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She survived her fight with the psychotic Chepaa Tribe Indian and now has something to look forward to upon returning to Korohcee Village... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character, please read 'The Krystl Princess' first.

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The Iron Fist

Present Day, 2 weeks after Zaukozo's death...

At the Chepaa Village Castle, Chief Zeero sat in his black metal throne chair with 7 of his masked and hooded subordinates standing in a beside one another. Four of them stood at attention while staring at the other three across the Fice-flame lit room. The ones who were standing at Zeero's left hand side were all women compared to the four one on his right being all men, the Chepaa Tribe leader waiting for his newest female subordinate to make her appearance. And she eventually would.

It wasn't long before a masked and hooded woman had marched into the throne room with a power in each one of her steps. While Zeero looked straight ahead at the mysterious approaching woman, the four men began to feel uneasy as they had never felt the presence of a Chepaa Tribe Indian's spiritual energy being so powerful. The women across from them didn't fair any better, the one closest to the unknown woman actually feeling sick to her stomach upon sensing her energy. Whoever this was, she had immense power that could rival or even exceed Raviauntris' strength.

"KOITAN, THE IRON FIST, HAS ARRIVED!" Chief Zeero had announced with a sharp yell, prompting all of the masked and hooded subordinates to kneel down to the floor on each of their right knees.

After standing up from his throne chair, the Chepaa Tribe leader immediately walked forward and stopped right in front of the masked and hooded woman before using his gloved right hand to grab onto and then raise her left hand up to his own masked face.

"Are the legends true?" Zeero asked with his calm but eerie sounding voice while looking curiously at the Koitan's shining, solid black hand.

"You have the ability to manipulate all forms of liquid metal? Because if you can, I can guarantee you the late Zaukozo's place in my cabinet as well as the job of eliminating the Krystl Princess and our traitor..."

Right after saying this to the masked woman, the Chepaa Tribe leader and his subordinates watched on in astonishment as the solid black left hand of hers quickly morphed into a sharp and pointy blade! He would then nod at what he sees before himself, affirming her rightful place in the Chepaa Village Castle.

"The legend speaks for itself." Zeero spoke confidently before releasing his right hand from Koitan's transformed left, turning around, walking back to and sitting down on his throne chair.

"On this day, I hereby anoint Koitan, The Iron Fist, as the newest member of the '8 Paths To Zeero'! If there are any objections, speak now..."

Koitan looked around with a blankness in her icy blue eyes as each of the men and other women didn't say anything, seeing the crippling fear in each of their own icy blue eyes all the while. They couldn't see it, but she smiled upon witnessing the lack of power they had compared to herself. The mysterious woman was simply leagues above them all in strength.

"Then all but the newest addition are dismissed!" Zeero would then shout out while slamming his ball fisted right hand down onto the corresponding arm of his throne chair.

In unison, Koitan watched as the seven members of the '8 Paths To Zeero' walked out of the throne room in a rank and file fashion. Just as the final person had left and shut the door behind herself, the Chepaa Tribe leader then did something that he hadn't done since he was a pre-teen, revealing his face.

Koitan stared on with extremely wide eyes as Chief Zeero had fully removed his mask and mouthed six words to her that made her immediately fall down onto the throne room floor on her knees and burst into tears. The young woman had felt so emotionally overwhelmed in her life after what she had heard him say.

2 weeks earlier...

After the battle with the psychotic monster that was Zaukozo had reached its murderous conclusion, Anntiko and Raviauntris made their way back to Korohcee Village on foot with each of their arms wrapped around the other. Luckily for the young women, there was a trail of floating water bubbles guiding them along the way. This would also make the Krystl Princess smile with glee, knowing for a fact that Poekaauntris, the Korohcee Tribe Chief, as well as her mother, was indeed watching over them.

Upon arrival, Poekaauntris Krystis would be standing right outside the village entrance and soon escort the two of them to a secret teepee nearby. She would then sit her daughter up against the wall of the room before seating Anntiko in the exact center and right in front of several cone shaped ice crystals.

"Chief Auntris!" She would say loudly before kneeling down to her level and looking into her icy blue eyes with determination in her own.

"What are you doing!? Why aren't you healing me right now? And why am I down on my knees in front of..."

Anntiko stopped upon staring straight ahead at the cone shape ice crystal in front of her, it radiating with beautiful blue light. She immediately began to reach out and attempt to touch it using her right hand before Poekaauntris grabbed onto the young woman's wrist with using her left hand.

"You should wait about two more minutes, Tiko." She started to say while slowly releasing her grip on Anntiko's only hand, allowing her to slip free.

"There's someone that wants to speak to you. And just to prepare you, It's not Qwontiko..."


Upon seeing her mother gesture her right hand, Raviauntris immediately leaned forward off from the teepee wall, quickly crawled over, and covered her mentor's mouth with her right hand while the young woman continued to speak as she had now gotten too loud. Even though she was their ally now, the angry young woman was still, in fact, a Chepaa Tribe Indian and didn't want to alert any nearby Korohcee Tribe members of her presence.

"SHHHHH!" Poekaauntris shushed her softly while raising her right index finger up to her mouth.

"We have to get this done quickly as well as quietly if you want to get your left hand back. And he's just the man to do it, Tiko!"

Anntiko shook her head side to side with both eyes closed, disgusted by the fact that the Korohcee Tribe Chief would even consider doing a spirit link with her now dead grandmother's murderer just to get her hand back, but she couldn't have been more wrong about her assessment. Offended at her thinking such a thing of her, Poekaauntris took the young woman's right hand and pressed it up against the blue lit ice crystal in front of her.

"HEY!" She yelled out through Raviauntris' right hand over her mouth as she felt the cold sensation flood the palm of her hand.

Before she could say anything else, however, the Korohcee Tribe Chief and her daughter watched on as her icy blue eyes widened in surprise and then sadness before quickly removing her only hand away from the cone shaped ice crystal with tears pouring out from each of them. Whoever she had spoken to really did a number of her emotions.

"So?" Poekaauntris asked with genuine curiosity in her tone as she saw Anntiko slam her right hand down onto the icy ground below her.

"What power did your grandfather bestow upon you?"

"GRANDFATHER!?" Raviauntris chimed in with surprise in her voice just before seeing her mentor begin to roar at the ground while her face was tilted toward it.

While she continuously yelled down at the icy floor below, the two Korohcee Tribe women watched on in astonishment and genuine surprise as they saw her left arm change color from the normal brown skin tone to a solid black! At the same time as well, Poekaauntris and Raviauntris then see something that was completely unexpected that it made their mouth hang open in total shock: Anntiko grew a new left hand.

"BY OUR ANCESTORS!" The Korohcee Tribe Chief yelled out, prompting the Krystl Princess to run over and press her right hand up against her mother's mouth.

"Tiko! Open your eyes! You have a left arm once again!" Raviauntris exclaimed happily.

Once opening her eyes up and turning her face a little to the left, Anntiko's entire face displayed an expression of pure, genuine shock at what she was seeing as well as feeling. The young woman saw the wonderful sight of a solid black left hand constantly open and closed on her command as if it were her very own. She even had the luxury of feeling within it as well, placing the newly developed limb onto the icy ground below and smiling upon feeling the coldness of it.

"IT WORKED!" She shouted out joyously before standing up onto her feet, running over and hugging Poekaauntris.

After quickly moving out of the way, the Krystl Princess looked on with a warming smile as both her mentor and mother shared a tender moment.

"Thank... You..." Anntiko uttered out with quivering lips, shedding tears of both happiness for her newfound power and regained left hand.

"Thank you for everything you've done for me. Thank you..."

"It's been a pleasure to help Qwontiko's granddaughter as well as my daughter's new mentor." The Korohcee Chief replied as she patted the teary-eyed woman's head.

"And when I contacted her through the spirit link, her husband asked for you specifically. Based on what you and him spoke about, I see you have acquired his iron control abilities..."

"Indeed I have." The young woman responded after ending the embrace and looking at her solid black arm with astonishment.

"I can absorb minerals from rocks as well as liquify them to create weapons, similar to how the Krystis family's ability to materialize ice weaponry. However, grandfather noted that my natural water path abilities would be dampened in the process. Half of my body is now comprised of metal."

"I'm unfortunately aware of this fact, Tiko." Poekaauntris followed up with, looking over to her daughter.

"You are now significantly slower than every Aquidian on the planet who can alter the weight to move much faster. That being said, though, most water path attacks can't harm you in the same fashion. You are practically impervious to our abilities, my dear."

"JOYOUS!" Raviauntris chimed in with happiness before running over and hugging her mentor, the young woman using her newly formed hand to stroke her long hair.

"You are even cooler now than you were when we first met, Mentor! I am extremely happy with the result being your newfound powers."

"And I'm glad to be continuing Grandma Qwon's work, Ravi." Anntiko replied with a smile as she ended her embrace before seeing Poekaauntris approach the two young ladies from the back.

"But unfortunately, Tiko can't stay her in the village to train you, Auntris. And with Zaukozo now dead, Zeero will more than likely assume that the Korohcee Tribe had a hand in his death." The Korohcee Chief explained with concern in her voice, visibly saddening her daughter in response.

"I know, Chief Auntris." Anntiko replied with confidence in her voice before walking over to the teepee exit and stopped right in front of it.

"And I know just the way to do it. I'll be seeing you ladies later..."

And with that, the young Chepaa Tribe Indian ran out of the teepee and into the vastness of the frozen terrain. She had to make a pit stop before heading to her desired destination. It was time to make a change to her appearance.

Having returned to the place where she had killed Zaukozo, Anntiko walked up to the blue bloody pile of limbs laying in on the icy ground below her feet with a smile on her face as she looked down. She saw that his hooded cloak and Architek themed mask were still very much intact before swiping both of them up off the ground with urgency. After using her water path powers to separate the deceased man's blood from the articles of clothing, the young woman then dawned the black hooded robe and mask, soon walking away and to the Chepaa Village Castle after 13 days of surviving out in the icy cold wilderness of Planet Aquidis as well as honing her newfound powers of metal control to its ironically sharpest of edges.

Upon her arrival, Anntiko acted as if she were a whole new person when approaching the entrance of her home village. Dawning Zaukozo's black hooded cloak, Architek themed mask, and a brand new alias (Koitan, The Iron Fist), the young Chepaa Indian woman passed Chief Zeero's initiation with relative ease and was later anointed the newest member of the '8 Paths To Zeero' that same day. However, the Chepaa Tribe leader was not as oblivious as Anntiko had hoped, revealing to her that he knew it exactly who she was beneath the mask by simply removing his very own with he and her were let alone in the throne room with one another.

"Good to have you back, Tiko." Being the six words Chief Zeero had mouthed to Anntiko, aka Koitan, The Iron Fist before she broke down in tears.

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