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When Jacky finally returns to the summer Beach House after several years, she’s excited and nervous to see the brothers that she always stayed with since it was their moms best friends beach house. She tells herself that nothing changed but knows deep down nothing will be the same. This is an easy and quick read that keeps you on your toes :-)

Romance Suspense romantique Tout public.

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Heavily inspired by ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Chapter 1

I was sticking my head out the window breathing in the ocean air when we finally arrived atthe beach house. Collin was standing outside waiting for me to get out and jump into his arms. He’s standing there silently with that gazing look in his deep blue eyes. He didn’t have to say anything. He was always shy, but I could read him. I wanted to get out and jump into his arms like what he wanted me to, I wanted to just as much. Except, I couldn’t. I realized I couldn’t move. I was stuck inside the seatbelt that held my body to the car. All the sudden I open my eyes and I’m in my bed staring at the ceiling. Why did it have to be another dream? Why couldn’t it just being next week already so that could be true? It’d been three years since I’d last been. I wasn’t sure how anything or anyone looked anymore. Since my dad died my mom hasn’t had it in her to go. We own a beach house in New York that we used to go to every year since I was a child. We knew the whole town, and the whole town knew us. Our house mates for the next few months were my moms best friend, Lauren, and these brothers, her sons, that were so alike they were almost twins. When we were younger anyway. I’m sure now they’ve grown up to be different people. The beach house was owned by Lauren, she always welcomed us to stay and we would. They were always well off and had more bedrooms than they needed, so it was perfect. The two brothers were Collin and Tristian. They’d always be doing the same thing and were similar, but of course they always had their different quirks but at the end of the days the same interests at heart. Last time I was there I was 13. I had just gotten braces on, was on the chubbier side, and didn’t care whatsoever about my looks. Not to mention they’d seen me previous years too, without braces, crooked teeth, and I was skinny at some point when I was like 7. They watched me gain weight and lose confidence. I still hadn’t cared much about my looks, even though I hated how I looked. I’d just given up trying to look like every other girl, and of course I’d gotten bullied but I’d always count on Collin and Tristian to back me up. Mainly Collin. Not caring about my looks hasn’t changed much, I just know how to look presentable now. I’ve changed a lot since then. I’m sure they have to, but if I’m being honest I’m a little scared to find out. When I was there last we were young and didn’t have to abide by being attracted to one another or gender rules. Now it’s different. We’re growing up. I haven’t spoken to either of them in those three years beside spontaneously on instagram. I’m hoping once I get there it’ll be like I never left, but I know deep down that most likely won’t be the case. I was nervous seeing as much as I changed not ready to see how much they had. Now I’m fit due to going to the gym and better eating habits. I don’t have my braces on anymore and I overall don’t act the same I used to. I guess to most I’d still be the same old Jacky. Hopefully that be the case to Collin and Tristian in my fantasy where we’ll pick up right where we left off. Nothing mattered when we were 13. Now we’re 16 and maturing and look at people differently. I’ve known these boys, this town for basically all my life. I’m not ready for it all to be different yet. Mom, Andrew (my brother), and I are leaving next Saturday. I’ve started packing but I can’t wait. I’m anxious and super excited at the same time. Collin and Tristians mom is awesome, Lauren. She and my mom are best friends. They kept communication going during those there years but I think she knows that it won’t quite be the same either..

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