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Genevieve Allard, the sexy but savage Tech-Queen of Black Water City on the planet of Rijilar. Her sadism is as potent and raw as her beauty, the woman having turned a patriarchal factory distribution plant into a matriarch seemingly overnight. Witness her story as it delves into her checkered past. All is not as it appears for this woman... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character, please read, 'Fratelli Ladri' first.

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A Woman's Rage

After ordering her right-hand woman, Apolline Andrè to kill Aavion Bugatti for his thieving ways, Genevieve Allard, the savage tech queen of Black Water City, entered the lavish looking royal hall of her factory palace. After walking for a little bit, she then sat her leather clad backside down onto a fancy looking chair before seeing a barely clothed man escorted into the room by two women.

"Release ze male pig." The queen said calmly in her heavy accent while uncrossing her legs, the sound of the leather making the man's entire body shiver in response.

"YES, MISTRESS!" The two armed women yelled out in perfect unison as they dropped the clothed man onto the tiled floor below.

Staring menacingly at him, Genevieve stomped her heel covered feet onto the floor unexpectedly and caused the man in only boxer briefs to jump where he sat. The sight of his fear for her making her smile.

"Jermaine Wallace." She started to say before crossing her legs together again, noticing his eyes looking directly in between her legs.

"Last surviving member of ze 'Mericano' race zat isn't under my control. Ze dark pigment of your skin, I find rather disgusting after all zis time. I am glad, zat, I was able to have disposed of your people within ze time frame zat I did. Only two years..."

"I'm... Sorry." Jermaine said down at the tiled floor below, not wanting to feel Genevieve's wrath for staring at her leather clad crotch.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you two years back, Gene. And on your 18th birthday, no less."

"Sorry?" Genevieve asked the barely clothed man with a confused smile on her face as she sat up in her fancy throne chair and leaned in towards him.

"For what? Ze sexual torture? Ze death of my mother and father at by your dark skinned hands? Ze sadism you exposed me to? Zat is black water under ze bridge, no? In fact, you are here not because you are in trouble. You are here because you have finally paid for ze crimes you have committed!"

It was then that Genevieve stood up from her throne and began to slowly take off her black leather tank top and skin-tight pants in a seductive manner while looking at Jermaine in his hungering eyes. She then smiled upon seeing the erection that was quickly building up in his boxer briefs for her as she was now only in her black bra and matching colored thong panties.

"Your reward, Jermaine." The queen said to him in a sensual moan, motioning him to stand up onto his bare feet.

"Drop zem and relieve yourself for me. Just like ze old days. It is what you have earned..."

Genevieve watched on with mild arousal as the dark skinned man pulled down his boxer briefs to his ankles and began stroking his male member aggressively at the sight of his tech-queen's almost nude body. As he did, She would motion him to turn around with his bare back facing her. Literally seconds after following her directions, Jermaine's entire body was then rocked by his climax at the thought of Genevieve's beautiful female body as droplets of his seed hit the tiled floor below near his bare feet. However, the two women watched unsurprisingly as their queen reached into her bra, pulled out an oval shaped device, and pressed the blue began on it in face reddening anger. He was not allowed to orgasm without her approval, which was punishable by death. This woman was truly a savage one.

"SO MUCH FOR ZE REST OF YOUR RACE, MALE PIG! HERE LIES ZE MERICANO, ZEIR LAST SURVIVING MEMBER JERKING HIMSELF TO HIS DEATH!" Genevieve said before bursting out into maniacal laughter as Jermaine's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth began to leak blue blood.

2 years earlier...

It was a peaceful time in the early days of Planet Rijilar. The Frinchyn and Italli races lived in relative harmony amongst the other, despite speaking vastly different languages and having extremely different cultures. Decades of peace, prosperity, and cultural diffusion would soon come to an abrupt end when a nomadic race known as only as the 'Mericano' arrive unannounced on the black water planet, kill all the fighting men, capturing and enslaving all the women and children as well.

You see, the Frinchyn and Italli races were opportunistic fighters by nature. When the time was right, they were each pick their battle and defend against the Mericano rapists. However, there were significantly more Itallians than Frinchyns, which made it extremely difficult for the latter to fight to protect their own territories that were exclusively theirs. It was when the Italli race did the unthinkable to their decade old comrades: they sided with the Mericano race.

After doing this treacherous deed, all men of the Frinchyn race were executed. Leaving only the small number of adult women as well as male and female children alive, the race of Mericano men proceeded to coerce the adult women into sexual slavery in exchange for their kids' lives. The children were, of course, spared of this fate. However, the nomadic men had something more sinister in mind for them once the children became young adults.

On their 18th birthday, the newly turned Frinchyn adults were sectioned out by category based on their sex. Males were taken to re-education programs, where they would be taught how to handle women in the factory they were imprisoned in. If they pass, the young men can go on to 'Purchase', a woman of their choosing. Failure to graduate from this program will result in death.

This was not the case for women, however. Upon turning 18 years of age, Frinchyn women were then picked by either newly educated men or the Mericano rapist to become a brand new sex slave. There would be no refusal for any of them, their bodies being violated before being put to death from disobedience. This was a Mericano tactic to keep the female Frinchyn slaves to cooperate and to minimize revolt, which it did for a time.

That all changed when a newly turned 18 year old woman, Genevieve Allard, was picked amongst her fellow prisoners alongside a tall, burlier woman to be become sex slave to the leader of the factory complex, Jermaine Wallace. Though he put on the act of charmer for all the Frinchyn women to appear to be the best possible option, he was not. This man was perhaps the most ruthless and emotionally destructive of all the men in the Mericano race.

On the night that he picked Genevieve and her fellow inmate, Apolline Andrè, Jermaine put on his facade of wanting to take genuine care of the two women. The former had fallen for his ruse, but the latter woman saw right through him. That would come back to bite her when the women arrived in the fancy throne room and immediately stripped the woman nude and tortured Apolline in front of her.

Upon seeing this play out, Genevieve simply got down onto her knees and begged Jermaine to stop her friend. Doing this, however, was actually against the rules of the factory complex. Women were not allowed to speak without the consent of their master, let alone tell them to 'Stop'. And this would piss hers off. Immensely.

Now angry at Genevieve, Jermaine would put Apolline in solitary confinement before taking her inmate into his royal quarters to be his sex slave. And not the kind that was forceful.

Jermaine Wallace found his sexual pleasure through getting his slaves to crave his sexual touch and advances, even turning fully devoted wives and mothers of other men into his personal play things on some occasions. He lusted heavily for control over others, especially women. And he would get eventually get what he wanted through Genevieve.

It would take weeks and weeks of persistent sweet talk and kind gestures before she would finally break and have protected sex with her master. However, Jermaine's entire demeanor would completely do a 180-degree turn when he got the young woman into bed more and more with him. He would start easing sadistic acts into their sexual encounters such as using a knife cut close to vital body parts during intercourse or strangling the young woman by the neck during her climax until nearly dying, warping Genevieve's perception of what intimacy was at all and slowly but surely turning her into something that no Mericano had ever seen before in their lives: A female sadist.

After two years had come and gone, Genevieve was so good at pleasing her master that he would make her the queen of the factory complex and was allowed to have one woman by her side. She would, of course, choose Apolline Andrè. However, the queen was such a mirror image of Jermaine Wallace when it came to their levels of cruelty put on display that most Mericano men would eventually stage a secret coup with her to overthrow their leader! To solidify her rule over these treacherous men even further, Genevieve tricked them into searching for tech she could later implant into their bodies that can destroy vital organs in exchange for sex with her.

The betrayal would then go off without a hitch. All the Mericano men who sided with the tech-queen of Black Water City captured and beat the everliving shit out of Jermaine Wallace, throwing him into a prison cell shortly afterward. What they didn't know was that she had her own sinister plot brewing ever since her master broke her and transformed her into a masochistic sex slave.

After Jermaine, Genevieve grew to hate men, and not just because of their seemingly endless craving for sexual intercourse. It was also because of what her master robbed her of: True romantic intimacy. Before she witnessed her mother and father killed in front of her by Jermaine Wallace, the 20 year old woman was told stories of true love and the titular 'Knight in shining armor' she hoped to meet one day in her life. But after her master came along, that was now an impossibility. Not because there were no good men left or anything like that, but because of her young body would only realize sadistic acts and male dominance as sexual pleasure! Genevieve knew in her heart she was too far gone, and that reality would eventually cause her sanity to disappear and go insane with her queenly authority.

In her newfound craziness, the savage tech-queen would soon release all the Frinchyn women out into the factory and order all men who she implanted her 'Kill Switches' into to escort all men into their cells while also killing all who refused to obey. Shortly after this, Genevieve's newly created matriarch became the best tech salivating group in all of Rijilar. They would kill dozens of outsiders with little to no issues until they killed a man who was dressed in all black clothes and watching the queen and her female subjects from afar.

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