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{This is book one in a series} After their friend went missing three years ago, a bunch of young men are getting messages from an unknown person that seems to know everything.

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Authors note

Dear readers,

This story includes many German Youtubers, some of whom no longer make new videos at all or have left Youtube completely. But we still included them in this story and hope that doesn't bother anyone. Among other things, it is important that you know that this story is fictitious but contains some content from various series and films and is therefore a fanfiction that not only has to do with youtube but also with various series and films and their content. In addition, this story gets a new chapter about once a week or every 2 weeks. But it can also happen that there are no new chapters within 2 weeks or it simply takes longer for this story to get new chapters. This story is written by several authors and therefore the chapters will also be different from each other. A total of 5 different authors are involved in this story, which is why there are also 5 different chapters written from the point of view of 5 different main characters that appear in this story. And here is a list of other things that are important to this story:

1. As already mentioned, there are many different German Youtubers in this story, including some who are no longer active on Youtube, so if that bothers you, don't read the story.

2. The story is written by different authors and therefore each chapter is different.

3. In this story there will be things like gay people and different youtubers will have a relationship with each other if that bothers you please don't read this story.

4. We have put together a universe for you via the link you will find at the end of this chapter where you can get to know the different Youtubers and their characteristics. This universe serves to keep track of the individual characters that will generally appear in this book or in stories that play in the same series.

5. Some characters in this story will also appear in other stories and have completely different roles there. In addition, the age of the respective youtubers in this story is not correct, they may be either younger or older than they actually are. That varies depending on the story.

6. The chapters are between 1500 and 2500 words long and accordingly sometimes a bit longer or shorter that also varies.

But now we wish you a lot of fun with this story and hope that you like it, we would also appreciate a word or a comment and of course your opinion.

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Luka Trovohonza Luka Trovohonza
Great chapter can’t wait to read the first part
August 26, 2023, 06:29

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