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This is the story of Marcus Brown, an apparently elderly man, who lives another one of his lonely and melancholy nights, trying to find meaning in his life. However, the story takes an interesting turn when the character wakes up after a few hours (not enough) of sleep. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know your opinions ! <3

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A Sleepless Night

It was an extremely cold night, the snow outside seemed endless and the sky was covered by greyish, purple clouds. Marcus had returned from work recently and he knew his only company for the following hours would be his old rock CDs and candles. "What I weird man" must think his neighbours. -Well, yes, I am! So what? - His wife, Linda, had died two months ago, but he hadn't been able to cry, not once. He only felt the loneliness of the big house they had been living in. Linda never liked pets and she wouldn't want to have children either. -What a selfish woman!-thought Marcus while looking at her wardrobe. –Her favourite coat, it was so expensive, I can't believe I accepted to buy it!-Marcus felt a small package inside of a pocket. Cigarettes. -At least she won't be able to smoke anymore-

He decided to go back to the living room. Stairway to Heaven sounded loud on the background. His eyes were getting smaller and smaller. -When you're 60 a sleepless night is inevitable; two, manageable; but three, three is the devil- he said to himself while putting on the bathrobe that he wouldn’t change for anything and sat on the noisy couch he had bought back in 1998. The house looked chaotic, several coffee cups on the kitchen; all the books he had read for countless times, borrowed from the library spread along the dining room. -Tomorrow, for sure, I will tidy this bloody place.

The lack of sleep was making him pay a high price and his body couldn’t handle it anymore, not to mention that the atmosphere wasn't helping. He was starting to see shadows walking around him, so he stood up and went to the window, there, he saw a girl with his father playing in the snow. He thought of Linda, imagining that girl was her when she was a kid. He immediately forced himself to reject those feelings when he heard the sound of a notification from his computer, and consequently, he decided to open his email. A new article had been written for his favourite newspaper website; it talked about the adventures and gossip about the boy band of the year. -Unbelievable! They don't know what to write anymore.

He set out to write a complaint to the newspaper, he took a sip of his coffee, opened a new word document and started typing. Soon, his fingers were not able to function properly anymore and his back hurt like if he had a gigantic weight on it. Without noticing it, Marcus fell asleep on the keyboard, and a few minutes later he was snoring. The hours passed but they felt like seconds when the morning light hit his face. He knew he was already awake but he didn't want to open his eyes. Suddenly, a warm hand touched his naked chest. -Good morning, darling- Linda looked as beautiful as always. -I had the weirdest dream ever- replied Marcus.


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ana hoy ana hoy
Great job!
August 24, 2019, 16:40
Eloise Greeves Eloise Greeves
Gaby your writing is very intriguing. It definitely had my attention. I cannot wait for the next chapter.
July 19, 2018, 10:00