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A group of young friends and YouTubers are invited to a camp in Denmark, but what's called a camp for helping new YouTubers to grow their audience and get known to popular YouTubers is actually not what it seems. Soon they discover a horrific story behind the camp and have to solve the case.

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Authors note

Dear readers,

This story was originally written in German back in Dezember 2019 and I finally decided to re-do this story and make it longer, add some more content and so on because I totally love this story.

So, this story is part of my German YouTuber universe you can find on my profile, where you can also find each character that takes part in this story and also any other character that takes part in other stories based upon this universe.

So this story is part of the series "the other connection" and is the main story for this series.

Please note that some characters linked to this story are playing different roles in different stories, so the description for some characters might won't fit to this story but for another.

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Luka Trovohonza Luka Trovohonza
I´m also curious about all the characters you mentioned in here since they all German based ones and I don’t know any of them yet
August 25, 2023, 16:18
Luka Trovohonza Luka Trovohonza
I’m glad that you finally wrote this in Englisch and published it to this site. I loved this idea so much back then when I was your Beta reader for a few chapters for this story, so thanks for finally sharing the whole thing here:)
August 25, 2023, 16:18

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