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Steamy love notes from a couple that travelled to many growers of one of the most and healthy drinks you could ever imagine. These growers of the 'Camelia Sinensis' aka: Tea plant

Romance Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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🥀Camellia Sinsisee🥀

Her sorrow

At night will follow

To my surprise

At sunrise

A lost love

A forever love

How to make sure

She will never assure

My passion

My emotion

In a fraction

She put it into action

Two became one

In the darkness

To clean that mess

A crazy love needed to confess

She got a chip

of my soul

My heart about to explode

Her continuous loving ways

Making my insides explode

My essence about to erode

My veins to explode

The compliment to my life

Her mischief to bring to life

A strong feeling to reach to her life

Maybe a reason to make her my wife

No strings to cut with a knife

Strings that forced my life

To behave like a puppet strings

A vicious woman that stings

Her sourness

Her loveless moves

No option to approve

No more to improvise on the move

She cut my life

With a knife



No more shows live

I'm not the puppet with strings

Once you gave life

This new love is to relive

My purpose to come to this life


And alive

No more plays

To play

I win without pain

No more strings to restrain

A new life

To contain


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