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A highschool girl at everdale high is crushing on a boy, and she thinks she must change her self so he can notice her, but her transition wouldnt be easy, little did she know, this was only the beginning of her journey. Come and join in on the fun as amilia finds love, pain, and most importantly, herself! This is the first book of this series, and i promise there'll be a lot more to come!

LGBT+ Tout public.
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Chapter 1: a crush and a challenge

In the mystical town of Everdale, where magic whispered through the leaves of ancient trees and secrets and stories lingered in the air, an unlikely tale was beginning to unfurl. It was a story of love, transformation, and the intricate dance between two souls.

Amelia Starling, a bespectacled girl with unruly hair and a heart full of dreams, walked through the grand halls of Everdale High. She clutched her books to her chest, navigating the labyrinthine corridors with practiced grace, though her eyes never left the towering figure ahead—the school's star football captain, Ethan Kingsley.

Ethan, with his rugged good looks and a charm that could tame the fieriest of dragons, had captured not just Amelia's heart, but the entire school's. As she watched him laugh with his friends, her cheeks flushed, and her heart skipped a beat.

"Today's the day, Amelia," she whispered to herself, determination in her eyes. She had decided it was time to change herself, to be noticed by the one person who'd never glanced her way.

But as fate would have it, her journey toward transformation would be anything but smooth. As Amelia reached her locker, she found herself surrounded by a group of girls, led by none other than Seraphina Greyson, the most popular and feared girl in Everdale High.

"Look who we have here," Seraphina purred, her blue eyes sharp as icicles. "Amelia, the bookworm, is trying to impress someone."

Amelia's heart sank as her secret was exposed. She tried to hide her blush, but her pale cheeks betrayed her.

The girls snickered, and Seraphina continued, "You really think Ethan Kingsley would ever notice you? You, with your glasses and that frizzy hair?"

Amelia felt the weight of humiliation press down on her, but she swallowed her pride and replied, "I can change, Seraphina. I can be someone different."

Seraphina's eyes softened, and she leaned closer, whispering into Amelia's ear, "Follow me."

Amelia, bewildered, followed Seraphina into a nearby closet, leaving the other girls outside. In the dimly lit space, Seraphina looked into Amelia's eyes, her voice gentle.

"You don't have to change for anyone, Amelia," Seraphina said, surprising everyone, including herself. "You're perfect just the way you are. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise."

Amelia stared at Seraphina, unable to comprehend this sudden change of heart. With a finger to her lips, Seraphina silenced any questions.

"Don't speak a word of this to anyone," Seraphina warned. "It's our secret."

As Seraphina led Amelia back out of the closet, the other girls remained unaware of what had transpired. The closet had held not just secrets but also a newfound understanding between two unlikely companions.

Little did she know that the story of her heart was only just beginning in the enchanting town of Everdale.

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