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The final Descendant of god will rise on Earth, and Alba, the girl carrying its spirit, is hunted down as a threat to the Empire. Her only help will be from Hiro, an exiled soldier from a foreign land. Man against man, god against god, and blood against blood -- a mark for the rising of the final Descendant.

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There came a time when all was but dust and darkness. And all that lived was one god. And he was called, Vega. He gave life to all that is around us. He created such divine, powerful creatures that governed the universe to impose his will, they are called the Descendants. They possess the gifts of wonder to steward all of Vega’s creations, willing all action to his likeness. He saw what he created, and it was good

He then created such feeble beings that could live in whatever he created, and he called it Humanity. They were gifted with the will of their own, and a mind to freely govern. And like the Descendants, they are as different from one another.

Humans need gods; and gods need humans. There is no in between. Humans prosper if the gods allowed; Gods exist if humanity believes. There is no in between. He saw what he created, and it was good.

But was it?

For a time, the two beings lived amongst one another in harmony, and prevailed in their purposes, but it was not to last. Danté, a Descendant of light, purged a war against heaven with heathen mortals as his army. There reigned chaos and animosity, there showered fire and dust, and in all places, there was death.

Vega, the giver of life, came down from heaven to put a stop to his menace. As punishment, Danté was exiled to the underworld to live with all the souls that perished in his war for power for all eternity.

To ensure the balance, Vega locked the gates of heaven and hell. The humans lived in this world alone only to be guarded by the Descendants who slowly departed for heaven. Though all have disappeared, they were never forgotten.

Until lifetimes later when a prophecy arose that a new Descendant shall rise again, the final Descendant, where the world shall thirst while it waits, and the locks of both the land of the blessed and land of the damned will be opened at last.

And all will start at the heart of the orient seas, where seven thousand islands are to be conquered by a crusade who serves a God who turned water into wine. And the final Descendant shall lie in the heart of the innocent and the unconquered, to be guarded by the unforgiven, and to be freed by an untimely love.

This is the story of the rising of the final Descendant. This is the story of how I found my god.

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