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Nova Green, a young woman, has grappled with social anxiety throughout her entire life. Always preferring the safety of the sidelines, Nova is content in her reclusive existence. However, her unassuming world takes an unexpected turn when her friends insist on dragging her to a boxing match at a renowned club in the heart of the city. Angelo, a powerful and influential man, is instantly drawn to Nova's innocent demeanor and fragile beauty. Unaccustomed to vulnerability, his curiosity compels him to explore this alluring connection further. Intrigued by the dichotomy between her social anxiety and her endearing presence, Angelo sets out to unravel the mystery behind Nova's guarded nature. As Nova and Angelo begin to spend more time together, a tentative bond develops. Angelo, realizing the depth of Nova's struggles, becomes determined to protect her from the shadows that haunt her past. Understanding the importance of trust, he patiently seeks to break down the walls she has erected around herself. Angelo, fiercely devoted to Nova, vows to shield her from the dangers that lurk in the shadows of her past. With the Italian mafia's influence, he embarks on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind Nova's traumatic history, simultaneously battling the complexities of his own dark secrets.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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This book will contain some trigger warning scenes, I will label them below. I hope you all enjoy this new book.

Trigger warning scenes:

Drug Use

Alcohol Use

Mental Health


Abuse and child abuse




Explicit Content




Name: Nova Thompson

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: October 15th

Job: Freelance Designer

Appearance: Nova stands at 5 foot 4 inches with long, wavy brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her piercing blue eyes are often hidden behind a curtain of slightly curled lashes. She prefers a casual style, often seen wearing oversized sweaters and comfortable jeans, attempting to blend into the background.

Personality: Nova is shy, introverted, and plagued by social anxiety. She tends to keep to herself and is often quiet. Despite her struggles, she is kind-hearted, empathetic, and fiercely independent. Her past experiences have shaped her into a strong individual who values her own space and freedom.

Motivations: Nova's main motivation is to overcome her past and live a fulfilling life on her own terms. She seeks to find inner peace and happiness while helping others through her creative work.

Strengths: Nova's empathetic nature allows her to connect deeply with others and understand their emotions. She is a talented graphic designer, possessing a keen eye for aesthetics and creativity. Additionally, her independence and resilience make her determined to overcome any obstacles that come her way.

Weaknesses: Nova's social anxiety often hinders her ability to interact with others and form meaningful relationships. She tends to doubt her own capabilities and can be overly self-critical. Her past trauma sometimes resurfaces, triggering bouts of anxiety and panic attacks.

Backstory: Nova's life has been a challenging journey. She grew up in the foster care system, bouncing from house to house, experiencing abuse along the way. These experiences have left her with PTSD and social anxiety. Despite the hardships, Nova managed to find solace in her artwork and her determination to create a better life for herself.

Quirks: Nova has a habit of absentmindedly twirling a lock of hair when she's deep in thought. She also finds comfort in collecting small trinkets or sentimental objects that hold special meaning to her.

Favourites: Nova enjoys spending her free time reading books, particularly fantasy novels, as they allow her to escape into different worlds. She finds solace in nature and loves taking long walks in serene environments.

Tone of Voice: Nova's tone of voice is soft and gentle, reflecting her shy and introverted nature. She speaks with a calm and soothing demeanour, often choosing her words carefully.

Name: Angelo Rossi

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 15

Job: Don of the Italian mafia

Appearance: Standing at an imposing 6 foot 4 inches, Angelo possesses a muscular and fit build. His sharp features, including a strong jawline and intense brown eyes, give him a commanding presence. He takes great care in his appearance, often seen in tailored suits that accentuate his authority.

Personality: Angelo exudes confidence and power, embodying the qualities of a natural leader. He is strong-willed, protective, and enigmatic, always keeping his true emotions hidden from others. Despite his tough exterior, Angelo has a vulnerable side that only Nova, his love interest, can unravel.

Motivations: Angelo is determined to break free from the grip of the mafia and find happiness with Nova. He wishes to create a better life for himself and his loved ones, away from the violence and treachery that he has faced throughout his life.

Strengths: Angelo's natural leadership skills make him a respected figure within the mafia. He possesses excellent decision-making abilities, strategic thinking, and the physical strength to defend himself when necessary. Angelo's determination and resilience are his strongest assets.

Weaknesses: Angelo's guarded and cautious nature can sometimes hinder his ability to trust others fully. His dark past has left him emotionally scarred, making it challenging for him to open up and let people in. This vulnerability can be exploited by those who seek to harm him or manipulate him.

Backstory: Angelo was born into a powerful mafia family and was groomed from a young age to take over the family business. He has faced countless challenges and betrayals throughout his life, which have shaped him into the cautious and guarded person he is today. Angelo's experiences within the mafia have left him longing for a different path, away from the violence and corruption.

Quirks: Angelo has a habit of tapping his fingers on surfaces when he is deep in thought. He also tends to carry a silver pocket watch, a family heirloom, as a reminder of his responsibilities and the passage of time.

Favourites: Angelo enjoys classical music, particularly compositions by Italian composers. He has a fondness for Italian cuisine, with Lasagna being one of his favourite dishes. Angelo finds solace in reading classic literature, often turning to authors like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Ernest Hemingway.

Tone of Voice: Angelo's voice is deep and commanding, embodying a masculine tone. He speaks with authority and confidence, carefully choosing his words to convey his power and control.

Name: Ethan James

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: February10

Job: Barman

Appearance: Ethan James is a 5 foot 8 inches tall, muscular man with short dyed blonde hair styled to the side. He has striking blue eyes that add a touch of charm to his overall appearance.

Personality: Ethan is sweet, caring, and protective, especially towards his best friend Nova. He acts like a big brother figure to her and is always there to support and look out for her. He is kind-hearted but also tough when needed. Ethan is known for his loyalty and dedication to those he cares about.

Motivations: Ethan's main motivation in life is to ensure the safety and happiness of his loved ones, particularly Nova. He wants to be there for her and protect her from any harm or hardship.

Strengths: Ethan's physical strength and protective nature make him a reliable and trustworthy ally. He is also a good listener and offers sound advice when needed. His determination and loyalty make him a valuable friend.

Weaknesses: Ethan's protective nature can sometimes lead to him being overbearing or interfering in situations where he should let others handle their own problems. He can also be quite stubborn at times, unwilling to back down from a disagreement.

Backstory: Ethan and Nova have been best friends since middle school, forming a strong bond over the years. Ethan's protective nature developed early on, and he has always acted as a supportive figure in Nova's life. His relationship with Giovanni Rossi, Angelo's right-hand man, adds an intriguing layer to his story, although the details of his job remain unknown.

Quirks: Ethan has a tendency to ruffle his hair when he's nervous or deep in thought. He also has a habit of cracking his knuckles when he's anxious.

Favourites: Ethan enjoys playing basketball in his free time and has a love for horror movies. He is a fan of Italian cuisine and enjoys cooking pasta dishes.

Tone of Voice: Ethan's voice has a gentle and caring tone, with a touch of firmness when needed. He speaks with a soothing and calming manner, often putting others at ease with his words.

Name: Giovanni Rossi

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 12th

Job: Bodyguard/Enforcer

Appearance: Giovanni stands at an imposing 6 foot 2 inches, with a strong and muscular build. He has short, dark brown hair that is usually neatly styled. His brown eyes are intense and observant, often reflecting his unwavering loyalty. Giovanni has olive skin, which gives him a rugged and determined look. He has a small tattoo on his neck, depicting a symbol of protection, and another on his leg, representing his family heritage.

Personality: Giovanni exudes confidence and assertiveness, always taking charge when the situation demands it. He is unafraid to face any challenge head-on, making him a formidable ally. Giovanni's loyalty is unwavering, and he would willingly risk his own life for those he cares about, especially Angelo and his family. Despite his tough exterior, Giovanni has a gentle side reserved for his loved ones, showcasing his nurturing and protective nature.

Motivations: Giovanni's primary motivation is to safeguard Angelo, Nova, and Ethan from any harm that may come their way. He is driven by a deep-rooted sense of duty and a desire to protect those he considers family. Giovanni's loyalty is unbreakable, and he will stop at nothing to ensure their safety and well-being.

Strengths: Giovanni's physical strength and combat skills make him a force to be reckoned with. His unwavering loyalty and dedication to his loved ones allow him to make difficult decisions and sacrifices when necessary. Giovanni's confidence and assertiveness make him a natural leader and someone others can rely on in times of crisis.

Weaknesses: Giovanni's protective nature can sometimes lead him to be overbearing or excessively cautious, which may strain his relationships. He can also be stubborn and reluctant to accept help from others, feeling the weight of responsibility solely on his shoulders. Giovanni's fierce loyalty may blind him to potential dangers or risks, potentially putting himself and others in harm's way.

Backstory: Giovanni and Angelo have been inseparable since childhood. They grew up together, facing countless challenges and forging an unbreakable bond. Giovanni's loyalty was ingrained in him from a young age, as he witnessed Angelo's struggles and vowed to protect him at all costs. As they grew older, Giovanni honed his combat skills and became a trusted bodyguard, always at Angelo's side. His devotion to Angelo and his family became the driving force behind his choices and actions.

Quirks: Giovanni has a habit of cracking his knuckles when he's deep in thought or assessing a situation. He also has a fondness for classic cars and enjoys spending time restoring and working on them as a way to relax.

Favourites: Giovanni enjoys listening to classical music, finding it soothing and calming. He has a preference for Italian cuisine, particularly homemade pasta dishes. In his free time, he enjoys reading crime novels and watching action movies.

Tone of Voice: Giovanni's voice is deep and commanding, reflecting his confidence and assertiveness. He speaks with authority and determination, but can also soften his tone when speaking to those he cares about, conveying his gentle side.

Name: Isabella Mortelli

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: July 12th

Job: Fashion Designer

Appearance: Isabella is 5 foot and 8 inches tall, with a slender and graceful build. She has beautiful long caramel brown hair that cascades down her back, complementing her green eyes. Isabella also has a few tattoos on her body, adding an edgy touch to her elegant and fashionable sense of style.

Personality: Isabella is intelligent, confident, and fiercely protective of her family. Growing up in the mafia, she learned at a young age how to navigate dangerous situations and who to trust. Despite her tough exterior, Isabella is also compassionate and empathetic, always offering support and guidance to those in need, such as her friend Nova.

Motivations: Isabella's main motivation is to protect her family and keep them safe from harm. She is also driven by her passion for fashion and creating beautiful designs that express her unique vision.

Strengths: Isabella's intelligence and confidence make her a formidable force in any situation. Her ability to think quickly on her feet and make tough decisions enables her to navigate challenging circumstances. Additionally, her fashion design skills allow her to express her creativity and make a lasting impact in her industry.

Weaknesses: Isabella's fiercely protective nature can sometimes lead her to be overly cautious or mistrustful of others. This can make it difficult for her to form new relationships or fully rely on others. Additionally, her strong sense of loyalty to her family can make it challenging for her to prioritize her own needs and desires.

Backstory: Isabella grew up in the mafia, learning from a young age about the dangers of her world. She witnessed first-handthe consequences of betrayal and the importance of loyalty. As she grew older, Isabella discovered her passion for fashion and pursued it as a career, using her skills to create beautiful designs and express herself. Despite the challenges of her upbringing, Isabella remains committed to protecting her family and creating a better future for them.

Quirks: Isabella has a habit of doodling fashion sketches whenever she has a spare moment. She also has a knack for remembering small details and can often recall specific conversations or events with impressive accuracy.

Favourites: Isabella loves spending her free time sketching new fashion designs and exploring art galleries. She enjoys listening to classical music and indulging in her favourite dessert, tiramisu.

Tone of Voice: Isabella's voice is feminine, with a touch of confidence and determination. She speaks with a calm and measured tone, often using her words strategically to convey her thoughts and intentions.

Name: Marco DeLuca

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: December15th

Job:Detective at the local police station.

Appearance: Marco stands at 5 foot 9 inches tall with a well-built physique. He has dark, short hair and piercing blue eyes. His facial features are sharp, and he often sports a clean-shaven look. Marco dresses professionally, favouringsuits and ties in dark colours.

Personality: Marco is manipulative, controlling, and possessive. He has a charming façade that he uses to win people over, but beneath it lies a deeply insecure and jealous nature. He is determined and relentless, often going to extreme lengths to get what he wants. Marco can be cold and calculated, but he also has a tendency to lose his temper easily.

Motivations: Marco's primary motivation is to win back Nova and regain control over her. He believes that he is entitled to her love and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. His desire for power and dominance drives him to manipulate and hurt others.

Strengths: Marco is intelligent and resourceful, which aids his investigative work as a detective. He is skilled at reading people and using their weaknesses against them. He is physically fit and capable of defending himself if necessary.

Weaknesses: Marco's possessiveness and controlling nature often cloud his judgment. His obsession with Nova blinds him to the consequences of his actions, making him prone to making impulsive decisions. He can also be easily provoked, and his temper can lead him to be reckless.

Backstory: Marco and Nova were once in a toxic relationship for several years. He was emotionally abusive, constantly belittling her and isolating her from her friends. After Nova finally managed to break free from him, she was haunted by the memories of their relationship. Marco, however, became determined to win her back, which led him to become a detective at the local police station to keep an eye on her and investigate her life.

Quirks: Marco has a habit of cracking his knuckles when he is nervous or agitated. He also tends to speak in a low, authoritative tone when trying to assert his dominance.

Favourites: Marco enjoys classical music, particularly pieces that evoke a sense of power and control. He also has a fondness for expensive whiskey, often indulging in it as a way to relax.

Tone of Voice: Marco's voice is deep and commanding, reflecting his need for control. He speaks confidently, often using persuasive tactics to sway others to his side.

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