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George and Bonnie had been Marceline and Marshall's best friends since diapers. One day, they grew up and decided to get married to each other. In this story, you'll know their life as a full family.

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Wake up!

Gumball POV's

I woke up to the sound of my alarm,playing the song Another Brick in The Wall,by Pink Floyd.

Picking up my glasses on the drawer,I looked at the clock,eight o'clock

I got my phone,and unlocked it.'s too bright...

Always the same...

Mom's messages,asking if we slept well,stuff from the work group chat,and a shitload of stuff from social media apps.

Finally,put the phone away again.

I need to get up...Or else I'll be late again.

I turned back to Marshall,that slept delicately hugging Lola,the Kawaii strawberry plushie.

As always,drooling on the pillow,and his snores only stop in the morning.

However,he's my little baby...

The love of my life.

The black nail polish already peeling off the nails,and the raven hair falling beautifully on his face.

Gosh...So pretty...

I kissed his cheek,and rubbed his back carefully,so I didn't wake him up.

I lied down again,and took off the glasses,looked at the ceiling and yawned.

I hate waking up this early.

I love my life and job but I wish I could wake up at ten o'clock.

I kinda want a cigarrete...

Marshall glued Glow in The Dark stickers to the ceiling,to make it look like when we were children.

In the walls,our framed photos,and pages from Marvel and DC Comics.

In the shelves,our trophies and awards,his CDs from the band and figure actions.

He has been emo since our adolescence.

He tells me that he's not emo anymore,and as an adult,he can't be like this.

But I know he's my little emo baby.

That's two things he will always be. 

On the bookshelf,books (obviously) about music,musicians,science and poems we wrote in 4th grade.

Today's very sunny,no clouds in the sky.

-Heyyyy!Wake up,sleepyheads! -Marcy and Bonnie entered our bedroom,and jumped in the bed. 

-Mhm...Gee...Get them outa here... -He buried his face in my neck,and I kissed his forehead.


-It's time to wake up,Baby...

-Nuh...Only five more minutes...

-No,love...Five minutes,to you it's like five hours,sweetie pie...

-Wake up,you perv! -Bonnie shaked him playfully.

-You Gumwad... -He throwed Lola at her face...

My family is very weird...

But we love each other so much...

-You stinky bat! -She throwed it back.

-Nooo...Geeee...Protect me from this crazy woman! -He hugged me and laughed at Bonnie.

-Why meee? -I said,laughing.

-You're suposed to be my Knight in Shiny Armour...

-You're not a princess...

-But your sister is the dragon...

-What did you call my wife,you big awful cherry? -Marceline sat on top of him.

I put on my glasses and sat up on the bed.



-Is breakfast ready?  -I asked,putting some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

-Of course not.Do you think I'm your maid? -Marcy said,laughing as Bonnie hugged her from behind.

-Just asking...Rude...

She kissed my cheek,and smiled.

-I know...You know I love you,don't you?

-Yeah...You're my favorite idiot.


I started to brush my teeth as he finished his beauty routine with the anti wrinkle face cream. 

-Did you eat my Red Velvet muffins? -Marshall asked Marceline.

-Nope.Relax,Dummy...Your food wasn't even touched.

Marshall often throws tantrums when people eat his food.

We kept quiet,and they walked ou the door.

-We're gonna set the table while you get ready.

-M'kay... -We said.

-Don't moan too loud! -They said.

-Just because you're older doesn't mean you get to bug me! - He screamed,laughing.

I finished brushing my teeth,and put the toothbrush back into it's place.

I closed the door,and took off my boxers.

-Hmm...I love your body... -He caressed my shoulders and arms,smiling at me. 

I hugged him,and started kissing his neck.

-Now,finally...Good Morning,Babe.

-Good Morning,Baby. -I said,sliding my hands in his body,grabbing his ass and squeezing it.

I love his ass...

So hot...

-Already blushing,Baby? -I asked,feeling his hot skin against mine.


-Let's get in the shower,love.I can't be late again.

-Mhm... -He whined,undressing after me.

We turned on the water and got in the shower.

----------------------------------After some time in the shower-----------------------------------

Marshall POV's

-Is it good,babydoll? -He asked,while washing my hair with my strawberry shampoo.

I smiled and nodded,kissing his chest.

I rinsed it with some water and we finished the quick shower.

We wrapped and dried ourselves in the towel,and left the bathroom,going to the closet,in another room.

-C'mon guys! You're taking too much time! -I heard Bonnie's voice from the living room.

-Yes,Captain! -I laughed,while he chose what to wear.

After some time,I ended up choosing a black T'shirt,with red jeans and my really loved old red vans.

He chose to wear a T-shirt with Deadpool riding an Unicorn on it,Black jeans and Black shoes.

-Nerd...-I kisse his forehead.

-Geek... -He kissed my neck,and helped me on drying out my hair.

-I love you...

-I love you too,silly... -He pecked my lips,and smiled.

We have been together since we were fourteen years old,and he proposed to me years later...

I couldn't and wouldn't ever ask for someone better in my life.

He encouraged me in the band idea,and now 'The Nightosphere' is one of the biggest bands ever!

I mean...

Not wanting to be narcisistic,but...

We are awesome!

We got back to the room,and we got our phones,while he was putting his glasses on again.

He is kinda blind without glasses.

Well,he doesn't complain in bed,so...

It's cool.

I did my eye makeup (Just eyeliner) and put on some moisturizer,since my skin is really dry. 

We left the bedroom again,and went downstairs,to the kitchen.

-Took you long enough! -They said,standing up.

George put the towels to dry,and came back to sit by my side at the table.

-Now we are going to get ready. -Bonnie said,smiling.

-Don't eat without us.

In our family,we always wait for everyone so that we can eat.


I unlocked my phone and saw the notifications.

A message from Greg,our manager.

''Don't forget to come here today!We have to upload the Slow Dance With You video!''

Marcy wanted to record a song of her own,and we helped her.

I started to play Neko Atsume,while waiting for them to get dressed,and after some time,they came back,ready to go.

It was the time I needed to unlock another lil' cat.

I love cats...

I miss my baby Schwabelle...

We had the same breakfast as always,but no eggs,since we didn't have any.

Me and Bonnie washed the dishes,as they picked up some stuff to take to the car.

The umbrellas that we used on yesterday's night,as it was raining.

We always have some umbrellas in the car,in case it starts to rain.

George took his cigarettes and glasses,while Marceline lit up one.

When we were done,I got my sunglasses and phone,and we left the house.

Bonnie locked the door,and went to the car,opening its door.

-See you later,Baby... -He pecked my lips,and kisses my neck. -I love you...

-I love you too,Babe...

Marcy came to our motorcycle and got on it.

-Why are you the one riding it?

-'Cause I'm the older one,now shut up and Hop on.

-Rude... -I got on the Motorcycle,and hugged her from behind.

Their car soon was far away from us,as it was another direction.

-Ya know I love you... -She smiled.

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