused on my career. There was much more I had on my mind (like marriage and kids), that I didn't feel it necessary to put as much effort into finding a job in my respective field. Shawn didn't think it was that important either, which only solidified my decisions. My degree in communications has gone untouched thus far, and I graduated college two years ago.

But now with all of this free time and no boyfriend to focus on, I want to grow my career. That's how I ended up in Chicago. I didn't choose this city for any other reason. But now I hold a position at Vanhouse, a well-known PR agency that specializes in Sports relations. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about professional sports, so I was hired as an assistant to an agent. I fully intend on learning as much as I can as quickly as possible and hopefully secure a spot as an agent within Vanhouse. Five year plan and everything.

"I'm going to have to disagree with that." Scanning the menu, the famous crab pasta does sound good.

Serenity groans, but she understands that the conversation is done with. There is no winning for her.

Our waiter approaches and we place our orders. Quickly, he returns with two glasses of red wine and places them in front of us. I swirl the dark liquid around the glass, breathing it in before I bring it to my lips. It smells divine, but it tastes even better. It's smooth, rich, if not slightly bitter. Wine is not my go to drink, but with their selections who can say no?

We chat for some time, discussing what our plans are for the townhome. Serenity is not against my desire for color. Most of the walls are stark white, which is not at all calming or relaxing. We talk about painting each room, deciding on a general color. Plans are made to head to the local hardware store to check out shades next weekend. For the time being, we're going to only unpack the essentials until we can paint each room. All the boxes everywhere are going to drive me crazy, but the white walls have to go. I'm willing to compromise.

When the food arrives, we waste no time. It smells delicious and my stomach is in knots with how hungry I am. The first bite is always the best bite, because the taste is new and different on your tongue. The wine our waiter selected for us pairs well with the crab pasta. I can see now how this particular dish put Saphir on the radar, but Serenity would make it better.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is quiet for the most part, but occasionally, loud hoots and hollers come from a table in the very back of the restaurant. I've done my best to avoid looking over there, but they're progressively getting louder and it's ruining the experience.

When I peer over my shoulder, my eyes find a table with at least eleven grown men. They all look to be in their mid-twenties, some maybe older than that. Dressed impeccably, they're all as delicious as the food in front of me. But then I find that Mr. Dark and Mysterious is sitting with them, and he's already looking my way.

Whipping my head back, I twirl my fork into my pasta, pretending like that didn't happen.

"He's coming over here." Serenity whispers.

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm not." Her eyes flicker past me and I go still in my seat.

I feel him before I see him, and then he's standing in front of the table. His cologne wafts under my nose, cinnamon with a hint of sandalwood. It's intoxicating.

He clears his throat, his attention laser-focused to me. "I wanted to apologize for how loud we've been over there." He didn't come over here to hit on me. I'm not sure whether I'm thankful or upset about it.

"Oh, it's okay." I assure him, if only so that he will walk away.

Being this close to him, I realize how deeply attracted to him I am. Not even with Shawn did I feel this type of desire or heat. The ache between my thighs is foreign to me. I can't remember ever aching to be touched by Shawn.

"What's your name?" Serenity jumps in. If only looks could kill, my best friend would be dead.

"Carsin. Yours?" The name suits him.

"I'm Serenity, and her name is Phoenix."

I feel him mentally undressing me. "It's nice to meet the two of you. What brings you to Saphir?"

I'm attempting to convey a message to Serenity, but her eyes are glued to Carsin. "It's our first night in town. We just moved here."

His eyebrows raise. "Ah, where are you two from?"

Serenity looks at me, silently urging me to answer his question. I give her a look and she shrugs. "We're from San Diego."

"I've been to San Diego. It's beautiful. What brings you to Chicago? It's a lot different from the west coast."

The last thing I'm going to do is be honest about why I ran so far from my hometown. "Just wanted a change in scenery."

He chuckles, the sound deep and raspy, as if he hadn't done it in a long time. "Well, this is a huge change. The winters are brutal, nothing like the warm weather in California. I would suggest buying a heavy coat and even some snowshoes for when it gets really rough."

I've heard a lot of people who spend time in California during the winter complain about snow, but I'm a little excited to finally see it for the first time. I've only ever seen it on television, and I can't imagine it's as bad as people say.

"Thanks for the advice."

"Of course." He pauses. "Are you single?"

His question takes me as well as Serenity by surprise judging by the sound that came out of her mouth.

Part of me wants to lie to him and tell him I'm not single, but then there's this overwhelming urge to be honest and see what he says next. Maybe there is something about getting under someone to get over someone else, and by looking at Carsin I'm sure that it would only last one night. He doesn't seem like the type to give a girl a call the next day, and that might be what I need.

Besides, he looks like he knows how to fuck and I'm craving some really good sex.

"I am." I give him a soft smile.

He has that dark look in his eyes again and it makes my toes curl and my pussy flutter. "Can I take you out tomorrow night?"

"Sure. I work tomorrow, but I'm off at five."

"Great. Here's my number, shoot me a text with your address and I'll pick you up at six tomorrow night." He reads off his number and I quickly type it into my phone, saving it under his name with an eggplant emoji.

"Sounds great." I feel a little breathless. "I'll see you then."

When he walks away, I follow him until he's seated at his table again. Turning to face Serenity, she gives me an incredulous look.

"I thought you weren't ready for anything." She mocks me.

"Well... I changed my mind. Besides, I haven't had sex in what feels like forever. I still have needs, and my vibrator is starting to get boring."

She laughs. "That's my girl. You're going to have to give me all the details. That guy radiates big dick energy and I need to know if it's true or not."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to fill you in on all the dirty details."

"That's why I love you."

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