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All signs pointed to Aria's death, including her illness and Sonata's desperate pleas to her sister to stay alive. Aria knew that she was going to die, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. As her health rapidly deteriorated, Aria was prepared for her death, but that didn't make it any easier for Sonata, whose pleas and pleas for her sister to survive went unfilled. NOTE:This is a rewrite of my first ever fanfic back in 2016.

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You can live without me

"It's been a month," Aria said to herself, weak and struggling. The middle sister of the sirens, who once was strong and critical, was now weak and barely had the strength to breathe. For Aria, at least, it was very clear that she was going to pass away. Aria, knowing that she wouldn't have the chance to see her sister again, decided to make a joke, because her younger sister Sonata was eating more tacos than usual, as if she was worried. But Aria couldn't lose the chance to see this smile.

"Sonata?" Called Aria with a weak voice.

"Yes, Aria?"

Sonata came to her side, her face turned into a frown as she saw her older sister in this terrible state. Aria forced a joke, hoping to lift her sister's spirits."Stop eating so much! You're getting fat!" Aria joked.

Sonata started to laugh, but quickly turned serious again as she saw Aria's condition.

"Oh Ari! I'm not!" Sonata said, hoping to cheer her sister up by entering the banther.

They kept arguing back and forth, trying to keep their spirits up. Aria managed to keep the conversation going even though it was hard for her to speak. Finally, Aria had an idea.

"Look into my eyes Sonata..." said Aria.

Aria held her sister's face and looked right into her eyes.

"You been the best of the Dazzlings since we were in Equestria, you were always happy, you made me and Dagi feel happy ,and have ideas, you were who made friends with the Rainbooms, who helped us a lot since the Battle of the bands.And if I go...Dagi well Dagi will need you."

"But Ari..."

"No,shh,shh listen." Aria said placing a finger over her younger sisters mouth."You can live without me Sonata."

"I-I don't want you to die Aria..."

Sonata was shocked that Aria thought she could live without her. Aria was her older sister, and Sonata had always looked up to her. Aria had always been there to comfort and guide her. Aria had always been the strong one. But now Aria was sick and seemed so weak. Aria knew what she needed to do.

"I love you Sonata." Aria said.

Sonata started to cry. "I don't want you to go Aria."

Aria held her younger sister close while her eyes slowly closed. "I'm so sorry.Have an awesome life taco girl."

Aria let out a deep sigh as her eyes finally closed. Sonata sobbed as she hugged her sister's lifeless body, unable to believe that Aria was really gone. Aria had loved her so much, and Aria was gone forever. Aria was right, Sonata would be all right, but she couldn't imagine a future without her older sister.


"I'm really sorry for your loss." Sunset Shimmer,Sonata's friend said.She had picked up Sonata because she started not to feel well after seeing her sister die.

Sonata seemed paralyzed.Her dementia acting up.

Sunset was concerned about Sonata. She had been paralyzed and didn't seem to be able to communicate with her. She had always been so strong and lively. The trauma of losing Aria must have really affected her.

"Sonata, are you okay?" Sunset asked.

Sonata just stared, not saying anything for awhile."No and I still have to tell Dagi what happened."

"Maybe I can tell your older sister what happened for you." Sunset suggested.

"N-no thanks,she'll want to hear it from me."

"Are you sure?" Sunset asked.

"Yes, I'll tell her myself," Sonata insisted.

She could still hear Aria's voice, though. Aria could always comfort her...Sonata could always rely on her...could Sonata really live without Aria?

No. It felt impossible. But the truth was, Sona had to learn how to cope. She needed to learn how to live without Aria by her side. She took a deep breath, and started making her way over to the house she shared with Aria and Adagio.

Sunset watched Sonata carefully as she made her journey over to her house. She could see the pain and confusion on her face, and she was so worried about her friend. It was clear that Sonata was still struggling with Aria's death, and there wasn't anything she could do to help her. All she could do was be there to support her as she came to terms with her loss.Once she was sure Sonata was inside she drove away.

When Sonata entered the house she saw her sister Adagio doing a wine review video for YouTube.

Adagio looked up from her computer as Sonata walked through the door. She could see the look of grief and confusion on her little sister's face, and her heart sank. She knew immediately that something was wrong, and she could only imagine what had happened.

"Sonata..." Adagio started gently, not sure how to say what needed to be said.

Sonata walked over and sat down on the couch next to her sister, and she just stared at the floor, trying to gather her thoughts.

"I have something to tell you," Sonata finally said slowly.

"What is it dear,did Aria worsen again?"Adagio asked.

"Aria is...is..."Sonata started shaking with sobs,making her oldest sister very concerned.

Adagio got up and walked over to Sona, kneeling down beside her so that they were face to face. She put a gentle hand on her shoulder and spoke in a soothing tone.

"I think you have something you need to tell me. I'm here to listen and I'm here for you, Sona. Take as much time as you need, okay?" She said gently, reassuring her little sister that she could take her time to find the words.

"Ari is not with us anymore..." Sonata finally let out.

Adagio closed her eyes and sighed deeply, heartbroken to hear the news. "Oh Sonata..." Adagio said gently, wrapping her arms around her sister and holding her close. Adagio knew that Aria's death would be a devastating blow for Sonata and she wanted to make sure she was there to provide comfort and support. "I'm so sorry," Adagio finally said after a few moments. "How...how did it happen?" She finally asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Sonata was still struggling with the news, and she was having a hard time finding the words to answer Adagio's question."I-illness."

"Oh Nata..."Adagio held what was now her only little sister.Adagio knew that Aria's death would be a difficult thing for Sonata to deal with. It was obvious that the pair were very close, and seeing her older sister pass away would be a huge shock. Adagio had a feeling that Sonata was struggling to process what had just happened, so she thought it would be best to give her time to mourn. " Big sis is here Nata,I'm here."

Sonata had been shaken up by Aria's death, and she was struggling to process what had just happened. As she and Adagio sat together on the couch, Adagio reached out to embrace her little sister in a soothing hug.But she herself also missed her other younger sister.Aria's death had deeply affected Adagio, and she was feeling a great deal of pain and grief. She was trying to be strong for her younger sister, but it was difficult not to feel overwhelmed by her own feelings. She still couldn't believe that her beloved little sister was gone, and she felt a tremendous sense of loss. But her focus was on helping Sonata,she couldn't lose her baby sister too.

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