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A city ravaged by a deadly virus that transforms people into flesh-hungry zombies. Gabriel and his group of survivors confront the pharmaceutical industry responsible for the epidemic in a desperate fight for justice, cure, and redemption. With surprising twists and an electrifying climax, they uncover the truth behind the virus and face their deepest fears to save the city.

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In the dark laboratory of the pharmaceutical industry, Morsalva, a terrifying secret was about to be unveiled. For years, dedicated scientists had worked tirelessly to develop medicines that could combat cancer, offering hope to patients and their families in moments of despair. These medicines promised healing and relief from the pain and suffering caused by the relentless disease.

However, behind the bright spotlights and convincing advertisements, dark experiments were concealed, challenging the boundaries of ethics and morality. Driven by ambition and a thirst for power, the scientists of Morsalva delved into unknown territories, conducting secret and dangerous tests. They sought not only the cure for cancer but also control over life and death.

These experiments, unknown to the public, gave rise to a terrible epidemic, a devastating virus that transformed people into abominable creatures, akin to zombies. The virus, spread through Morsalva's medications, quickly spread, leaving a trail of destruction and despair in its wake.

Now, the city where the laboratory is located is engulfed in chaos. Once hopeful, citizens now fight for survival. The pharmaceutical industry Morsalva, responsible for this nightmare, attempts to cover up its guilt and exploit the population's desperation, offering deceptive solutions while hiding its responsibility in creating this dreadful virus.

Meanwhile, a group of courageous and determined young individuals comes together to uncover the dark truth behind this epidemic. Guided by their unique abilities and a will to protect those they love, they face unimaginable horrors in their quest for a cure and justice.

The journey of these young ones will be marked by dangers, betrayals, and startling discoveries. They will need to overcome their deepest fears and find strength within themselves to confront the looming threat that hangs over the city. As they battle against the zombies and Morsalva's corporate machine, they will also grapple with their own personal dilemmas and difficult choices that will test their resilience and courage.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a story filled with suspense, twists, and intense emotions, where the fight for survival becomes a battle for truth and hope.

Remember, not everything is as it seems, and true terror may be hidden behind false smiles and deceptive promises.

Do not dare to look back, for danger lurks around every corner. Venturing into this tale is an act of courage, but also of hope. May your journey be filled with scares, but also with triumph and redemption.

Welcome to a world where survival depends on your wit, courage, and above all, resilience.

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