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How could one stopwatch lead to such terrible consequences? Miles learns that the hard way when he is given a cursed stopwatch by The Time Breaker and ends up in an alternate world where he never existed, with some disastrous consequences.

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One Friday Afternoon

" What a night!"

It was a quiet Friday afternoon

A bored and depressed Miles was wolfing down pizza and watching Nesquik in his room.

Specifically, " Milky Way", which, to him, was the saddest show in the world.

" Why do I feel so alone?" the boy asked himself

Just as he had said that, Randy, Maria, and Kyle walked into the room to accompany Miles

" Hi, buddy." said Randy, " What are you watching?"

" Milky Way."

" Ooh."

The blonde Southern sat down on the bed with Miles

" Who deserves to be alone on a Friday afternoon when you've got wonderful friends to hang out with?" asked Randy, a smile on his face

" Thanks, buddy." thanked Miles.

Maria giggled.

" Sorry." she apologized, " I had some leftover chili con carne so I may stink up the room."

Kyle broke into a serious laughing fit.

" You've got that right!" he howled

As soon as Kyle saw the spilled milk on the big screen, he began to tear up

" Why'd you choose this movie, Miles?" he wept, " It's heartbreaking!"

An eye roll from Maria

" You'll see, Kyle." replied Miles, " You'll see."

And so, the friends enjoyed this fun and relaxing Friday afternoon together

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