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Waking up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Annalise is left with only two things. An unexplainable power, and no memories of her life beforehand. She is left to survive on her own until she runs into the only other human she's seen in weeks, Grayson. Together they have to figure out why they're there, why they have powers, no memories, and why they are the only two people around for miles. However, the woods are not as remote as the two have thought. In a thrilling journey of power, passion, and survival, will Anna and Grayson make it back to their world?

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#romance #evil #powers #power #control #woods #trapped #creatures #worlds #shadows #only-two-people-left #lost-memories
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The world was basked in darkness. An inky black blanket over everything. The only sounds were the screams of the person next to me, my own labored breathing, and heart pounding in my chest. Someone runs past me, slamming into my shoulder in their hurry. When I look back they are already swallowed by shadows. I don't know how long has passed, hours, days, even weeks the darkness has taken hold of our city, my world. I chose to stay where I was standing last when the darkness flooded in. I'm huddled in on myself trying to stop thinking about my aching joints or the crushing pressure of the thing that has invaded us. It wasn't always like this, the terror that we have to live in, the fear that swallowed us whole that allowed this darkness to come in. It only started once a hole was ripped in the sky, but it was more like the moon disappeared and an asteroid of pain and death crashed onto the Earth. It didn't take long after that for it to start poisoning our minds, and eventually for it to take control. Death would be a mercy by now. I flinch as another victim screams in terror, too close to me for comfort. I rest my head in between my knees to block it all out, my breath billowing in the cold air. A chill goes down my spine as the temperature continues to drop, and my hair raises on my arms. The person next to me has gone silent. A slithering stroke of something like a finger slides along the back of my neck, around to cusp my cheek. My muscles lock in fear as the thing hisses something undiscernible in my ear. Before I can react, it grips the sides of my head in a vise, filling my vision with even more empty cold darkness than I thought was possible. If I wasn't screaming before, I was screaming now.

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Shaun Waller Shaun Waller
Good story.
December 19, 2023, 19:08