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Silvia came to a town called: duskwood she wanted it to be an arrival for no reason but it's not like that because she was involved in the case of Hannah's mysterious disappearance...... it was fun until the end of the search because she found that to save richy and Hannah..... the kidnapper gave a condition : come to duskwood and meet then no one will get hurt ..... this story will have michael as faceless man....but not richy.... but the case ended and she decided to meet her friends and Jake..... not knowing what was waiting for her later..... Based on duskwood game everbyte

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Duskwood town and meet friends

duskwood town

silvia arrived in the town ..... it's a beautiful town, she admired the place ... and her thoughts were that it would be very interesting to get to know her friends face to face

and finally the long awaited meeting with jake hacker who helped to search for hannah .... even if everyone has to face the main enemy again someday we will fight again then and the day will come when he will be destroyed .....

But now I'm starting a new life with jake here in duskwood town

here my adventure and challenges will await and I am ready for anything...!

no one guessed that even if jake didn't want her to be here.....she came anyway.....despite the fact that the enemy is still free somewhere......

she was be here

but even though it ended well and now it's calm, don't forget that the enemy is free somewhere.....

he can try to do something to us at any time......

while she was thinking about everything, the phone rang and a message with a missed call from Jessy: hello, we are waiting for you at aurora bar .... you might be asking yourself how we found out about this? well this will be strange but someone told us that you are in duskwood ..... but don't think jake tracked you down....not him.....well it's our he found out no one knows .....but it doesn't mean anything good, you must have become his target.....for sure......

end of message

she couldn't believe it....why should the enemy say that she is here....what is he doing? what kind of plan?

very funny ... it would be

it can't be .... I really need to meet, maybe it's a joke after all

while she was walking to the aurora bar, someone seemed to be following her....she turned around but there was nothing....,,maybe I was playing a trick, probably''...she said to herself

but still you can't know if you are really safe here....

And she finally came and found phil's bar aurora

what a coincidence that phil is also working and all my friends are together....they will be surprised that I have arrived....

,, wait, where is Jake? I don't see him, it's could he be now...after he disappeared and I haven't received any news from him until now.....and how does it end, hannah is saved and where are you jake.... ? '' she said to herself and pondered...

friends were talking and didn't notice her...when she suddenly stopped by them and greeted them: "hello friends, I'm finally here and you all are here together..."

she said

,, can't it be Silvia? you how did you end up here? '' jessy asked the others also wanted to hear how she appeared in duskwood....

,, good question .... well, I lived in another town and it is near this duskwood town ..... I asked and we let jake go to the waterfall cave ... but I thought after everything, I will still come here to you ... .'' she explained briefly and .... cleo said: ", it's wonderful that you are here ..... we are glad to meet you.... after everything, of course" she smiled happily and answered ....

others nodded also rejoiced......

and after talking with everyone, she decided to ask maybe at least one of them would know something....about Jake....

,, I'm sorry to interrupt the good conversation of all of us, but I want to ask, maybe you know something about Jake? because he disappeared after that....hope they didn't catch him.....''

everyone is just thinking how to say silvia ....

"Silvia, it's true that Jake is gone, but if we know something, we'll tell you....if Jake hasn't written anything to you....maybe he doesn't want to now, or maybe there are other reasons why he hasn't told you yet..." jessy said

"Don't think about him, I don't like him and it's good that he's gone now," Dan said jokingly

,, dan! stop it ...if you don't like him it doesn't mean you have to talk or joke like that...'' she said

"ok ok I just wanted to cheer us all up" Dan said

,, dan... you will never change the way you are, but be good, talk nice about others....'' she said

,, maybe jake... will appear, who knows? Cleo said

"Maybe you're right, but I still think I'll try to find where he is," Silvia said.

but then she thought that something was wrong...

and at that moment ... as a coincidence she received a message from an unknown person's number ...

the message says and is written: Silvia, I'm waiting for you near the tree near the aurora bar.....come.....

her thought was: ,, who the hell wrote jake here and then who wrote here ... well if you want I'll meet well, I hope it's jake.....''

"I have to go...friends...see you later ok?" she said

"ok, we'll wait for you" everyone said and said goodbye to Silvia for now....

she thinks what could be here? I really hope that it is jake and it will be.....but if not jake then what? hope all is well now.....

she was troubled with worry and fear that it might not be Jake but someone else….

so who might want to meet and could Jake be here or maybe another person is a trap? Who knows...?

To Be Continued

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