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Synopsis: In the world of Dokomon, Sosako, a timid teenager, awakens in a mysterious land, perched on the edge of a cliff. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Flary bear, a unique Dokomon with a flaming head, a Fire-type. Sosako and Flary bear journey through diverse regions, towns, and meet other tamers as they make their way to Central City. There, they aim to conquer the Dokomon Tamer Exams, marking the beginning of a remarkable adventure. Their bond deepens as they forge new alliances and uncover the mysteries of the Dokomon world. Along the way, they encounter fierce opponents, legendary Dokomon, and face challenges that test their friendship.

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Central City Arc


A young boy awoke upon a high cliff up in the mountains, He had spiky black hair with hazel eyes dressed in a black jacket, red shirt and black pants. “W-where am I...what is this place?” The young boy opened his eyes, realizing he was staring down at a massive cliff with the forest below as the sun lit up his surroundings.

Instinctively he jumped back, rushing to his feet away from the cliff with his heart racing with fear and adrenaline. “H-how’d I get up here!? The sudden mix of emotions began to make him dizzy, his body swaying back and forth. That’s when he spotted what looked like a black teddy bear with a flame blazing on it’s head and orange glowing eyes as it walked over to him on two legs.

It came closer and closer with the teen not realizing he was stepping back. “What the-!?” The sudden surprise caused the poor boy to stagger off the cliff, sailing towards the ground. “AAgghh!” Realizing he was headed right for the tree below, he threw his hand out before managing to catch a tree branch. Catching the branch slowed his momentum down before it utterly snapped, causing him to hit the ground in the middle of the forest.

“Agh! Damn it, 1st I wake up in a cave up on a mountain, next I'm plummeting to the ground. He rubbed his head in pain as he sat up on a dirt path leading to the city. Just then he heard a high pitch cry from behind. As he turned around, he watched as the small creature that had spooked him jumped from the cliff with both it’s arms out as it sailed through the sky headed right for him. Thanks to it’s light body, it fell at a slow rate as if it had a parachute.

It landed on a branch above him before jumping down in front of him. “W-what is this thing?” That’s when the small bear waved it’s small paw at him as it spoke in a small child-like tone: “Hi there human, I'm so sorry about scaring you...I've never met a real human in person before and wanted to see you up close, I guess I must’ve scared you since you fell off the cliff. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt! I don’t know what I'd do with myself if you had been killed from my actions”

Brushing himself off and rising to his feet. He looked down at the bear who looked up at him with a sad expression on it’s face. He knew he should be furious at the bear for nearly killing him, but knew it wasn’t the creature’s fault or intention so decided to go easy on it. “Sigh...I should be angry at you...but know you were just curious...I'll forget what happened this time, but be more careful next time ok?”

The bear nodded excitedly. “Yes! By the way, my name is Flary bear! I am an dokomon ! What’s your name!?” The young boy stood confused for a brief moment before answering: “I’s-it’s nice to meet you Flary bear. I’m sorry I was so scared of you before. I-I've just never seen a creature like you before and you said you’re a what again?”

“An dokomon! We’re monsters with super-natural powers. Think of us like animals with abilities, at least...that’s how I look at it!”

“Abilities?” Before Flary bear could continue, a large dark wolf lunged out of the bushes to the right of them as it landed in front of them baring it’s sharp fangs as it growled. “W-WOLF!” Sosako gasped as fear filled his body, his sore feet shook as he felt frozen in place by the predator’s intimidating gaze.

The wolf slowly crept forward preparing to attack when the small dokomon blocked the creature’s path. “No! I won’t let you hurt Sosako!” Throwing it’s small paws out, Flary bear manifested a fireball before him, sending it right for the predator as it was struck head-on, staggering back with part of it’s fur singed by the flames.

The young boy watched in both amazement and disbelief as the wolf snarled at them before taking off back into the woods. “Sigh…You…you saved me”

“Of course I did Sosako! I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. You’re the 1st friend I’ve ever had. I’ll do whatever it takes to insure our bond stays intact until it’s grown until an unbreakable chain that can never be broken!”

“Heh, glad to hear it. Why don’t we make our way to town and figure out where to rest for the night” The small black teddy bear nodded with an excited cry before hoping happily down the dirt path towards the large city before them…

After about ten minutes of walking, they finally reached a large shiny white gate with holographic letters in the center of the open walkway reading: “Welcome to Central City” As the pair walked through the gate, a green light scanned them from top to bottom before the guard dressed in white futuristic gear motioned for them to pass.

As they walked past, the officer called out: “Just to inform you citizen, all dokomon are to be registered at the nexus Corp and kept in the proper containment units while in public”

“O-oh, yes sir, I’ll be sure to head their as soon as I can!” The officer gave him a calm nod before turning back to guard the gate. Sosako walked down the sidewalk looking around at the large futuristic city before him. He watched as hover cars rushed past him, small A.I robots making their way up and down the street picking up trash.

“Strange” Sosako commented as he watched. Flary looked up at him with a curious expression. “What’s wrong Sosako?” The boy stepped closer placing his hand upon the dokomon ’s ear as to avoid burning his hand responding: “Nothing…I just find it strange how everything seemed like your typical modern era in the forest and yet this city seems technologically advanced, it just doesn’t feel right. But I could just be overthinking things. Come on Flary bear, let’s hurry to the nexus Corp before someone complains to the police”

He nodded as it walked down the sidewalk with Sosako close behind as they looked around for the Nexus Corp. After a few minutes of searching the area, He spotted a large white building with a blue roof and holographic letters that read: “NEXUS” Sosako read the letters above and knew that was where they were instructed to go.

“There it is Flary, let’s head over there before it gets too late!”

“Right!” The pair raced down the street making their way through the glass doors of the store as they stood inside a large white lobby with a tiled floor and three clerk desks aligned before them. Each with a category above them:

• Medic

• Units

• Shop

Sosako approached the middle one with “units” written above it as a young woman with long blue hair and green eyes wearing a white uniform stood behind the counter as she gave him a welcoming smile. “Welcome to the Nexus Corp sir, also known as the Dokomon center where dokomon tamers come to heal, store or evolve their creatures!”

Sosako’s eyes widened with surprise. “I’ve never even heard about these dokomon until today and now you’re telling me it’s common sense here!?”

She laughed. “I wouldn’t say it’s common sense, there are some places around the world where dokomon are rare to find. But for the surrounding cities of this part of the world, especially here and north city, they’re quite common to see or have. Since you seem new to all this, allow me to show you how it all works. Firstly you’ll need what is referred to as a nexus ring”

She opened a drawer pulling out a black bracelet with a blue indicator screen on it. “As I just stated, this is a nexus ring, tamers wear this on their wrist to store or capture their dokomon. Since you’re a rookie tamer, I can only give you the default D-rank nexus ring that can only hold up to three monsters. Think of it like a video game, this is your starting equipment, weak dokomon are easy to capture, but if you want to capture stronger and evolved creatures, you’ll need to either weaken it or upgrade to high-rank rings that are stronger and can store more monsters”

Taking the black trinket he locked it onto his wrist as the small screen lit up dark-blue. “Nexus connected, scanning for stored monsters…results negative” A female A.I voice announced from his bracelet. He looked up at her who gave him a slight chuckle.

“Oh that’s just an A.I we have installed in all nexus rings to better assist you on your journey. It even has voice commands, go on give it a try in capturing your dokomon there”

Sosako was hesitant looking down at his friend who stared at the bracelet with curiosity. “it’s not going to hurt him is it?” He gave her a serious expression, worried about his small friend. She insured him there was no pain. “He may get scared and possibly feel weird, but I assure you…he’ll be fine”

The boy sighed in frustration, he’d rather not have to contain his own friend within such a small device especially the fact it was a living creature. But he knew it’d be better than being arrested just for walking around with an uncontaminated monster. “Sigh, I’m sorry Flary bear, but I need to put you in a safe place for now…is that ok?”

The small teddy bear nodded with a smile raising both paws up in the air. “Don’t worry Sosako, as long as I’m with you, I’ll be ok” The boy clinched his fist, guilty about what he was about to do. “V-voice command…capture…dokomon”

“Command acquired: capture dokomon” Aiming his wrist toward the small creature, a beam of blue energy shot out from it as a sphere of blue light formed around Flary before he was pulled inside the bracelet in a flash of light. “Dokomon acquired…scanning…

dokomon #001 :

Name : Flary bear

Type : Fire

Category : Offensive

Tier : C

Scanning completed dokomon added to dokomon index”

“The dokomon index….I assume it’s an encyclopedia or data on all the different types of dokomon I capture”

“That is correct! Your ring scans all monsters stored within your system and can give you information about them. Such as weaknesses, strength level and possibility of evolution. Though, it’s hard to tell when a monster will evolve, it’s normally out of nowhere when the tamer least expects it. But then again, I’m just going on what I’ve been told by fellow tamers. Anyways, that should just about wrap things up here. The medical desk is self-explanatory, you take your monsters there to be healed if they’ve been injured from a fight. Lastly with the shop, you can use it to buy items for your creatures such as a healing sphere” She reached into her pocket pulling out what looked like a green gumball. “These are referred to as healing spheres. This one in particular is a small version of the healing item, mainly used for minor scratches or a quick boost. These cost about 1 credit each, which is a reasonable price. For a medium healing sphere, it’s 5 credits. Those will be white and are for injuries but won’t help against fatal ones as well as poison. Lastly is the large or max healing sphere which will be gold. Those are 100 credits each. Expensive but worth it. They can completely heal your dokomon as well as restore their stamina as if they had just rested. It’s best to keep them on hand in case of emergency or a tournament”

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to remember” As The tamer prepared to leave, the desk clerk dropped the small green ball in his hand before letting him leave…

CHAPTER 1 Welcome Rookie tamer

Making his way back outside, Sosako looked at his wrist, hoping his dokomon was ok. “Flary? Flary, can you hear me?” He stood in silence outside the nexus center for a moment when a familiar voice spoke from the device. “Sosako is that you!?”

“Yes, are you ok!? I wanted to free you from this stupid device but don’t want to be caught by the police. Though, seems we’re still able to communicate with one another while you’re within the nexus ring”

“Yeah, I'm fine! It's actually nice in here! Somehow inside the storage of that trinket I’m inside some kind of small room, similar to a genie's lamp, there’s a red couch, blue tiled floor and black walls. So don’t worry, I'll be fine in here”

With a sigh of relief Sosako made his way back to the officer he had spoken with at the gate, showing him his nexus ring. “Alright officer, I did as you instructed and stored my dokomon in this ring, I was wondering if you knew what the next step is to become a tamer? I forgot to ask the woman in the nexus center before leaving”

“Ah, so you’re serious about becoming a tamer eh? Well then, your next step would be to take the nexus trainer exams which are held just outside of town early in the morning until noon. Seeing as it’s 7 PM, you’ll sadly have to wait until tomorrow to take your exam”

“Darn it, thank you officer” Hanging his head in disappointment, the rookie tamer made his way out of central city back towards the forest where he had 1st woken up. Once the city was nearly a mile away, the boy threw his hand out in front of him. “Come Flary bear!” The bracelet lit up in a ray of orange light forming an orange sphere of light from the small screen. As the light faded, Sosako saw the small teddy bear standing before him.

Sosako!” The small creature cried out with excitement, happily racing over to him. It’s flame burned brighter, expressing it’s happiness. “Heh, welcome back Flary, let’s go find somewhere to sleep for the night, I'll probably find a small cave while you can sleep in your little room since you said it doesn’t bother you”

But what if you become cold in the middle of the night? My flame can keep you warm at night” His tamer was hesitant but nodded as he scooped up the dokomon , walking down the forest path as it grew dark with merely moonlight being his own source of light. After about 20 minutes of hiking through the woods, they found a small cave connected to a large wall of rock. Making their way inside, Sosako slowly set his new friend down on a large rock they could use as a chair while he walked back over to the cave’s entrance. Stay right there Flary, I’m going to go get some wood so we can start a fire”

The night was filled with the sounds of the forest, creatures scurrying about, and the distant hooting of owls. The dim light of the moon gently filtered through the cave entrance, casting a serene glow over their makeshift camp.

As morning arrived, Sosako stirred, his back aching from the uneven surface of the cave floor. He groaned softly, rubbing his sore muscles as he woke. Flarey bear had stayed awake, its’ small flaming eyes watching over him throughout the night, keeping an eye out for any potential dangers.

Sosako smiled at his loyal friend. "Thanks for keeping watch, Flarey. But I think we both need a more comfortable place to sleep next time” He stretched his arms and legs, working out the stiffness from sleeping on the rocky surface.

With the new day ahead, the pair were excited to see what the tamer exams had in store for them. With their sights set on the upcoming tamer exams, Sosako and Flarey bear ventured out of their hiding spot and made their way along the forest path just outside Central City. The path was dappled with sunlight flooding through the dense foliage of the trees, casting a warm, golden hue over them.

As they walked, the distant sight of a large white dome in the clearing caught their attention. It seemed like a significant event was taking place there. A sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air, as a steady stream of people, some with dokomon by their side, were headed in the same direction.

Sosako's curiosity got the best of him, and he decided to approach a friendly-looking passerby. "Excuse me, is this where the dokomon exams are being held?" he asked, pointing to the large white structure.

The male passerby smiled warmly and replied, "Oh, yeah it's a big event for aspiring tamers. You'll have the chance to showcase your dokomon's abilities and prove your skills as a tamer. It's a great opportunity to test your bonds and strength with your dokomon"

Sosako's eyes gleamed with anticipation. This was the moment he and Flarey bear had been waiting for. The pair quickened their pace and joined the crowd of eager tamers and their dokomon, all heading towards the dome, ready to take on the challenges that awaited them. The pair rushed past the other rookie tamers, making their way inside the large white steel dome where inside was a large black-tiled arena in the center, with rows of seats all around it for fellow tamers or fans to watch.

“Wow, this place is huge, I don’t think I've ever been inside a dokomon arena before” Sosako commented as he looked around in amazement at the large structure. That’s when a stern male voice spoke up nearby: Hey, are you and your dokomon here to enter the exam today?”

The young boy turned around to see a tall man with long red hair, orange eyes dressed in a black coat that blew in the wind wearing a golden ring with a rainbow gem on the top of it, symbolizing his high rank as a dokomon tamer. Sosako's eyes gleamed with excitement as he turned to face the man. His voice rang with enthusiasm as he nodded vigorously. "Yes! we're here for the exam, and we're both incredibly excited!"

His dokomon, standing by his side, exuded a similar excitement, it’s eyes shining brightly. “Mhm, mhm!” They both shared an unyielding determination to prove themselves in the world of dokomon tamers.

The exam judge, with a stern expression on his face, watched them closely. His voice carried a serious tone, as he addressed Sosako. "Becoming a tamer requires unwavering focus and will power. It's not a path for the faint of heart. Are you truly ready to embark on this journey?"

Sosako stood tall and resolute, meeting the judge's gaze with unwavering grin. "I am, and I'll give it everything I've got! We're ready for whatever challenges come our way!"

The judge nodded, acknowledging the young boy's resolve. "Very well, we shall see...The exam is a test of your bond with your dokomon and your ability to face challenges head-on. Do not underestimate the trials ahead. Now, follow me, and we shall begin the first stage of the exam. Normally I'd wait for the rest to arrive before testing you, but I'm curious to see just what makes you so confident. Are you truly prepared to handle the burden as a dokomon tamer? Or perhaps just ignorant?”

Sosako and his dokomon followed the judge onto the round glossy, black-tiled arena, their confidence burning within them. They walked with a sense of purpose, fully aware of the many eyes upon them from the other rookie tamers who had gathered to watch from the rows of steel seats above.

As they stepped onto the grand arena, Sosako responded with confidence, "We're not ignorant, and we're ready to prove ourselves. The bond between me and my dokomon is unbreakable"

The judge, with a hint of amusement, retorted, "You both seem to have a lot of faith in one another... but on the other hand... I can tell just by looking at your dokomon, you’ve never been in an actual fight before, and yet you think you have what it takes to be a tamer"

With a cold, dismissive look, the judge raised his hand to his face. The gem on his ring gleamed brightly. "Such childish ignorance will get you killed" he scoffed. "Now then, show me what the rookies of this generation are capable of! Go, Sonic Wing!" The judge's command was followed by a brilliant flash of white light, and a fearsome creature emerged with a fierce bird cry.

Sonic Wing had dark-blue feathers with a striking snow-white chest looking similar to a blue and white phoenix. It flew majestically above the arena, its wings outstretched, ready for battle.

Sosako wasted no time, he knew they had to make an impression. He pointed to Sonic Wing and commanded Flarey Bear to attack. The small black bear put it’s small paws together, unleashing a sphere of flames with a determined cry, "HAAAAH!" The small bear's attack surged towards the formidable bird. However, the powerful monster With a resounding cry unleashed a deafening Sonic screech, effortlessly extinguishing the flames and sending a sudden blast of force toward Sosako and Flarey Bear. Sosako braced himself, guarding with his arms to withstand the fierce gust of air that threatened to knock them off balance.

As the other rookies watched the intense clash from the stands, the judge remained unimpressed, a hint of exasperation in his voice. "Is this all you have to offer?" he remarked, his tone carrying a hint of disdain. "Just another kid with a pointless dream, wasting my time" He muttered under his breath.

The pressure mounted as Sosako realized the intensity of the exam he had just entered. With determination in his eyes, he steadied himself, preparing for the next move. “Are you ok?” He called out to his friend who shook a little from the fierce attack.

“Y-yes Sosako, I'm ok...I-I can still fight!”

“Then let’s go! Use your best attack and show him that even in your current form, you’re not one to be messed with!” As the intense battle continued, Flarey Bear roared out with newfound confidence, its determination fueling it’s fiery charge. The small bear cloaked itself in a blazing aura, flames trailing behind as the bear swiftly closed the distance between it and Sonic Wing.

The bird released another ear-splitting sonic scream, only this time, Flarey Bear was prepared. With a fierce swing of it’s flaming paw, the small cub delivered a powerful strike to the dokomon’s face, causing the bird to spiral through the air before colliding with the tiled floor beside it’s master. Sonic Wing let out a pained screech, clearly affected by the force of the attack.

The small group let out cheers and gasps, amazed at the unexpected turn of events. The judge, although surprised, maintained his stoic demeanor, watching the unfolding battle with a keen eye. The young rookie and his monster watched their opponents carefully when out of nowhere, the judge held up his hand with a stop signal, surprising everyone in the arena, indicating that the exam was over. The rookie tamers watched in confusion as Sonic Wing slowly rose to it’s feet, only having a few minor burns on it’s face. The judge's voice echoed throughout the arena, breaking the tension.

"An impressive display, young tamer. You've shown determination and potential today. Keep honing your skills, and perhaps one day you'll prove yourself worthy of the title you seek" With those words, he turned away from the young boy preparing to leave the arena. Sosako and Flarey Bear stood there in a mix of emotions swirling within them.

As the judge was about to leave, Sosako couldn't hold back his curiosity and shouted, "Wait! Neither of us have won yet! The fight's not over!" The judge turned his head to the side, still with his back to him. "When did I say you had to win?" He replied. "The point of this exam was to test the bond between you and your dokomon, nothing else. Though you both have a long way to go, I must say, you've formed a true bond in such a short time"

Sosako was left in sheer surprise before a sense of accomplishment washed over him. The judge's words were a reminder that this journey had only just begun, and there was much more to experience and learn in the world of dokomon tamers.

“Heh, you remind me of when I was a starting tamer...don’t lose your spirt kid” The judge remarked, acknowledging the determination in Sosako's eyes. He then advised Sosako to head to the nexus center to claim his tamer I.D and to be cautious, reminding him that the world can be a harsh place.

Sosako nodded, expressing his gratitude to the judge as he and Flarey Bear made their way out of the arena. With the weight of the successful exam and the judge's words on his shoulders, Sosako knew that their journey was just beginning, and he was ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

“Since we’re heading back to central town, I guess I have to put you back in my nexus for the time being. Sorry Flary Bear...oh that reminds me, how about I give you an actual name instead of just calling you by your dokomon name?” Sosako looked down at Flarey Bear, seeing the excitement in the dokomon's eyes as it jumped up and down with excitement, eagerly anticipating the name Sosako would choose for him. The two of them continued their journey back to Central Town, with Sosako's mind racing, trying to come up with the perfect name for his loyal partner.

As Sosako contemplated a suitable name for his loyal partner, Flarey Bear jumped up and down with boundless excitement. The young tamer's heart warmed at the sight of the energetic dokomon. He had found the perfect name that symbolized his dokomon's fiery spirit. "How about Tayumi?" Sosako declared. The bear's joyful reaction was immediate. "Tayumi! Tayumi! Tayumi!" Flarey Bear repeated his new name with joy and enthusiasm. With their bond strengthened and a newfound sense of companionship, Sosako and Tayumi continued their journey back to Central Town. As the town’s entrance came into view, the young tamer put Tayumi back inside the ring as he walked past the guard, making his way back to the center once more.

Sosako made his way back to the dokomon center where the vibrant atmosphere of the town welcomed him. He walked past the automatic doors where the clerk had a friendly smile on her face as usual. "Back so soon?" the clerk greeted him.

Sosako nodded. "Yes, the exam went well. I'd like to claim my tamer I.D." The clerk nodded processing the request before handing the young boy a small white card with his name; a picture of him, and a holographic symbol representing his official rank status as a tamer. "Here you go, Sosako. You're now a certified dokomon tamer. Good luck on your journey"

Sosako thanked her, his eyes gleaming with excitement as he held the tamer I.D. It was official, his adventure in the world of dokomon had truly begun....

CHAPTER 2 : The First Island

Sosako stood at the edge of the sprawling forest just outside Central Town, the lush green canopy of the Island's ancient trees extending as far as the eye could see. A sense of anticipation coursed through him as he clutched his newly acquired tamer I.D. The possibilities of what lay ahead seemed endless, and the dense woods held an air of mystery that called to him.

With a deep breath, he looked down at his ring that gleamed in the sunlight. He knew he was ready for the adventures that awaited them. Sosako nodded to himself, his eyes filled with determination. It was time to delve into the unknown, to strengthen their bond, and to capture more dokomon. The real journey had just begun, and the young tamer couldn't wait to explore every inch of it, along with the mysteries and challenges it held.

The boy began his journey into the endless, overgrown forest, the emerald leaves of towering trees forming a vast canopy above. Sunlight streamed through the leaves, casting patterns on the forest path. The air was filled with the sweet scent of wildflowers, along with the distant chirping of exotic birds, providing a soft melody to his adventure.

As he ventured deeper into the forest, the underbrush grew thicker and more mysterious, the sound of trickling water signaled the presence of a hidden stream. Sosako could feel the pulse of nature all around him.

Suddenly, a small dokomon appeared in front of him, blocking his path. It stood at about two feet tall. Its small, round body was covered in a dough-like white skin, giving it an innocent and adorable appearance. It had two hands and feet, each ending with rounded, mitten-like limbs, which only added to its charming and comical demeanor.

The most distinctive feature of the monster was it’s large, round mushroom cap on top of it’s head. The mushroom cap was a vibrant shade of purple with white spots sprinkled across the surface, creating an almost polka-dotted pattern. It looked like an oversized hat that gave the dokomon a unique and endearing look. The cap was also slightly tilted to one side, making the dokomon seem a bit mischievous.

The dokomon's large, round black eyes were bright and expressive, giving it a friendly and overall charm to it’s whimsical appearance. Sosako lifted his ring to his lips and spoke to the AI, "Scan the unknown monster. Is this creature hostile?"

The AI scanned the visible creature with a blue light emanating from the ring. “Scanning...scan complete, analysis:

[Name: Funguspike

Type: Nature/poison

Tier: C


[Origin and Environment: Funguspike are known to originate from deep, densely wooded areas. These Dokomon can primarily be found in thick forests and lush woodlands, often residing under the shade of towering trees, well-hidden beneath canopies of leaves. Their natural habitats are rich in moisture and conducive to the growth of various plant species.

[Habits and Behavior: Funguspike are predominantly reclusive dokomon. They are known for their shy and introverted nature, often avoiding direct contact with other creatures, including tamers. These forest-dwelling dokomon are most active during the cool, damp hours of the evening and night, venturing out to feed on decaying plant matter and fungi.

[Challenges for Tamers: When tamers encounter Funguspike, it can be a challenge to befriend or capture them due to their reserved nature. Establishing a bond with these dokomon requires patience and a deep understanding of their natural behavior. Tamers who succeed in forming a connection with Funguspike are often rewarded with their loyalty and unique abilities in battles”

“Wow, I didn’t expect so much information, but alright, thanks” Just then the monster playfully hopped closer before spitting a purple liquid in his direction. Sosako swiftly dodged the incoming poisonous liquid, just in time to avoid the dangerous attack. Pointing towards the new enemy, the ring emitted a radiant red light calling upon Tayumi to join the battle.

The flaming cub manifested before it on all fours, ready to face the hostile Funguspike head-on. “Attack Tayumi!” His tamer exclaimed with a confident tone. “Yes sosako! Leave it to me!” Tayumi responded with enthusiasm before charging at the hostile Funguspike. The mushroom creature continued to spew it’s poisonous goo, but Tayumi skillfully dodged the incoming projectiles with nimble movements. The bear getting closer with every stride, ready to launch it’s attack.

With flames enveloping its paws, Tayumi delivered a series of blazing strikes to the hostile Funguspike. The mushroom creature squealed in pain as it was struck repeatedly by the scorching blows. The combination of fiery punches quickly overcame the Funguspike's defenses, causing it to shudder and then collapse in defeat.

“Great work Tayumi, you took care of that funguspike so quickly! You seem like you’re already improving!” The small bear giggled as it’s ears perked up joyfully. “I’m just trying to protect you Sosako, you’re my 1st friend and I won’t let anything happen to you”

As the young tamer began to pet his dokomon’s head, they noticed a figure in the distance walking towards them. It was a young boy about five feet, just a foot shorter than Sosako. He had spiky aqua blue hair dressed in a black jacket with a white fur caller and black pants.

“Hmm? Could that be a fellow tamer?” The dark-haired tamer rose to his feet as the stranger stopped just a few meters away, a slight smirk across his lips as his blue hair blew in the wind. The stranger confidently revealed his nexus ring, catching the sunlight on its surface, as he smirked at Sosako. "Heh, I couldn't help but notice your firey friend in action. I bet my dokomon can give it a run for it’s money. What do you say, up for a little battle?"

His voice oozed self-assuredness. The novice tamer looked down at Tayumi who gave him a cute pouty face responding: “Come on Sosako, we can take whatever monster this guy has up his sleeve!” The boy thought for a moment before nodding with a smile. “You’re right, the only way we can get better as a team is to meet challenges head on!”

Clinching his fist, he pointed his fist in the challenger's direction with a smirk. “Fine! We’ll take you up on your challenge! Me and my dokomon will defeat any monster you got!”

“Hehe, quite confident, aren’t you? The rival tamer's dokomon Zapto Ball, materialized on the field in a flash of electric sparks. It was a tiny, round creature with yellow and black fur with small arms and feet, adorned with white boxing gloves and black shoes. It’s electric charge crackled around it, ready to engage in a fierce battle.

Zapto Ball bounced up and down with boundless energy, flailing it’s fists and yelling: "Zap! Zap!" The small electric dokomon seemed excited to be in battle, it’s energetic antics filling the forest with an electrifying atmosphere. The young tamer brushed his blue hair from his face, revealing his striking blue eyes. With a confident grin, he introduced himself: "The name’s Sora Valestrum, don’t forget it!”

“My name is Sosako...Fujiura” He responded. Tayumi was surprised, his dokomon didn’t know his master even had a last name until now. He looked up at his tamer with surprise before focusing back on their opponent.

Sora grinned arogently, a spark of excitement in his eyes as he ordered his dokomon to make it’s move. “Zapto, use electro ball!” With a surge of electric energy, the tiny creature surrounded itself with surging lightning before launching itself straight for Tayumi. Sosako could feel a burst of air rush past him as the electric monster soared straight for his dokomon like a cannon ball.

“Tayumi! Use fire ball!” Sosako reacted swiftly. The cub dokomon launched a fireball towards the approaching Zapto, but it had no effect as it plowed right through the flames, striking Tayumi head-on with a devastating collision. The force caused the black bear to hit the ground, dizzy from the powerful attack. shockwaves echoed throughout the forest as Zapto bounced off trees, picking up speed. The battle had just begun.

“Hehe, one hit and your monster’s already seeing double! Perhaps you’d rather submit before you further embarrass yourself you novice, no one can beat me in a duel!”

That’s when Sosako remembered the healing item the desk clerk had given him. Without hesitation, he pulled it out and tossed it to Tayumi. Wisps of green light enveloped the dokomon, rapidly mending it’s injuries. Tayumi felt rejuvenated and ready to continue the battle.

“Ha! Resorting to use a healing item? What a waste, a smart tamer would save those for a real fight like the dokomon fighting tournament! Seems you truly are a novice, allow me to finish this pointless duel so I can get back to finding more powerful dokomon to add to my index!” Swiping his left hand to the side he cried out: Zapto! Use barrage surge!”

The yellow dokomon, still repelling itself from tree to tree confirmed with a loud: ZAP! ZAP!” It repelled off a tree, moving right for Tayumi faster than before, becoming a yellow blur. The pyro dokomon concentrated it’s power, gathering all it’s flaming strength in one burst. As Zapto became a yellow blur, closing in on Tayumi, the black cub threw it’s small paws up in the air, a pillar of fierce flames manifesting between it and the approaching assailant.

The scorching heat of Tayumi's attack was intense. Zapto was caught in the blaze, its fur singed, and speed slowed by the intense heat. It missed it’s target by a mere inch, a testament to the tactical prowess of Sosako and Tayumi. Sosako stood in shock at the power of his partner, he began to feel confident that the tide of the battle was turning in their favor.

Sora's annoyance grew as he clenched his fist. Zapto, covered in burns, rolled off a tree onto the ground, struggling to recover from the intense flames. Sora was determined not to let this novice tamer get the best of him. "Zapto, get up!" Sora yelled, his frustration clear. "Hurry and use Lightning Strike!"

Zapto, despite its injuries, slowly got to its feet, its tiny body swaying back and forth from dizziness. “Z-zap Zap” It responded in an exhausted tone before shaking it off, throwing it’s gloved fist into the air. Sosako watched from a few feet away as a ray of golden light filled the sky as a fierce bolt of lightning struck the poor pyro bear before it could react.

Tayumi let out cries of agony as it hit the ground covered in bruises from the fierce attack. “No! Tayumi!” Fujiura ran over to his friend who laid on it’s back out-cold. He couldn’t stop from tears filling his eyes as he carefully picked the poor cub up in his arms before running back towards Centreal town as fast as he could. He could hear Sora’s heartless laughter off in the distance as he tried to keep himself together, solely on helping Tayumi.

Breathless and on the brink of panic, Sosako reached the dokomon center. He frantically approached the clerk and explained the dire situation. The clerk, with a reassuring voice guided him through the steps needed to help his dokomon recover.

"You should store your dokomon in the nexus ring" she advised. "It will provide a safe and restful environment for it to recover. Give it some time, and it should regain its strength"

Sosako nodded, placing Tayumi inside. It was a difficult sight to see his partner so hurt. He sat on a bench outside the center, waiting anxiously for it to recover. He watched as hover covers passed by on the streets, every now and then glancing down at the ring, wondering if his friend was ok.

After about an hour of worrying, he could hear Tayumi yawn, as if waking up from a mere nap. He quickly brought the ring up to his face, asking if he was alright. Tayumi responded with a cheerful “yes” The dokomon sounded as if nothing had happened, already eager for their next battle. “I’m sorry I couldn’t win our 1st tamer battle Sosako, I promise I'll do better next time!”

Sosako couldn't help but smile, relief washing over him. He looked at his dokomon and responded: "It's alright, Tayumi. We'll come back stronger and show Sora what we’re made of...with each loss...we come back even stronger!”

As he stood up about to leave, the store clerk walked out. She approached him and mentioned something she had forgotten to explain: She clarified how credits worked in the world of Dokomon. With each new dokomon scanned into the index or defeated in battle, tamers could earn credits. The number of credits received depended on the rarity of the dokomon and the method of obtaining it. These credits served as valuable currency in dokomon centers, allowing tamers to purchase healing items, equipment, and more.

The clerk emphasized the importance of saving up credits for tough battles, hoping to prevent tamers from experiencing the kind of distress Sosako had just gone through. She then wished him the best of luck on his journey, offering a supportive and encouraging wave. Sosako nodded in appreciation and faced the direction of the forest.

He clinched hist fist, taking a deep breath. “We can’t give up Tayumi, a real dokomon tamer wouldn’t give up so easily. I’ve seen your determination to not only protect me, but also become stronger. It hurts to see you in pain, but if you truly wish to continue our journey...I’ll be right beside you the whole way

Chapter 3 : Time To Train

Making their way back into the thick forest, they spotted another funguspike walking along the path. The young tamer pointed towards the monster. “Now! While it’s distracted! Take it out Tayumi!”

“Fire ball!” The cub cried out, sending a flaming sphere right for the unexpecting target. Sosako watched as the monster was defeated in one attack as the mushroom was set ablaze by the dokomon’s attack. “Great work Tayumi! You’re getting good at focusing your flames into stronger attacks!” He playfully petted the cub before the pair continued along the path.

Fujiura cautiously looked around, luckily there were no signs of Sora anywhere. After searching the forest for more dokomon to either defeat or capture, that’s when he spotted a small spider that looked like a black widow, but purple with a black diamond symbol on it’s back. It slowly walked up a tree catching Sosako’s attention. “Hmm, a small creature like that could probably give us an advantage against Sora’s Zapto.

“Scan dokomon”


[Name: Venomite

Type: Poison

Tier – B

Synopsis :

[Origin & Environment:

Venomite is known to inhabit the deep, lush forests of the dokomon world. It thrives in areas filled with thick vegetation, towering trees, and an abundance of insects. This Dokomon species has adapted to it’s environment over time, developing specialized attributes that make it a master of it’s domain.


Venomite primarily relies on ambush predation strategy, making use of it’s exceptional patience. It waits within its camouflaged web for unsuspecting insects to become entangled. Venomite strikes swiftly, injecting venom to immobilize its prey.

Venomite's venom utilization, cautious instincts, and its adaptation to the forest environment are among its noteworthy characteristics”

The A.I finished it’s analysis as the blue scanning light vanished. “A poison type huh? Now I know it could come in handy against a fast dokomon!” Sosako attempted to capture the Venomite, realizing it could be a valuable asset in battles. He held up his ring out and initiated the capture process, but as the blue light engulfed the monster, it flashed red before stopping. The A.I.'s voice chimed in, "Capture failed. Suggest weakening the monster before next attempt"

Sosako sighed, understanding that he needed to weaken the Venomite first. He turned to Tayumi and said, "Tayumi, we need to defeat this Venomite. Use fire ball, but try not to hurt it too much"

Tayumi nodded, "You got it, Sosako!" The cub released a fiery sphere at the Venomite, striking it head on, causing the Poison-type dokomon to screech in pain. The battle had begun, and Sosako was determined to capture this new addition to his team. Venomite, despite being hit from the fire ball, proved to be a swift and agile opponent.

It darted around quickly, jumping all over the place spitting streams of poisonous webbing at the duo. The venomous strands flew past them, creating a hazardous obstacle around the forest. Sosako knew that he and Tayumi needed to stay focused and agile to avoid the deadly webs.

"Hmm, if we fight from this distance, it’ll just keep spewing it’s webs at us until we’re paralyzed. You’ll have to risk it and get in close to land critical hits on it”

“Yes sir!” Tayumi raced on all fours, skillfully dodging the countless strands of toxic webbing the Venomite spat out. The flaming bear closed the gap quickly, and with a fierce flame-infused punch, struck the Poison-type dokomon, sending it flying into a tree. The Venomite let out a screech of pain as it collided with the bark.

Sosako was amazed by Tayumi's speed and power. "Great job, Tayumi! Keep it up! Now let’s see if we can capture it while it’s down!” Fujiura raised his ring and activated it’s capturing function once again. This time, the device was successful in capturing the weakened Venomite within the ring. The Poison-type dokomon had been added to their team.

"Great work, Tayumi, and welcome to the team, Venomite!" Sosako couldn't hide his excitement, thrilled to have a new addition to their ever-growing dokomon roster. “We did it! We captured our 1st wild dokomon!” The young boy cried out with excitement, raising his fist into the air.

The small flaming bear jumped with joy beside his master as Sosako patted his head. “Now that we’ve captured our 1st dokomon, let’s hurry over to North town which should be in this direction. So, if we stay on the path, we should get there in about 15 minutes or so”

North Town Arc

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