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When stars fall from the sky, it means they are looking for a new place. This good story is about a little girl named Orbi and her new friend. And what kind of friend, you can find out in this story. Enjoy reading! Translate with DeepL Beta-reader on russian language: Yaroslava Denisova

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Shooting star

In the night, a bright flash illuminated the sky. A piece of stone of unknown rock flew, cutting through space and heading for a new location.

The traveler could have had more options for where he could have gone, but the laws of gravity were influencing his choice now. Or perhaps not.

- I'll leave my tail behind me," the pebble said, glowing brightly in the atmosphere. - I think I'll like it here.

The little creature looked up into the night sky, seeing the flash and the bright stream of light that streamed across it. The red hair on his head was gently stroked by the wind, his thin hands were reaching for an unknown line, and joy shone in his eyes. It seemed that at that moment one could make a wish and it would surely come true.

After all, there is no such thing as a miracle. And suddenly it would be something warm and soft, like a fluffy lump. Some sweet creature.

Somewhere very close by, something shimmered again and landed in the grass. The little creature went into a pulsing glow that echoed in the air with a slight vibration. The humming became more and more distinct, and then something like a star appeared in the tall grass.

- Hello," came a soft voice from all directions. - I'm looking for a new home. Can you help me?

- Who are you?" the childlike creature replied, and reached out its hands to the object lying there. - I've never seen such a thing fall from the sky. I even had a wish in my mind, but I don't think it's going to come true.

- Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ples. I used to travel and dwell near the Big Dipper, but the quasar ray decided that I and some other stars should look for a new place. So here I am. And the wish will come true. I'm sure it will.

- And I'm Orby. Nice to meet you," the child turned out to be a girl, very young, but already capable enough to live on her own. - You've come to Asperia.

- What an interesting name for a planet. I'd say it's as beautiful as your name.

The praise brought a slight blush to the girl's cheeks, and she was embarrassed.

- Thank you, Pless, for the compliment," Orbi said, and picked up the star pebble in front of her. - I didn't know there were such amazing stars in space that could say nice things.

- We fly in the midst of a large expanse of space that is as empty as you can imagine. Sometimes it is so dark that we have to look for a place where there is any clue to the presence of a light, however tiny. And we thank it for showing us the way to fly on.

- And how often does that happen?

- Once every few hundred, maybe even tens of hundreds or even thousands of years.

- To me, those numbers are very, very big. I can't imagine what it would be like to fly in weightlessness and see nothing but emptiness around you. I would probably get dizzy from such a flight.

- Yes, I feel that your soul is very young, but it does not prevent you from communicating with me. You understand me and learn something new about yourself.

- That's true. You make a very good point, Plez. It's like you and I are very old friends.

- And it's a pleasure to meet you, Orby. Can you show me your habitat? I would be delighted and very happy to see it.

- Oh, yes, of course! I'm sure you'll love it here.

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