u1640579008 Emily Nicole Marcum

A virus breached out killing thousands and thousands of people. I'm searching for my husband, dead or alive. He's my only option.

Horreur Zombie horreur Tout public.

#scifi #adventure
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I stood there on the shore as flesh and salt filled my nose. I could see the crows standing on the dead bodies floating in the water. The sky is a green-yellowish color. I sigh in exhaustion. "I don't know if I can keep doing this," I say to myself. I remember the day it all happened. I remember running in fear from those... things... I'm not sure what they were. My husband was part of this corporation. where they did experiments and made medicine. He's the reason why I'm still alive.

He found me hiding in a shed. I remember him grabbing me and throwing me into some kind of truck and saying "Listen to me. I would take you but I can't. I'll give you everything you need to survive. You can find me at Corps Bay."

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