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A series of different versions of Han and Leia sleeping together and there trying to hide it from Luke😬

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Carry that weight

"Wow!" was all Leia could say as her and Han lay in bed togther. "I told ya didn't I? A-mazing." Han said. Leia rolled her eyes. "You wanna do that again?" Leia asked smiling. "Sure." Han said getting on top of her and sucking on her neck. Leia laughed and giggled at the way his scruffy stubble of a beard tickled her neck. Han sucked a little harder and Leia moaned, "Ooohhh! Han, that feels sooo good!". (knock, knock) there was and intense knock on the door that startled Han and Leia. Han put his hand on Leias mouth, "Who is it?" Han asked. "Its Luke, have you seen Leia?" the voice from the other side of the door said. "Uhhhh, haven't seen 'er" Han said his hand still covering Leias mouth. "ok then... let me know if you see her" Luke said, and walked away. When he was gone Han took his hand away from Leias mouth and got ontop of her again. Han kissed her deeply and Leia moaned and let out a high pittched giggle. Luke stormed in the room and said "You know shes probably in the rebel-whaaaaat??!!!" Luke saw Han ontop of Leia and freaked out. "Luke! its not what it looks like..." Leia explained. "oh really? Han wasn't just f*cking you over?!" Luke screamed. "Luke, you should probably just leave," Han said trying to stay calm. "Yeah. I'll leave, at least i know where Leia is now!" and Luke slammed the door behind him. Han and Leia looked at each other in shock.

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