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I know that I'm a absolute mess at times, it’s just part of me and who I am.

I wish I could tell you I was a simple, but I’m anything but.

I have a complex personality mixed with a unique blend of qualities that'll make your head spin sometimes.

At first glance, people think I’m a strong person, but those who really understand and love me know I’m a deep feeling soul with a big loving heart. I know I’m not easy to understand and I appreciate my people that get that, I really do. I used to think I was an introvert, but as I learned to talk to people, I realized I’m a little bit of both, it all depends on my moods. There’s days when I feel like pulling my hair out and crying minutes before something hilarious makes me double over wth laughter.

That’s the beautiful disaster that I am that is me. You never know which version you’ll get, and you may get both at the same time, so buckle up, buttercup, I'm that bitch you've heard about.

Some may say I’m challenging, but I'll just call it interesting.

Anyone can be ordinary, average, and routine, so I choose to keep things a bit on the strange side. Athough I really don’t do it that way on purpose.

You’ll never really know what’s going through my mind, I’ve learned to disguise my emotions like a master.

I’ll often tell you that I don’t care, when the truth is I care too much.

I have the needs most people have, to love and be loved, to be understood and appreciated..

I just happen to pursue those desires in very different ways.

With a mouth and a lot of sarcasm, too.

I call that my bold flavor, tasty to those that love me, and revolting to the rest..

I realized a long time ago I would never be able to please everyone.

So I stopped trying.

Better to make myself happy.

If I can’t put my whole heart and soul into something or someone, I’ll do what’s best for me and step away.

I know I’m special even with all my flaws and I accept each of my scratches and dents, imperfections and all my scars.

They’ve made me who I am and I’ll never regret anything I’ve done or anywhere I’ve been.

I’m a big bundle of emotions, and a large personality. You’ll never forget me once we’ve met.

Maybe you’ll love me, maybe not..

But I’ll keep on dancing to my own beat, living in my own light, and loving myself the best way I can.

I’ll keep on doing what I do best, regardless I will

Shine brightly again.

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Sarah EllisonFlake Sarah EllisonFlake is a passionate writer who draws inspiration from various experiences life throwed her way. At the age of 44, shes weathered many storms, as evident in her poignant writings. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, she currently resides in Georgia. With a keen focus on capturing life.

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