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Accept your self, even with your flaws…. No one can love you like you.

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Perfect imperfections

In a world where perfection is idealized,

There lived a woman with a heart disguised,

She carried her imperfections like a burden,

Longing for a love that would never be uncertain.

She gazed into the mirror, where self-doubt resides,

Her flaws examined, magnified like tides,

Her eyes, once sparkling, now filled with tears,

Her beauty eclipsed by haunting fears.

Her mere reflection spoke of scars untold,

Yet she dreamed of a love that would unfold,

A love that embraces every blemish and scar,

A love that could see beyond what others mar.

With every step she took, her heart cried,

Searching for the one who would stand beside,

A soul who'd cherish every broken piece,

A love that grants her spirit eternal peace.

In the depths of darkness, a glimmer flickered,

A whisper of hope, a spark that shimmered,

In the most unexpected moment, love did appear,

A person who saw her worth, crystal clear.

This person embraced her flaws with open arms,

Acknowledging that perfection held no charms,

They reveled in the beauty of her soul,

Loving her entirely, making her heart whole.

In this dance of love, she finally found,

A sanctuary where her imperfections were crowned,

For she discovered her strength in being true,

And that the flaws she possessed only made her more beautiful too.

So, dear woman, as you navigate this shore,

Remember, imperfections are what make you more,

For in the journey called life, you will find,

Love that embraces all, flaws intertwined.

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