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The world in which Khatnos lives is almost perfect. All the inhabitants of the planets are in serenity and are working for the prosperity of a Great and All-powerful Empire. But not Khatnos, because this world has recognized his life as illegal. When he once again falls into the arms of death, a fateful meeting saves him. The illegal one becomes an employee of the Lunar Agency protecting the young planet. The irreconcilability with those whom Khatnos hated and avoided flares up brighter, but subsides as soon as he learns that the Earth is inhabited by a race unrecognized by the Empire. A race meeting its dawn. Will the blaster help you survive in the paranormal? After all, strange things happen in Egypt every day. The potter's daughter, who constantly prays in an empty room, suddenly begins to hear whispers behind her. The illegitimate one finds himself drawn into the intrigues of the shadows. The past of Khatnos, the dark secret of the Empire, wanders in the sands of Egypt. Believe in myths, and a cool wind will tell you who a person is for a huge galaxy. 16+

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This story happened so long ago that neither the oldest person on our planet remembers it, nor even his departed father and great-grandfather... because it happened five thousand years ago.

This story, my dear reader, will undoubtedly seem to you a fairy tale or a charming myth. But remember: any myth is more than the truth.

And I, perhaps, will begin my tale...

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