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Found investigations done by the author of the book and his family. In this book you will find information about the creepypasta Foxy, this is only one part of his investigations. If you see some words that don't match with the sentence it's because someone burned some of the pages of his investigations, and this is the only information that we could save and understood.

Horreur histoires de fantômes Tout public.

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Found information about Foxy

Real Name: Leah Reagan

Alias: Foxy



Fox masked person

The Void

Relatives: Felix Reagan(big brother)

Talia Reagan(Mother)

Liam Simmons(Step-father)


Occupation: Student

Powers/Skills: Disappear without a trace


Status: Unknown

Species: Shapeshifter

Gender: Female

Hobby: Stalking its prey

Goals: kill Those who disturb the forest (Ongoing)

Get Revenge on its bullies (Succeeded)

Kill Jeff (ongoing)

Save Felix(unknown)

Type of pasta: Unknown

Quote: I endured everything in silence but not anymore, I'm going to make them pay for everything they did to me and that is a promise.

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