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The story talks about a very rich and well-known family from Washington State. The Verlice Family. Especially, young Rose (protagonist). Her Dad owns a wealthy company. Her Mom is an actress. She also has a sister, Annabelle. Her Family and Rose are forced to give off a fake reality of being just "perfect, kind, and okay". However, they are not like that always. As the story moves the truth gets revealed to the public eye. How will that affect them? Read this book to find out. Dedication In memory of Emma Dobosz 2009-2022 In memory of Kat Koziara 2009-2022

Drame Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Journal Entry: Family

My name is Rose, Rose Verlice. I am a daughter to one of the richest couples in Washington state, USA.

You could say that we appear to be perfect. But we aren't. However no human being is.

Here is the story of how my life is actually going.

Here is a bit about my family.

My dad owns a famous and wealthy firm. My mom is an actress. I also have a sister. Her name is Annabelle. She is two years younger than me.

Together, Annabelle and I go to this amazing private school.

My family and I live in a massive house that’s on a hill.

The wealth made me feel like I had the whole world in the palm of my hand. I always got what I wanted, but It didn't feel like it was enough. I felt like there was always something missing, which made me feel unhappy. My parents were away a lot of times on business trips. So Annabelle and I were left behind in my house.

A lot of times they could leave on a business trip for weeks.

I don't think we sat at the same dinner table in a long time.

I remember sometimes coming from school, just wanting them to come back.

Did talking to Annabelle fill it in? Maybe.

When I am really bored I could just talk to her. It’s enjoyable and fun. We can talk about anything, and we won't get bored.

We spent a lot of time with each other, it was always fun to hangout with her.

One Friday night we snuck out. No one knew. I felt free. We talked, laughed, and walked for a long time. I felt that I could trust her. That felt great.

We first walked through the road. There were no cars driving on it.

“The night looks so beautiful.” I commented.

“It sure does. I really enjoy walking during the night. The cold breeze in the air and the silence, oh it’s just nice isn’t it?” Annabelle said.

“Yes, it is.” I said.

We continued to walk.

Both of us later stumbled upon a green hill. We sat on it. In front of us we’re just fields of meadow. After that it was a forest. I just enjoyed the view.

“When do you think Mom and Dad will be back?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But it’s not possible to predict it with them. Anyways, let's just enjoy the view.” Annabelle said.

Later we had to go back home.

Annabelle and I saw through the windows that the lights were off. We thought that everyone was asleep. So we walked through the front door.

The lights in the living room got turned on. We heard familiar voices, but the voices were screaming at eachother. It was hard to hear what they were saying

Annabelle and I went to check. We couldn't believe it, it was Mom and Dad, they came back. But was that a happy reunion, no. They were having an argument. When we walked in Annabelle yelled at them.

“Why do you leave us constantly! How do you think you made us feel? Lonely, and unloved. Shame on both of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

I saw that dad wanted to yell back, but he didn't.

Annabelle went to her room, and so did I. I thought about that the whole night. I understand how Annabelle felt, and I felt the same. I hate that Mom and Dad kept on leaving us for weeks.

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