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In the year 2378, humanity faces a cosmic enigma at the heart of the Dark Nebula, the mysterious "Eye of Eternity." Livia Darrow and her brave team venture into the unknown, unlocking secrets that make them Guardians of the cosmos, explorers of interdimensional realities, and custodians of cosmic knowledge. From battles against cosmic threats to exploring amazing worlds and searching for the origin of the universe, this story will take you on a journey full of discovery, challenge and transcendence. But what will happen when the Guardians awaken the Eye of Eternity and confront the original Guardians? Will they be able to protect the balance of the cosmos or will they unleash a power that will change the destiny of humanity?

Science fiction Futuriste Tout public.

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Chapter 1: The Discovery

The year 2378 marked a milestone in the history of humanity. The galaxy was under his rule, with colonies on remote planets and an interstellar communication network. However, an enigma at the heart of the Dark Nebula kept scientists and adventurers in suspense: the mysterious "Eye of Eternity", a floating structure that defied all known laws of physics.

The intrepid Captain Livia Darrow, with hair as black as night and eyes that promised countless adventures, led the spaceship "Aquila." At her side, a team of brilliant experts in astrophysics and advanced technology were ready to reveal the secrets of the Eye of Eternity.

As the "Aquila" approached the nebula, an intense violet light illuminated the navigation screen and the crew's skin crawled. The Eye of Eternity seemed to call to them, like a beacon in the vastness of space.

Livia looked at her first officer, the brave Captain Marcus Rho, and nodded determinedly. "Ready, team. We will discover what this enigma hides."

With a mixture of anticipation and fear, the "Aquila" entered the Dark Nebula. Reality twisted around them, the controls became unstable and the ship shook.

Suddenly, a blinding flash surrounded them. When the light dissipated, the crew found themselves in a completely unknown place: a never-before-seen solar system.

First Officer Rho looked at Livia, amazed. "Captain, we're not in Kansas."

Livia smiled determinedly. "So, Marcus, it looks like we've found something even more intriguing than we imagined. Get ready, team, because our adventure has just begun."

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