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Abigail Scarlett Winchester is Dean's daughter. She has lived a relatively normal life until recently. Things begin to change when she realizes she isn't fully human and there's a prophecy to be fulfilled. Will she become her worst nightmare? Can she stop herself from changing? Find out in this Supernatural story of the newest generation of hunters.

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Welcome To The Nightmare

If I told you at one point monsters existed would you be speechless? That there was a time period where everything from mythology to urban legends and even the bible killed humans? At one point all those terrifying creatures you were afraid of roamed everywhere. The world almost came to an end multiple times over the years. There were even people who hunted down the monsters. They protected us from horrific unimaginable things. They even saved the world. It sounds eccentric doesn't it? However, it is more than real.

My father is Dean Winchester. Him and his brother Sam were hunters. They talked about the stories. The things they saw and had done. My father said that one day a couple years before I was born all the monsters simply stopped. Everything went into hiding and there wasn't anything going haywire to kill. So he opened up a junk yard like his friend Bobby he told me about from years ago. Sam still goes out to check towns and see if anything has happened. He'll take his son and my dad with him too. Sam also owns his own shop. He sells guns that he puts together. I guess you can't really take the hunter out of the Winchester Brothers.

This story isn't strictly about what's already happened. It's the beginning of my story as Abigail Scarlett Winchester. I'm in my senior in high school. Sam's son Jordan is my best friend. Sam adopted Jordan. I am not adopted. My mother's name was Scarlett Adam and she was a fling of Dean's. She didn't want to have me though. She just gave me over to them and it was shocking at the time but Dean decided to take me on. I'm glad he didn't get rid of me. At that point his view on things was they saved the world so many times, he knew he will always be a hunter, and so he wanted to retry normalcy a bit differently than before. I grew up not knowing how to shoot a shotgun but knowing how to use a knife, salt, and draw symbols. I learned hunting in a safer less harsh manner. Castiel will typically keep an eye on me when I’m home. Hell Castiel is actually great with math homework. It's weird being the next generation of a Winchester. I wish I knew more and could hunt. I want to explore the way my dad grew up. I wish I could understand it all.

Instead I am in school and on the track team. My only friend at school is Kate Lawrence. She's confident, intelligent, and charismatic. Kate's captain of the track team. We spend every waking moment attached to each other's side at school. I know one thing about Kate though that no one else does. She's a familiar. Her supposedly father is a former witch and so it's easier for him to document her as his daughter. It avoids suspicion. I found out by stumbling upon her turning into a black cat behind the school. So it's our secret. I know it shouldn't be kept from my family. It's just Kate is the kindest person I have ever met. Plus I am curious about the species that used to be out in the open. The supernatural world. It feels so close to my reach yet so far. Other than my home life I am actually pretty normal. It's weird saying that considering everything. During free period I'll look up mythology in the library. I just want to know so much more than I do.

I stretch as we do our normal stretches before running laps. Kate flashes a competitive smile to me. Our team begins to sprint through the local school woodland trail. The birds chirp as the wind blows through the branches. It's peaceful weather. Not too hot but not too cold. Perfect for long runs. After we hit three miles Kate decides we all should rest. She hands me one of her spare water bottles from her backpack. Once ten minutes hit we continue to try to finish the ten mile run around the campus. We are on the seventh mile when suddenly it feels unsettling. Its quiet. Kate and I turn around to find we are further ahead than the others. She tells me to stay here while she goes back. I nod doing as told. A shiver goes down my spine as a pit forms in my stomach.

Fight or flight starts to kick in. There's a slight whisper of my name in the wind. I turn facing all different directions but can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Something's wrong. Then my name is whispered again but it’s coming from behind me. I turn around scared. There a girl who looks my age stands. Her eyes pitch black. She’s a demon. I’ve read about it and my family told me multiple stories. I don’t feel as threatened knowing what she is. However, I do realize how dangerous this could get. I’m not prepared to kill anything or anyone. I swallow as she steps closer to me.

“Relax Winchester.” Her voice is soothing. “I am not here to cause harm. I have no ill intentions towards you. I am just inspecting you.”

“Inspecting me?” I’m taken aback.

“Your blood must be magnificent. So many mixtures in you and I wonder which will take control. I can sense it.” She looks over me.

“I have no idea what you mean.” I shiver.

“You don’t? Oh dearie you will learn. You will seek me out and ask all sorts of questions Winchester.” The demon pauses. “My name is Isabel. Remember it when you need me.”

Suddenly, she vanished leaving no trace. Kate finds me shaken up. She offers to take me home using the excuse of a stomach ache. I shake my head. I’m confused, conflicted, and scared but I can’t let that get to me. I don’t understand what she meant by blood. I should ask Jordan since he hunts with our parents. Kate tells me her dad wants me over tonight. Every once in a while I’m invited to have dinner and spend the night by him. He just wants to make sure their secret stays one. If I think about it he could probably do a spell or something on me. After practice we headed back to the locker room to change. I slip into a red shirt, jeans, and my roughed up black jacket. While I wait for Kate I text my dad to let him know where I’ll be. Once she’s ready to go we head off to her place. Kate comes out of the locker room in a white dress. Looking stunning as usual. We begin to walk the pavement.

Isabel’s words stir in my mind. So many mixtures in me? I shiver. We begin to walk across the street. I’m two steps behind Kate. A car horn sounds off. All I see are lights gleaming in my eyes. The impact breaks my leg. There’s screams around me. My body feels heavy. The pain is overwhelming until I no longer move. It’s a few moments before I pass out. I’m standing in this thick liquid. The rest of the room is pitch black. I can’t make out any shapes. The more I look the more I begin to sink. The liquid engulfs me. As if it is swallowing me whole. Before I fully drown a hand pulls me out. Electricity hits me. My vision clears I’m on some sort of table. Kate’s father stares at me and Kate is crying in the corner of the room.

Mr. Lawrence, Kate’s father sighs relief. He wipes his palms on his jeans. He’s still wearing a doctor’s robe. Mr. Lawrence explains I got hit by a car and thankfully magic can heal broken bones. He’s surprised I’m still breathing though. I thank him for everything. I would not want to know the lengths of what my family would take to fix a broken body. Mr. Lawrence tells Kate to set dinner while he finishes cleaning up. This man has patched me up a few times whether it was sprained ankles from running or accidentally falling out of their tree in their backyard. he’s fixed me. His dark brown eyes stare into me. Mr. Lawrence tells me that broken bones is one thing but almost dying is another. He couldn’t do magic for that it’s against his principles. I shouldn’t be breathing. Mr. Lawrence checks me over one more time. Later, we eat dinner together. It’s awkward silence the entire time.

Kate and I enter her room, put on a sappy romance movie, and make sure the volume is loud enough Mr. Lawrence cannot overhear anything we say. He never uses magic to eavesdrop too. He respects Kate. The respect is mutual between them. Familiars and Witches have strong bonds. Kate relaxes on her pink bed.

She stares at me.

"You seem different." She states.

"Different how?" I nervously chuckle.

"It is hard to explain but Since you woke up from passing out your energy began to change." She explains.

Finally, I tell her what happened at school. I let her know about Isabel. Kate takes a few deep breaths in. She is contemplating what to say to me and I see the wheels turning in her head. She is figuring things out slowly.

"This might sound ridiculous and crazy." She pauses. "Dean has been a demon through the mark, has been possessed by an angel, has been bitten by a vampire, and just been through a lot right?"

"Where are you going with this?" I question.

"Maybe you have some monster in you which is why Isabel is intrigued by you." She states. "You don't really act like your family. You and I get along very well. You've even managed to win over my master."

"Those are just circumstances! Me? A monster? How could that even be possible?" I start to panic.

"Genetics play a part and so does everything your dad has been through. I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan is similar." Kate replies. "Honestly, this could be why your family coddles you too. Maybe they know something you don't."

I stand here in disbelief. I tell Kate and Mr. Lawrence I need to go home as this is now an emergency. Mr. Lawrence does not get upset by this. Instead there's a look in his eyes. As if he knows what is happening too. I leave without letting my family know. As I walk home I notice all the houses, the local stores, and gas station. The normalcy that has been my life. I notice the carefulness of my family around me. The fact I never learned a gun or to hunt. The fact Castiel is usually home with me. I am never in our house by myself.

I'm realizing I am not trusted and that everyone treats me special. Different. Almost with kids gloves. My leg is sore from the crash as I practically sprint home. Isabel said I'd have questions. Do I go to my family or to a demon? I stop dead in my overthinking. Demons are smart, cunning, evil, and vile. They take advantage of you. They don't have good intentions and yet here I am debating it. I should know better.

I walk through our junkyard to the house. I search and find the key my dad keeps hidden outside. Next, I open the door then enter our small house. Dad isn't in the living room or kitchen. His bedroom door is locked as usual. He isn't home at all. For the first time in years I am home alone. I search our living room book shelf for information. Anything that could help me.

There is an old book I find. A journal with information about different monsters. It's older than the rest of the books. It is hand written. I sort through the pages. It belonged to John Winchester. That has to be my grandfather. My dad hardly ever mentions him. Sadly, there isn't anything that can help give me answers in the book. However, there is sigil in the book.

I know where we keep our things. I go to the basement for supplies. If my dad isn't home and my family library is no help there is only one option left while I am still okay with it. Draw a summoning sigil and summon Isabel. Now, is where I get the answers I crave.

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