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This book is dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones, from family and friends, even their pets. May the petals of Light from the Great Spirit fall into their hearts and illuminate their lives. And may they never stop valuing life because living is a gift, whether on Earth or in the Astral. Wagner Borges

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On the Wings of a Great Love

Loneliness. Pain. A terrible sense of loss. Depression. Lack of energy to go on living. These are just some symptoms in those who "lost" a very dear person.

Some spiritual doctrines offer a true source of light for those going through a painful moment of mourning . They present logical explanations, based on verifiable facts concerning life after death and reincarnation. Despite this, many people end up going after the famous psychographed messages. To me, this kind of work is very positive, but it can also become negative.

The positive aspect is that, besides offering comfort, the mediumistic messages have the power to awaken the attention of many people, who, in a second moment, become more interested in subjects related to spirituality, independent or not of a doctrinal line.

In addition, these mediumistic messages can bring relief not only to those who are suffering from the death of a loved one but also to the disincarnate spirit himself because he often feels the need to communicate with his loved ones who have stayed here on Earth.

On the other hand, the one suffering too much from the loss of a loved one may unintentionally hinder the spirit's recovery on the spiritual plane. This happens because when we focus our thoughts on a loved one who has disincarnated, potentiating this fixed idea with our suffering, we emit our unbalanced energies directly to him/her, while we mentally call him/her without ceasing. Many people keep "running from center to center", looking for more communications that never satisfy them.

When I read this book, written with a lot of Love and the desire to comfort and guide those who go through this suffering, I realized that its purpose is to show that the feeling is the highest and most direct way to get in touch with the disincarnate beings we love, even for those who are not mediums.

It also shows us that we can meet our disincarnate loved ones through out-of-body experiences (astral projection, emancipation of the soul, unfolding) during sleep.

Everyone (humans and even animals) projects themselves out of the physical body at some period during sleep. This period may be longer or shorter; we may be conscious of what is happening or not; we may have a clear memory, mixed with dreams or even no memory at all. But the fact is that astral projection is a natural and even necessary phenomenon for us. This subject, like paranormality, is very broad, and deserves to be studied and practiced seriously!

When I was about 20 years old, a good friend of mine passed away. For some years, I met with him on the astral plane in a spiritual colony where he was living. We talked, laughed... and said goodbye naturally, as in the old-school days.

One day, he told me that we could no longer meet because he was going to take a new direction in his life. I didn't quite understand what he meant at the time. But since then I have not seen him again. I believe that he reincarnated! I know that I will meet him again someday when we are both in the spiritual plane, disincarnated. Our friendship is long and old.

Once, through clairvoyance, I saw a scene from an incarnation of mine that I lived centuries ago... and I believe he was there!

Yes, life is like that! Our personality changes according to our incarnation. Our body changes. Our family, job, race... everything changes, but the bonds of friendship and Love are immortal. Remember this!

Before going to sleep, relax and, through an auric harmonization practice, feel the Love and Peace in your heart. In this state, visualize the loved one who has passed away and visualize you are hugging each other. Tell him whatever you want to say mentally. But do it all with much Love and much Peace.

Then, remain in mental silence. Lie down and relax deeply, asking the spiritual mentors to bring you together on the astral plane. In time, this will happen!

Remember: gradually replace the pain of longing with Love beyond the barrier of physical death. When a loved one passes away you probably won't be happy, but you can still be in Peace.

Thank you, Wagner Borges, for taking the time to write/psychograph this book. I am sure it will be useful to all of us, showing us that above the pain, There is something else... A Love, a Light!

Victor Rebelo

(Spiritualist researcher and editor of the magazines

Caminho Espiritual and Revista Cristã de Espiritismo.)

São Paulo, spring 2015.

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