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Omega Koo moving from his hometown to become a chef, studying and working at the same time, what convinced him it would be easy?

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At the outsides of the city, going near the highway, where the noise of the rushed lifestyle started to faint in he backround and the quietness started to get more noticeable there was a farm, a tiny one, a family farm, there lived Jungkook, the most precious and kind omega whom everyone in the area loved and appreciated for its service and willing to help everyone.

He's just really so endearing every other omega was whipped for him and his loveable soul and he was the happiest, enjoying every second in there. Waking up at 8:00 in the morning to prepare the breakfast for his family and then, take care of the garden, collecting fruits and vegetables, preparing the soil to plant more seeds and then cook, that was really one of his passions.

Cooking was one of the activities he loved the most, if he could he'd open a restaurant where he'd cook with fresh and high quality ingredients from his family farm and everyone could have a taste of his great and delicious food. The problem is no one took him serious when he decided to leave the tiny farm and move to the city, everyone laughed at him, mocked him so shamelessly, without even thinking abou his feelings.

It's just Koo always had been a sensible boy and when someone hurt his feelings he'd cry but from the thought that maybe they were right, that maybe he was wrong but he decided to not just leave that dream. That dream really was what kept him interested in the farm but he had to leave sooner or later and finally that day arrived. He packed everything he would need along with his savings.

So soon he was moving out, travelling in a train with a huge backpack and two suitcases, watching from the window how the town was starting to dissappear in the foggy weather. Some hours later he was finally there, in the city where he'd work and study to open a restaurant. He already had an apartment rented in a quite poor part of the city but fortunately near the place he'd work, only five min by walk which is so little to him comparing to all the walking he needed to do back with his family, and suddenly he was tearing up.

Don't blame him, it was already established he's sensible and being apart from his beloved family was hard but he also was strong and was willing to leave all behind for his dreams so when he got to the apartment he unpackaged, did some relaxing cleaning and cooked what he would eat if he was back there so he sat, alone in a tiny apartment with barely room for one and ate in silence, then finished and he felt tired, he had this strange mix of emotions, hope and happiness but also sadness and loneliness so he went to sleep, cried some before resting and in the morning he woke up a little better.

He ate his breakfast, took a shower and changed into some jeans, a shirt and a pair of tennis to get to the restaurant or the place where he'd work. It had a kitchen, some tables with chairs and a poor excuse of bathroom which was something at least. It was definetly something.

- Um, good morning, my name is Jungkook, I am the new employee

- Jungkook? I don't know who you are, talk to the chief

- The chief?

- Boy, are you dumb? The headchef, he'd tell you what you'd do

- O-okay, but, where is he?

- You are gonna give me a headache, go to the back of the establishment

- Thank you Sir

He said and did a full 90 degree bow then he rushed to he back and tried to knock the door but a boy pushed it so hard he almost fell, a waiter, he had a tray in one hand with five or six plates on top, he thought it was a pretty hard job by how he seemed so tired. So he finally knock and a deep and disturbed voice replied

- What now woman!

- I'm not a woman, my name is Jungkook, I'm the new employee, a man out there told me to come here and talk to you directly, in the contract it said that-

- Oh my god, just get in here, theres some latex gloves in the sink, you're the dishwasher

- But in the contract-

- Let me stop you right there, I don't give a shit about the contract, if I tell you to do something, you obey, okay?

- Yes Sir

- Now don't stand there and look stupid, wash the fucking dishes!

- Yes Sir, sorry Sir

Poor boy, he was terribly scared, he didn't even knew what was he getting into when he accepted that poor excuse of a job, now all he wanted was to survive until two o'clock to attend his classes and he did. In no time he was headed to the academy, he had some troubles so he was a little late but it was okay or so he thought.

- What's this time of arriving! Take a sit and be quiet, next time you're out

- Sorry Miss, It won't happen again

- I said quiet!

- Yes Miss

He did a 90 degree bow and ran to the back of the classroom to sit and stay quiet, like a little bunny hiding from a predator, which he kinda was, so scared in a completely new environment where everyone seemed to be mad at him, was he bad? Was he so hateable? Back in his little town he was so loved and praised by everything he did now it was the complete opposite, maybe it was the fact that back there there were no alphas, just his dad who he never got to meet and here there where alphas everywhere, the headchef, the waiter, the cook, the teacher and they were so sour, now he couldn't wait for the clock to strike the 11 to head to his apartment and sleep.

It was a hard day, he ran from here to there, soaked in dish soap, sweat, wet food and by the end of the day tears, he just didn't understand what he did wrong, his beautiful personality was always so appreciated and now it was hated? He sat in the stairs out of the academy, lonely eating a sandwich, watching the rain pour, crying.

- Hey, you're the one that I almost hit with the door at the restaurant, right? Sorry about that, you look terrible by the way, you should head home

- Don't worry, I'll do it once the rain stops

- Stand up, I'll take you there, I have an umbrella

- I'm okay, don't need to

- No you're not, clearly your day has been very fucked up, you need all the help you can get and an insane amount of luck, now stand up

- Yes Sir, sorry

- Hey, no no, don't be sorry and don't call me Sir, it's awkward, call me Taehyung

- Okay

- Bettter, now, where do you live?

- In a complex of apartments eight blocks away from here

- I think I know where, c'mon, I live there too, I thought you lived in a big fancy house, you look to pretty to live in one of those old and dirty apartments

- No, I'm not, I look terrible

- Well, I didn't want to said that again, I thought it was an stated fact but, If you showered and stoped crying you'd be very pretty

- Well, thank you

- What's your name by the way?

- It's Jungkook

- Wow, pretty boy has a pretty name, can I call you Koo, sounds like a very suitable nickname for a pretty crybaby

- I'm not a crybaby

- Well, when I saw you this morning you were crying, when you entered the classroom too and now it's not that different

- Well, then call me whatever you want

- Okay my pretty crybaby, we're here, now get some sleep and I'll see you tomorrow, tomorrow the restaurant won't open, meet me outside the building, will you?

- O-okay, I will Taehyung

- That's it, you should say my name more often, it sounds so good my crybaby, see you tomorrow

Jungkook definitely didn't expect a kiss on his cheek but it happened and he was so flushed

- I also should kiss you more, your red cheeks are so cute, good night crybaby

- Good night Taehyung

The omega's heart has beating fast, maybe not too fast to worry but he did felt it very fast and hard, he never felt this way. He never interacted with an aloha before this day and the one he properly talks to kisses him. He was beyond nervous but excited, hopeful and a little heated but he calmed down after a few minutes just standing there.

He made it's way into his own apartment and the first thing he did was check himself in the mirror. He saw the tear marks on his face but also how flushed he was, which made him blush more to think Taehyung saw him in this state, all teary, puffy face and red cheeks, he felt embarrassed but also very shy, more than usual.

Definitely he couldn't wait for tomorrow to arrive. Usually he wasn't this way, his life moto always was to live in the present, but that was a lie, he lived his best life back in the fam but now that was so forgotten by how he couldn't spend a second without thinking in the future.

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