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1- The Conjunction

The unholy god of lies, disguise, and mortal vices Syn, sat on his throne on the seventh depth in the Hel-Fyre Torments; his infernal home.

Around his Bone Throne of Lies stood his seven ViceLords- Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Avarice and Wrath.- P.E.G.S.L.A.W. He informed them about the upcoming Conjunction and his plan to capitalize on its potential.
He would fashion a token of might, a talisman of wickedness and evil that would help turn the current stalemate in the War of the Faiths. An unholy relic mirroring his evilness.
Whispering orders to each ViceLord, his plans were to be kept a secret. Syn did not want his dull brother, or twisted sister to find out his plans.
The Conjunction would focus its release upon the heights of Mount Hellion on Enchanta in a land ruled by his children, the Tytans. In this he was pleased.
Syn would be there.

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