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A young adventurous aristocrat and his cold and callous friend plan an expedition around the world, fighting tooth and nail for every bit of honor and glory they find, but in the end, only one of them will stand tall and satisfied

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Just bad business

It was a clear blue sky in the humble port town of Terna, The sun shines down on the market, the scent of salt and fish in the air, But the market is drowned out by the sounds of sailors brawling, merchants and customers arguing with each other, and the local guards there to arrest the said sailors, but somewhere in the barnacle ridden pier, is a medium sized ship covered, and in that ship is our arrogant heroine, arguing with the workers that built it.

Harth stands with his arms crossed at the bridge of the ship, Inspecting it quietly and looking around with a piercing gaze, a group of nervous workers await his thoughts on the construction of the ship with some preparing for the absolute worst scolding of their lives.

After a few minutes, Harth walks back and forth in front of the group of workers like a drill sergeant, then turns around and stares into the eyes of the front man. "Did I not say to make myself clear when I say to make the ship, flourish with color and look fashionable?" Harth waves his hands erratically around. "this is hideous!, why it lacks color and grandeur befitting of a Blackwood!".

One of the workers spoke up while taking off his cap to show respect to the arrogant aristocrat. "forgive me sire, but I am very certain you asked for a durable design, we merely followed your order Lord Kirk".

Harth yells out while pointing at the deck, "then why does it have to be as revolting as a horse's arse?!" Harth walks closer to the worker, "I do not like your taste in ship construction mister?....." Harth motions his hand to the worker

The workers stared at him confused for a moment then smiled. "Hermann sire, it's Hermann Caligard"

"Well mister Hermann Caligard, your design taste is as refined as the floor of my aunt's cellar floor" Harth says while jabbing a finger on the workers chest.

The worker looks at him with a perplexed look. "Thank you?".

Harth stares at him incredulously. "What?It's an insult you daft ox!, her floor barely gets swept, you know what, Leave!, immediately!, guards!, escort mister Cagard out, right now" Harth yelled at the worker.

The worker grits his teeth and glares at Harth. "It's Caligard, sir!".

"Go choke on horse refuse!" Harth storms away while his boots loudly thud on the boards, shaking his fist at the worker.

"May Zena strike your heart with lightning!." The worker yells out at Harth then gets escorted off the ship by Harth's guards.

-Somewhere in the ship-

Wiggins watches as Harth harshly berates the construction crew for not catering to his tastes, he only sighs and shakes his head. "26 moons old yet still blurts out his grievances like a child, why do I ever put up with this fool" he then walks back to his study.

Harth kicks the door open while smiling like he just won the lottery. "I've just acquired a ship Wigs!, but I must say, it's not very aesthetically pleasing". Harth walks over to the chair, carelessly tossing his coat on it.

Wiggins goes back to reading a parchment of paper. "As long as it's not festering with rats, barnacles and doesn't have holes in it, I'll consider it as an aesthetically pleasing ship, because unlike you, I desire utility over looks".

Harth looks over at Wiggins with a strange look "well, you were always the good head on my good shoulders". Harth wraps an arm around Wiggins then Wiggins glares daggers at him "imagine!". Harth sweeps his hand in the air in a dramatic manner "Harthanier Kirk, the greatest explorer and navigator to sail the beautiful turquoise waters of Sifa!".

He gets pushed away by Wiggins. "Go to sleep Admiral glory, the great explorer of the sea needs rest for his journey" Wiggins says sarcastically.

Harth frowns at this and pats his shoulder. "Well, the first lands every great explorer ventured in were their dreams" Harth takes out some papers out of his pocket and places it on the table, he walks over to his bunk and rolled to his side. "Night, Wigs".

Wiggins stares at him for a moment then goes back to reading "Night, Kirk". He says in a less harsher tone.

While Harth is asleep, Wiggins just keeps reading sheets after sheets of paper, single candle only lighting up the room enough for him to read, he listens in on the calming sounds of the waves hitting against the walls of the tower, he puts the paper down and stares out the window with a thoughtful expression. "what will I ever do with him".

End of chapter 1

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