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Dorrek Vladimir, a young inexperienced warlock joins Whitemourne Academy for the gifted. A place where young ones like him can learn to control their gifts and live among others freely, but also a place where the ruthless king of lust himself calls it his turf, and finds it unpleasant when a rebellious warlock such as Dorrek, refuses to be bossed around by him. And so the lust king Agreus, makes use of other means to make the warlock submit and become his obedient little pet. Will Agreus succeed in making Dorrek his pet?

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Episode 1

Don't do this Dorrek. Don't do that Dorrek. For the pass 18 years, I had to listen to my parents constantly nagging me about what I could and couldn't do. I mean as their kid, I guess it's normal for a parent to do that to their kid, but no, I was the only naughty one in our family. Gramps used to call me the naughty twin and my whole life I was just under my brother's shadow and compared to him because everyone loved him.

At some point it started to feel like my parents hated me, which I believed was the exact reason I was laying in some bed under a roof of some boarding. My freedom got stripped from me over night, all because I wanted to use some magic. I mean surely I deserved that privileged too. But just one more mistake was enough for all of them to push me aside and make me someone else's problem.

Now I, the problem child, was attending at Whitemourne Academy. A place where troubled warlocks like me get the proper treatment we deserve and apparently also the place where I'll be teaching manners. If I really was so naughty, then they wouldn't have this much control over my life.

Oh well, it's time I get out of this bed.

Bruce: Excuse me?

I felt this constant nudging on my shoulder and pulled my sheets off my face. Standing next to my bed was my roomie. Some dude I had to share a room with

Dorrek: Can I help you?

Bruce: S-Sorry I thought you were asleep...I just wanted to wake you, because classes begin today...

I rolled my eyes. I didn't need guidance in how to use magic, I've studied that for as long as I could remember and enough to know every damn spell in my family's Grimoire. The same book my privileged twin brother gets to use.

Dorrek: I'm not going to any classes, thank you.

Bruce: You sure, you might get into trouble.

Dorrek: It wouldn't be the first time!

I covered my face again with the sheets. I hate my life.

Bruce: Look, I also wanted to ask if you'd want to hang out after that. I mean are you seriously just going to sit in this room and do nothing.

I gave the nerd another look. He did have a point there. I didn't want to sit here and rot, that's exactly what my parents would want me to do. But attending those stupid classes is also something they'd want me to do. I could always do something, I want to do.

I raised my eyebrow and grinned after finally cooking up my first plan, a plan I'd probably regret later, but I was doing it.

Whitemourne Academy was a place for gifted supernaturals to control their power. Funny enough this place was in Whitemourne town itself, a supernatural university right among humans and too bad none of them notice anything off about the place. At the beginning of every semester there's a gathering at the main hall, which obviously, I didn't attend to.

I snuck out the main building and headed through the gardens, there where I reached one of the frathouses. Fratboys were always late to these stuff, because they wanna be cool and all, so it was the perfect opportunity to pull off this prank.

I headed to the back of house where all the bathroom windows were. There were a few in the showers, so I headed to the water pipes. I used a transmogrification spell, the only spell I knew, to change the water flowing through the pipes into shit

Fratboy 1: What the fuck!?

Fratboy 2: Is that shit!?

I placed a hand over my mouth to hide my delivish snickers. Their reaction was certainly something to laugh my ass off about. I knew one would eventually come to the back to check one of the pipes for themselves, so I found a spot for me to hide behind a tree.

All of them came out. If it weren't for the spell of shit, those werewolves probably would've smelled me behind a tree, but these weren't werewolves. They all looked like demons. I heard rumours that majority of demons come to this university, I just didn't see many at the campus itself. Probably all incubi came to this frathouse.

I was distracted by not being caught, not even sensing there was someone behind me.

???: And what are you doing here?

Startled, I jumped and was about to squeak, but then his hand came up to cover my mouth.

???: Shhh...The moment my boys see you, they will wreck you for what you just did and I don't think there is stopping them.

His voice was husky and seductive. There was something about this guy that gave my chills, and yet the way he was holding me...

???: I haven't seen you before. You're obviously new, if you're going around causing trouble.

He finally spun me around and pinned me to the tree. His half naked form towering over me and his crimson eyes staring into my soul.

I looked up at the devil, and backed up when he leaned to my neck.

???: You don't even know who I am, do you?

I never felt nervous or afraid, no matter where I found myself. I was troublemaker and had no shame in hiding it. My parents only ever cared about my brother and how he was good enough, but I was always the ugly duckling. And I made peace with that. Why should I care when my own family don't?

But now, for the first time, I didn't have a word to say back or a way of gaslighting this incubus. I didn't even know him and his presence was so intimidating. Maybe I did wonder who he could be.

Dorrek: I...think imma head off...

I ducked under his arm so I could sneak off and head back to the campus house, but he stood me. He hooked his arm around my waist and pinned me back to the tree, this time he stood closer.

???: Shhh, I you dare move I will call my boys here and they'll probably make you swim in shit. So if you don't want them to see you, keep your voice quiet.

I stared at him. He was seriously threatening me and no I didn't want to be dropped in poo. What kind of a troublemaker wants to be a victim to their own trouble making?

???: Will you stay still and keep quiet?

I nodded.

???: Good, boy.

He gripped my throat and then his tail wrapped around my leg.

Dorrek: What are you doing?

???: You came to my frat and messed with my water pipes. I am pissed and wanna know what happens when I'm pissed?

Dorrek: What?

I dared to ask, as if I didn't already know.

???: I get hungry and now I'm going to feed on you.

The demon growled, tightening his tail right before his hand clawed at my shirt and ripped it right off my body.

He then came down and pressed his lips against mine. I was shocked by this, at the same time realizing what good kisser he is. It was my first kiss and yet it felt so good and tempting, I couldn't help but kiss him back.

I melted into the kiss right before he brought up his knee between my legs and grinded it against my crotch.

It was true what they said about an incubus. It was like being hipnotized by him. He literally sent me into hit in that instant.

I grew hard as rock and wanted him to breed me so badly.

He didn't waste a minute with me as he dropped his towel on the ground and his red hung cock was pointing upwards in my direction.

He picked me up in his muscular arms and tore open my shorts all so he would slip his hard and veiny cock into my ass.

Dorrek: Ahh—

His hand pressed over my mouth again and he sunk me further down his cock. All of it stuffing me full, it was so big I felt it inside me sternum.

???: Shhh...You don't want anyone to hear you, now do you?

I whimpered and nodded. If someone did hear us then all this would end and I didn't want that. He probably knew that, which was when he began to pump in and out of me.

His slow and steady pumping turned into slamming and soon those others did hear the noises of our skins clapping. His cock made my hole wet from all the precum and his balls smacked my ass so hard. It felt so good.

Fratboy 1: Agreus is that you over there?

???: I'm busy!

Agreus was his name.

I turned my face away. We were still behind the tree, so all they could see was the tree shaking and part of his body as he was swaying his hips. His abs flexing and his muscles rippling.

Fratboy 2: Well, can you finish and have a look at this!? I think someone messed with the water supply!

Agreus: Now who could that be?

Agreus looked me smiling as his hand came down my mouth and I pressed my lips together to hold back mys creaming.

Agreus: I am busy right now. I don't care what problem it is you idiots have, I don't want to be interrupted!

Fratboy 2: But...

Fratboy 1: Come on Romano, you heard the guy. We should probably go inside to wash off all this shit!

Fratboy 4: Yea! You guys do smell like shit! Hahaha!

Their voices and laughing faded away as they went back into the frathouse.

Agreus held me around my ass, lifting me up and dropping me down to slam his cock into me again.

Agreus: You're such a naughty boy!

Dorrek: Ahh...Please...Slow down!

Agreus: Can't do that!

He moved faster and faster. I dug my fingers into his shoulders as I was busy losing my mind. Unable to hold back my orgasm as my cum came splurging our of my cock.

Agreus became more aggressive, snapping his hips into me and moving like whip. He kept plunging his engorged red cock inside me till he finally stilled and spilled his hot cum into my room.

Agreus: For being a neughty boy, you have been marked! This semester you'll be my plaything and mess with my frathouse again and you will regret it!

And just like that, my life here at this academy, faced a huge twist.

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