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This poetry have used different metaphors, symbols, and homonyms to emphasize the author's thoughts and feelings and to represent the author's style and imagination. If you want something to read on that can relate yours, this book is the right for you.

Poésie Oda Tout public. © @roseandtulips31

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1: Your Love

Someone like you

is rare to find.

A person who seems

extraordinary to all.

Nothing can compare

a man I know before.

Your love is special

like the way you are.

Affection that never

makes me change.

My heart simply beating

without any hesitation.

It feels like I play fire

don't afraid of burning.

There's always aspiration

within my wings to fly.

Looking only in your eyes

motivates and energizes me.

Your tender rosy lips

tend to kiss for my comfort.

Every words you say

echoing in my mind to remember

Love I purely feel from you

none can sense from any man.

Your compassion so deep

appears like the pacific ocean.

It shows that I only want

is you my dear prince charming.

It reveals how much different

as be my knight shining in armor.

No one ever compares at all

'cause you are such enough.

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