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Quinn's world is turned upside down when she is forced to wed Elliot, a werewolf from a powerful and notorious family, in spite of her feelings for someone else. As she is thrust into a perilous family, conspiracy and a bloody romance, her life takes a dangerous turn.

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Something Sinister

Life can be difficult to navigate. Life is full of surprises. Something wonderful or sinister could be lurking just around the corner. Some people are strong in life, and others are weak. The small town of Lilac Shores is home to many species: humans, werewolves, vampires, witches, and a host of others that are hidden behind conforming costumes and walls.

I wouldn't describe myself as a strong, unstoppable force, but I certainly wasn't weak either. Soon I will be enhancing my powers, for I was chosen to train at the Academy of Light, which belonged to the most prestigious witch in the world, Lydia.

It meant a lot to be selected. Lydia was regarded as the light witch, or, to put it another way, a good witch. Being accepted into her “dimension of light,” as she called it, was a big deal because it meant your life was about to take off in a good direction. She was revered among us as a saving grace.

This time, there were a lot of us, including two of my closest friends, Jasmine and Carson. A smile crept onto my face as an image of Carson flashed in my mind. He was adorable. Knowing that he was also chosen brought me joy. It was perfect. He would be a light warrior, defending Lydia and preserving life, while I would probably go on to becoming an elemental guard. I wasn't certain, but training in the Academy of Light would sure bring forth many opportunities. I also wanted to travel the world. The possibilities were exciting.

I accelerated and blazed through the chilly waves as a warm sensation swept over me. I adored the sea and all forms of water. Swimming at night helped me relax.

I crawled onto the cool sand and dried my tail with my towel. After a while, my legs began to appear. It wasn't that painful anymore; in fact, every time I shifted, I felt a tingling feeling.

My mother let out a sigh of relief as I opened the door. “Oh, Quinn, when are you going to quit swimming at night? You know how worried we get.” She took me in her arms and sighed. “She won't stop, sweetie, so don't trouble yourself. She obviously wants us to have a heart attack, I suppose.” My father spoke out and shook his head. “Oh, come on, dad, don't say that. You know how much I love you both. It's just swimming. It's safe.” Rushing over to his side, I kissed him on the cheek.

“You don't have to worry, guys. I'm being careful.” I flashed a small smile. “We know, sweetheart, but a wonderful chance has just presented itself to you, and you must not blow it. Mom gave me a worried-looking glance in the eye.

“I won't.”

My siblings were fighting when I suddenly heard them run into the dining room. “Now, children, be silent. Let's eat quietly tonight.” Dad groaned. Mother nodded. “I've said it before, and I'll say it again: our little sister has a lover in the shadows. I wonder which shark it is.” Elle, my sister, teased me as she took a seat.

Everyone chuckled. “You leave her alone, Elle. Being with Robert the wimp is far less exciting than being with a shark.” My hero sister Rita spoke up in defense. With a faked expression of hurt, Elle gasped dramatically. I grinned and rolled my eyes at them. Not this again. As usual, the chatter didn't cease.

Jacob, my older brother, sat down next to me and squeezed my hand while smiling. I responded by smiling back. I was grateful for the connection we all shared as I observed my family laughing at the dinner table.

Carson invited me to his family's barbecue the following day, which served as a sort of farewell celebration for him. “What do you think the light dimension will be like?” I pressed myself into Carson's chest. “Well, it's called the light dimension, so I guess it's like filled with light.” He replied. I chuckled, rolling my eyes. “Wow, Mr. Carson, you are a brilliant boy.” I teased him, wriggling my toes in the lush grass. He chuckled.

“I mean, Quinn, it's going to be good. This could be life changing. We'll have the opportunity to grow stronger and make our mark on the world. At least now, my mother might look at me as if I were deserving of something. I might even become valuable to someone.”

“Hey, you're valuable to me. Stop saying that, Car. You're my best friend. You make me happy, Carson. Without you, I'd be a wreck. You shouldn't try to compete with your brother, Car. He may have the authority, but you are the one with the good heart, the conscience, and…the gorgeous face.” I stared at him directly in the eyes while cupping his cheeks.

My heart ached to see him in this condition. If only he knew how much I loved him. He was my rock. I suppose the time has come for me to express my feelings to him. But what if our friendship was destroyed? But what if it didn't? I can't deny it any longer; I know there's something between us.

“You're so beautiful, Quinn, inside and out.” He brushed a hair off my face before kissing me on the forehead. My heart began to race, and a warm feeling took over me. “I'm so glad I have you in my life,” he murmured as he tightly hugged me. “And I'll be in your life forever.” Exhaling I returned the hug with twice as much intensity.

“Who wants chicken? Ooh, group hug.” Jasmine suddenly appeared, knelt down, and joined the embrace. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too.”

The barbecue went smoothly. Things were looking up for Carson, Jasmine, and I—in fact, for everyone who was selected—and I returned home beaming.

“We reject your offer, Meredith! This is ridiculous, and we don't have time for your lies.”

Lies? John, you and I both know that I don't need to lie to obtain what I want in this situation. Actually, I'm just trying to be polite here because we both know that's where she belongs-”

“Shut up, Meredith! You disgusting woman, you will not add my daughter to your collection! Leave our home now. Leave immediately!”

“I truly come here peacefully. Don't make this more difficult than it has to be-”

“We've made our decision, Meredith, now please leave-”

Confused because of all the shouting, I hurried towards the door. “Dad?” I called while knocking on the door. My face was no longer beaming, and a dreadful feeling began to emerge in my chest. Before the door gently opened, everything fell silent.

Right away, I noticed my parents' troubled expressions. There was complete silence, and my mouth started to taste bitter. “Baby, y…you're home.” Mom stuttered. Dad was staring at me with furrowed, worried eyes. My eyes traveled to the woman who stood in front of me, smiling disturbingly with steely eyes. Meredith Pierce. Everyone knew of her, her pack, and her family, The Pierces. They were notorious and dangerous. I noticed she was holding a cane in her hand, which was strange because she didn't appear to need one. She seemed to be robust. My mind raced, and I questioned why she was in my home. My gaze shifted from her face to that of my parents.


Her eyes then softened as I stepped inside and closed the door. “Dad, what's going on?” I inquired defensively, rushing to his side. “Hello Quinn.” Meredith said before he could respond. “I'm Meredith, and I'm here to speak to you.” My eyes traveled to my parents. They looked tense, and their eyes held a hidden message. Dad stepped in front of me defensively. “No, Meredith. Please leave now before someone gets hurt.” He gritted out.

Meredith chuckled. “I wasn't asking John.” Before I could blink, Meredith struck the ground with the cane, and we were now standing in an odd-looking garden. Panic gripped me. “Dad? Mom? What-”

“Quinn, calm down; John and Dorothy are fine. This is merely an illusion. When we're done talking, you can return home.” Meredith smiled. I didn't trust her one bit. “I Promise. Now please sit.” She motioned to two chairs by an exotic plant. Cautiously, I took a seat, and she followed. We slipped into an disturbing silence until she cleared her throat.

“You must be confused, dear. I'll enlighten you; don't worry.” She held my hands in hers, and as she looked into my eyes—my soul—I started to feel uneasy. My heart sped up. “W…what do you want from me?” The words escaped my lips as a mere whisper, but she heard them.

Her face brightened up as a smile slid across her lips, but mine sank because of the unsettling nature of her smile.

“I want you to marry my son, Quinn.”


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