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Annie and her brother unknowingly move into a haunted house,and comes in contact with a dark side What will be the outcome

Thriller/Mystère Humour noir Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Voice in the dark

I knew I should not have agreed to stay home alone now brother is not home and I can hear faint voices.

I went to my room and laid on the bed shivering,I switched on the lamp closed to me but it still felt dark,I tried to close my eyes but there it was again the scary dark bloodshot eyes,the window banged against each other with full force, i stood up quickly with cold sweats,the door squeaked open and a dark huge shadow came in walking slowly towards me.

"please don't hurt me I beg you"

it seemed as if I talked to myself,I could barely open my eyes to look,when I felt the shadow coming closer I took to my heels and ran as far away from the room,but the shadow kept on following me,I have never been so scared in my life.

"I won't spare all of you humans,I will kill you all

I will kill you all"

my head was spinning now,who would the shadow kill,what was happening,I felt I was going to die,my vision started blurring,I could not see anything then everything went blank.

"Annie are you okay"

"brother, oh brother you are back"

I hugged him tightly

"brother this house is haunted we need to leave,I almost died"

"calm down little sister,we just moved in,and you are not yet used to the place that's why you are feeling scared,but I can assure you there is nothing like ghost,come on Annie do you believe all those tales.

"brother please believe me am not joking,is really haunted.

"doctor what is wrong with my sister?

"it might me due to stress don't worry she will be okay soon".

"thank you doctor,I will show you out".

what was I to do now,Henry did not believe my word,how do I prove it to him

hi guys my new work ❣️❣️

and I hope you like it

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