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These are my writings that could be songs, either way they carry a message to broken people.

Inspirant Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Rolling Through Life

Verse 1:

Well, I was born in a big city

with dreams alot bigger than this city.

I keep a pen in my hand,

and a recorder by my side.


I'm rollin' through this life.

Makin' my dreams take flight.

Gonna write these country songs,

cause I know it won't be long.

Yeah, I can do it, make mine a better life.


I've had my share of struggles,

but I won't let 'em hold me down.

With each line I write, I'm steady growin'

on this journey, in the end I'm gonna wear that crown.

Verse 2:

From Jacksonville to Cobb, I'm writing my truth.

I'll take you on a journey with my flow of ink.

So come along and join my show

Let's sing and dance,

don't let go.

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