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The story of Marcus the cat. Not all cats are like that. This one's special.

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Marcus The Cat

There was a cat in a nice private house. His name was Marcus. He was completely red, except for the tips of his ears, which were colored black. He liked to sit on the window sill and watch what was going on outside. The cat's eyes often looked out for something interesting: for example, on a lawn where tulips were growing, two crows were shouting loudly at each other and couldn't decide whose stick was whose.

Marcus stuck his nose into the window pane, scratched at it with his clawed paw, and looked up. He saw that the window was open and jumped on it with a loud "meow", bouncing his hind paws off the window sill.

The crows became alert and looked where the strange sound was coming from. The cat at that moment jumped down and lurked in the bushes. Seeing that the danger had passed, the skirmish between the birds resumed. Beaks and wings were used. Marcus crawled out of the bushes and, treading silently on the grass, began to creep toward the scene of the battle.

Here the crows sensed that there was someone not far from them and fluttered into the air, leaving the squabble and the stick below. Marcus took a small leap, as if on purpose, showing the birds that he wasn't going to eat them. They, in turn, perched themselves on a nearby branch and began to watch what was happening. The cat began to play with a small twig that lay not far from him, grabbing it with his paws, biting the still green leaves and bitter bark.

Still not understanding why the red-haired creature was doing all this, curiosity prevailed in the crows and they descended not far from Marcus. The cat stopped playing and looked at them, still lying on his side on the grass and squinting contentedly. The birds came closer and closer, cautiously flanking him on both sides.

The redhead rose and sat up, wagging his tail slightly. He lifted his right front paw and meowed. The crow watched him, keeping her eyes on him and stepped even closer. If something suddenly went wrong, she would be able to fly away. Suddenly, Marcus put his paw on her head, but tried not to press down. The bird behind him reacted, thinking that the cat was about to attack his former rival and pecked the furry one in the tail.

He jumped a few meters back, did a somersault in the air, grabbed with his paws the crow that had already flown up and they began to spin around the lawn.

No one realized what had happened, and the bird that the cat had put its paw on his head grabbed a branch with its beak and flew away in an unknown direction.

It was a clever move. But most importantly, it remained unclear how Marcus did not release his claws during the somersaults, and the crow did not start pecking him. Apparently, they were very confused. Although, who knows how it could have turned out if things had gone differently.

They say crows are smart creatures. And Marcus was kind and never hurt anyone. And why should he when he had such loving owners at home?

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