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A teenager transfer to another world to save that world from absolute destruction.

Aventure Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The other world

"Everyone have reason to live and keep moving forward"

-In the world full of magic and any kind of various of creatures in the depth of unknown,one teenager fall from the sky like the prophecy...And that boy named "Shuu".

-In the woods Lina find a boy same age as her and it's naked,She doesn't know who's that boy. Lina confused what to do because she distracted of the thing like a **** in the legs between in the boy... This is the first time she held a boy hand, It's bigger than her's. She felt happy by holding that boy hand she is comfortable but the boy gonna wake up and Lina embarrassed and blush when they eyes contact of that boy and Lina hit the boy with basket of flowers.

-The boy passed out and the next boy see is a humble home in the village he smell the soup they cooking,The boy hear some peoples yell talking about him outside of the room where he was.

Man:He gonna marry my daughter! No matter what!!!

Woman:You don't need to,my dear,our daughter is still one year young for marriage.

-The young man out in the room and saw the two whose talking outside it's the father and mother of the girl made him passed out.

Shuu:Hello,I'm Shuu and-

Man:I'm the father of the girl you molested!! Prepare to die if you don't stand her dignity!

Lina:Father! Stop! It's so embarrassing! You're the chief of this village please could you be formal to our guest.

Man:R-right,Thank for my daughter kindness! If she's not here I will kill you right here and right now!...Ahem! I'm Dimitri Fon Viargo and She's my wife Leora Fon Viargo and the girl you molested in the woods is my daughter Lina Fon Viargo... And I expecting you stand her dignity by marrying her.

Shuu:I'm Shuu and I'm not from this world, and She is the one give me this in my head.i didn't molested her!

Dimitri:I try to be nice, so now I guess I gonna kill you by myself...

Shuu:I can't marry someone I didn't know and I didn't love!.(Run)

Dimitri:So why you show that thing on my daughter's innocent eyes!..(chasing Shuu)

Shuu:I didn't mean to my clothes wear off when I'm going down here in your planet!(continue running)

Lina:Can you two please sit down?.

Leora:Oh my, the house is getting alive again because of you Shuu.

Dimitri:I said come back here you coward!!!

Shuu:I won't! You gonna tear off my head!

Lina:Peace off! (Grab her father and Shuu),Now can you both sit down and talk peacefully?!

Shuu:(S-she's strong this is did I get survive in this)

Leora:Shuu, Can you listen to my story before you decide if you marry my daughter or not?

Shuu:H-huh? I guess I can do that...(alright after this story I'm gonna get out of here and find out what's going on here)

Leora:When I gave birth to my offspring I know I can't give another after Lina and Dimitri want a son to be his hier of his chieftain someday but the god gave us a healthy baby girl... Dimitri didn't blame me for that day I gave her a girl and never have another offspring because of my weak body and Dimitri name her Lina because "She's like white flower in summer that out stand" that the words Dimitri said that day her name is not just a name but it has definition too I'm so very glad that day...She's our only treasure and only offspring.

Shuu:I'm jealous of Lina she have family accept her and love her unconditionally but still I can't marry a girl I didn't love but it's rude to say no to a family like this and for a beautiful lady.


Dimitri:That's right and marry my daughter!!!

Shuu: Could you give me a min to explain how this is works?

Dimitri:How this works?! What do you think to my daughter a tool?!

Shuu:No, could you give us a year to fall in love?

Dimitri:A year?! It's only a second when I decided to marry her mom because I've been love at first sight on my wife?! And you, you're saying our daughter is worth waiting a year?!!!

Leora:In the case Lina can't marry in this age, I'll allow it but after that year I need you two have a offspring already and get married.

Shuu:A child and married after a year of date?,I'm just 18 years old...

Dimitri:And my daughter Lina is 18 too! You moron!

Shuu:What the hell?!!!

Leora:When my husband and I married I'm 18 and he's 21 *(smile)*


-In that moment the surrounding in Shuu is stop because fate fix Shuu at the girl she didn't know.


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