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Suclese wakes up in an unfamiliar land. Pulled from the comforts she knows to the wide-open road. She faces unfamiliar territory, uncanny characters, and an underlying problem with the entire city she has entered.

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Crash Landing

In the time of nomads there were none as dumbstruck as Suclese. Her crash landing only fortified a theory she concocted before venturing into the nearby woods for a walk. An entire galaxy is against her.

"Owe! My freaking head!" Suclese shouts.

Rubbing her noggin while rising up on her feet, "New Hampshire sure looks different."

Wrapping her head around at the desert she awoke in. Touching sandstone behind her featuring oblong engravings.

"Feels cool but the Sunlight is piercing hot. I should get a move on," she decides.

Step by step on a vaguely visible cobblestone path. Two miles from where Suclese stands is the nearest civilization.

"Definitely not New Hampshire."

Attempting to place a call on her cellphone, "No signal. Great! Not what I wanted to freaking deal with today! Ugh!" she stammers.

On each side of the path junk, debris, and rubble lay scattered, "Glad to see littering is still virtuous."

Covering ground fast, "Eeeee!" a screech rings out.

"You have to be kidding me!" Suclese shouts.

A monstrous creature rumbles toward her. Silver with black eyes. A mechanical body, legs and arms. A bear head with fangs for teeth. Vicious and ferociously zeroing in on Suclese. Running for her life. Knowing Suclese will not make it to the town she stops to face her pursuer.

The wild mechanical machine moves to finish Suclese off. Leaping toward her, "Argh!" she shrieks

Suddenly speared by a sabretooth designed mechanical robot a bit smaller than the mega bear machine robot.

"Woah!" Suclese relinquishes.

Taking cover behind a makeshift bunker. Metal sheets with cut outs lined along sandbags that idle down the path into town.

The machine bear tumbles as sparks fly. A tougher mechanical freak rages on. Suclese is frightened. Sand and parts of scrap are flying through the air. The vicious sabretooth shreds the guts of the grizzly bear mecha assault.

Turning to run before the vicious monster notices her. She bumps right into someone.

A lanky man sporting a funny yellow hat stands in front of her, "What do you think of Sparx?"

Frozen in place, "What ... Sparx?" she asks, dumbstruck.

Standing behind her is the sabretooth monster that destroyed her assailant.

"Don't be afraid my dear. This is Sparx behind you," he says.

Sparx looks down at Suclese.

"Thanks for saving me," Suclese trembles.

Sparx nods in approval of Suclese's modesty.

"Sparx, shirnk down please, your intimidating the poor girl," he commands.

Sparx shrinks down from his colossal size into a regular sabretooth size. Big but not nearly as gigantic.

"Who are you two?"

"Oh, how rude of me. I'm Roman the Wizard and this is Sparx the Sabre. Short for sabretooth. He asked for the nickname."

"I understand. So ... are you willing to help me return home?"

"Oh, my ...," scratching his red goatee, "I know someone who may take pity on us," Roman offers.

"Beats frying out here in the wasteland," Suclese replies.

"I agree. The only reason Sparx and I are out here is so he can exercise," Roman details.

Suclese nods, "Which way to see your friend," she persists.

"Follow me," Roman says.

Entering the bustling magnificent gleaming town. Passing chrome magnolia trees stationed along the streets. Automated streetsweepers chug by, cars fly and drive on fresh pavement. Bright red trolly cars wiz by. Luscious green grass lines the outside of businesses and homes. Flower baskets droop, and flags with a planet similar to Earth embroidered on hang everywhere. A humungous billboard lights up with the words welcome to Magnoliatropolis.

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